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  1. Riiiiiiiight. Well, Mr. Conservative, where do you expect to make much needed spending cuts? Social Security? Defense? Those ARE the biggest two items. Or is just a bunch of talk like it has been for years, with no intentions of actually curbing our out-of-control spending on either side? Like I said..... There was no deficit by the time Clinton left office. Can't say that today, can we. In fact, it's gotten way worse under the great conservative named "Trump."
  2. He’s a talk in circles guy, it’s sport to him. Gets a chuckle out of big girl and donkeykong at least.
  3. They don’t get it. The killing of a baby is so far removed from them....”we just vote....we aren’t the ones actually killing them” they re so nonchalant about it. their conscience has been manipulated to think nothing of it. Deep down you can’t be a decent person if your ok with killing babies and vote in such a way. In my experiences most dems won’t talk or discuss it in face to face conversation because they know how it makes them look.
  4. The market should determine who should "pony up". Wal-Mart employs 1.5 million employees in the US and a stocker or cashier starts out at about $9 and say they are working 30 hours a week and 1 million of the 1.5 million folks employed fall into this category. 1 million X 30 hours X $6 more would come out to $180,000,000 added to salaries. What would happen is (1) employees would lose jobs or (2) the cheap milk and eggs you talk about would go up or more likely, Wal-Mart would negotiate for a lower price for the dairy and poultry producers (plug in any industry here) to keep the
  5. If Obamacare had never been passed, we would be in a much better place If the Dems hadnt destroyed the lives of Brett Kavanaugh and his family , we would be in a much better place. Please, do tell, what President has accomplished all he said he would accomplish? I can recall one recent president state " I will build a 20th Century VA" before all the wrongdoings./incompetence there were discovered. I suspect most dont remember it because Jake Tapper or Chris Cuomo or Anderson Cooper didn't talk about it 24 hours a day.
  6. Look, it’s not like it’s unusual for this guy to talk out of his arse. Even some of his most ardent supporters would concede that. I’m not in the “sky is falling” camp yet, but I certainly prefer gridlock in general. Either side of the aisle having complete and unfettered control scares the crap out of me.
  7. Ain’t it funny how our politicians need police, and now, military protection? But average Joes like us should fend for ourselves with no police and unarmed (when they try and take our guns). Talk about leading by example......
  8. Your TDS is in full bloom. It's funny, and saddening that you try to judge others perception of reality while you are so blinded by hate. The more you talk about Trump, the more embarrassing you get. Nancy Pelosi sounds almost logical when compared to your TDS inspired rants.
  9. And then I agreed with you. There's a huge difference between saying "get out there and ruin somebody's dinner" and encouraging people to walk down the street and attack the Capitol building in an effort to usurp our election process. Besides that, you have no real EVIDENCE that her talk would have or did lead to anybody's actions, much less if those actions would be legal or not. BTW, it's not illegal to interrupt someone's dinner or hassle them on the sidewalk. It IS illegal to murder a police officer like Trump's supporters did.
  10. So let me get this straight. If you are conservative, then left is out to get you, and if you don’t support the rantings of a lunatic, his supporters will boycott you, too.... talk about a rock and hard place, huh? That sums up the reason that Trump was ineffective and eventually lost. The Dems don’t turn on each other, the republicans do. Whether it’s Rand Paul and his buddies deep-sixing the repeal of Obamacare or Trump and his followers savaging everyone who wouldn’t annoint Trump as president in spite of the vote tallies. I’ll bet that I’m more conservative than most of you, but
  11. Again, this is just opinions. I'm sure you are an honest person. I have no reason to doubt this. Here's the scenario for you: You are in charge of hiring the next head coach. And your job depended on it. The two candidates are Phil Danaher and Scott Surrett. Who would you hire? I know Westerberg is easy to talk about. He may be the 1% exception to the rule. But, he may need some time at Barbers Hill to get it right. What in his past would make you doubt him?
