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BC lowest scoring team in 4AD2

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Man, that school does play some mean baseball and softball. Been doing it right for years. Although, it does appear baseball wise they are falling behind Orangefield. However , they are a playoff team every single year and that’s to be appreciated. In keeping with the thread , this is a football topic …and yes BC is not looking so sharp. For me it’s not so much about the BC coach ,who I think is entering his third year as the boss over there, taking BC to the state championship as much as it is about them being competitive and winning some football games on a consistent basis.  I would think that’s what people around the program would want to see come around first. When I read this, I went to the BCISD website on the job board, and they did not appear to have any high school football coaching positions posted. I mean I’m not that familiar with the profession, but it would seem to me that surely BC will be making some assistant coaching changes on the football program after not winning much. Maybe that stuff doesn’t come out until summer or that’s not how it works in high school sports, but I was somewhat shocked. I would think that you have to do that especially after not being successful in football in the last couple of years. Then again , I went to WOS page as well, and they only have a defensive line job posted that was showing posted even before last football season. Like I said , I’m not familiar with how all of that works. Can assistant coaches even be removed the same way a head coach can? Ill rely on y’all to inform me of how all that works. Either way , certainly hoping for better days for BC and WOS. 

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On 3/18/2023 at 2:58 PM, Mr. Thornton Melon said:

He's saying, BCs higher interest in the  baseball program directly effects the football program. 

Well at least they were pretty much winless/scoreless dang near while running the spread offense instead of competing for playoff spot with a dreaded slot t right? 🤔.. .

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