  12. One sure fire way to see if someone is truly a snowflake. You are a fake who likes to hear himself talk. Troll.....
  13. You talk out both sides of your mouth. I remember an “armed” robber who was shot and killed in a Dollar Store by an employee. His sister was upset that he was dead, said the employee should have called the police. The sister was told he was robbing the store. She said, and I quote, “So, he was just robbing”. It’s a mentality I will never understand. Seems you possess the same mentality and then lie about a different situation. I trust no communist’s opinions anyway. Don’t know why I waste my time on you. Your stupid lies are so predictable.
  14. Crosby has already overcome a lot this year, and for that matter they've overcome a lot the past two or three years. Obviously all the things you laid out as to why Aledo has the advantage over Crosby didn't apply when you played College Station who had only been playing varsity football a few seasons when you lost to them in the title game. I'm sure y'all were point out how Aledo was going for ring number 7 and that they were going to be happy just to be there. Y'all were wrong then and hopefully you're wrong again this week. Crosby athletes walk on the field expecting to win too. Aledo
  15. I think I liked #18 best. That pretty much reflects the left’s continuous attacking of the President of the United States......and they talk about abuse of power.
  16. Will never lead me to voting Democrat though. As baddog said, we all have said he needed to talk and tweet less.
  17. I’m just a guy who has donated my time to helping kids in summer ball for many years. We send about 8-10 kids to college (almost all D1) every year. And as a result, I’ve gotten to know and talk to college coaches often when they call to ask about a particular kid (like this afternoon). But THEY offer kids, not me. You seem confused about the process but I’m always happy to help 😃
  18. I’ve also read some posts on here by some regulars (earlier this season) how they were much better this year without Hefner. An unselfish, high major kid. And that doesn’t even factor in the other seniors who were really valuable pieces. Talk about looking at a record without looking at a team...
  19. I think that there are ample reasons to explore impeachment for the phone call last Saturday and inciting an attack on our democracy Wednesday. But since the point of an impeachment is to remove a president from office and Trump is 11.5 days from being gone anyways, talk of impeachment now has nothing to do with anything other than twisting a knife, so to speak. But that was the point of the first one, too. I have a bad feeling that the Ds are about to go off of the deep end instead of moving forward. Twitter is purging everybody who is right wing as we speak.
  20. I always find it funny how Coaches that have a winning history talk about how they don't have many "Players/Athletes". That it is all the program.... If they were doing well in just one sport I would agree but don't let him fool you.... they got DUDES!!! In the last 2 years basketball went 62-15 (Reg quarter-finalist/ State runner up) and baseball 43 - 7 (season cut short.. ranked #2, and Regional Finalist) with out having Athletes... sorry don't buy it... sounds great in a interview though..
  21. Y'all really aren't going to talk about this? TDS is real, people. This is bad. Really, really bad.... He literally begged the GA Secretary of state to "just find 11,780 votes." “The people of Georgia are angry, the people of the country are angry,” he said. “And there’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, that you’ve recalculated.”
  22. I know of other who think and believe the same. Be safe as you go about your day.
  23. .... and these communists think a toilet paper shortage is high on the list. Wait till the grocery shelves are empty. What then? At least I can shoot some game but it won’t last long either. Talk to some people who lived through the Great Depression. Those were some tough old buzzards and we are gonna have to get that tough again. Just watch it happen.
  24. Recounts mean little. You recount counterfeit money, the counts the same but the money is still counterfeit. I agree, no one wants to investigate. That’s the problem. We spent 3 years Investigating fake Russian Collusion, but no one wants to take two weeks to throughly investigate our election in one State. Even though you hate Trump, doesn’t that picture look a little out of whack? If Ga or Pa pass a complete Audit, I’ll be calling for the unfair election talk to stop myself. But no one has the nads to do it.
  25. Imagine if Bridge City managed to beat Port Arthur and Silsbee in basketball in the same year. Talk about throwing the natural order of things into chaos. They'd probably have a really big parade before the world ended. They'll get one more crack at Silsbee. We`ll see how that goes. I think some of our kids need to understand that, despite not being a championship team anymore, they're still gonna get everyone's absolute best. Can't just show up and win any game.
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