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Found 21,254 results

  1. Your probably right. Hope that he’s doing well. Man talk about bad timing for an illness to hit you. It was probably heart breaking for him not to be there for his boys.
  2. Off topic - as I'm not a resident and couldn't have a valid opinion on topic even if i wanted to. I'm just shocked Coach LeFort's son is already a senior?! Well that makes me feel pretty old now, thanks. Coach Lefort in his early coaching days at Vidor helped shape me into the man I am today. He wasn't even my position coach, but he always had time to talk when I needed him. Good man. Will always have positive things to say about him.
  3. Things are really getting weird. Imo, a lot of this is due to Covid. The staying in so much instead of getting out. For some the fear of Covid. The mask wearing (yes, I think it affects many mentally). Add to that the excessive welfare paying people to stay home and not work. Here are some of the results - young folks beating up 60-70 year old women - stores out of stock - people that are working that either can’t do their jobs are have just become air-heads due to Covid. Here’s a couple of examples. We received an email we owed a Dr $12. Drove into Beaumont to pay him. Go up and they tell us we’d had a credit which covered the $12. Time and money wasted. A member of the family had appointments at a world renowned hospital in Houston. 11/17 to see Dr. & 11/23 for Lab & Therapy, all at main Hospital. Get on their web site and ask for Lab & Therapy to be moved to site at The Woodlands. They replied our request was approved & what they did was moved Dr Appt to the 23rd, all in Htn. Ask again Lab & Therapy moved to Woidlands. They moved Lab but left Dr & Therapy in Htn. Talk about cluster fudge. Finally a lady called & apologized. She said the folks in Sch evidently had no common sense (I readily agreed). She finally got them to correct it. When folks can’t interpret a simple request, especially at a world renowned facility, what’s up. Simply put, head up anal cavity. Why? Only thing different now - Covid, and the resulting mental deficiencies. The Liberal Media has turned this bad disease into a big monster, and many people can’t handle it. Sad to see Americans turned into mush over something like Covid. Hate to see what would happen if we have to face a real big crisis like the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Smdh.
  4. Yea but what would I do with my thumbs… is suppose I could twiddle them. No but in all seriousness if I’m going to talk into a mic, I have thought about getting into broadcasting. There are opportunities out there for high school football games, just don’t know if I got the chops for it.
  5. have you tried using the mic on your device? you talk it types.
  6. I loved playoff games in the old A-dome. I saw lots of PNG games there, too. Huge crowds, PNG fans always outnumbered the Houston area teams fans. I wonder what will finally become of the dome? Lots of talk but nothing ever happens.
  7. There was talk from District 9 folks of a sweep. I felt the Bears would win & Vidor was 50-50. And although Ltown & Huffman didn’t win, they kept it pretty close for much of the game. I thought Dist 10 teams represented well. Again, easily the best four we’ve sent forward in maybe forever. And next year should be even better. Two teams with new Coaches, Ltown & LCM. Ltown young. Vidor with two undefeated JV teams. Huffman always competitive. I’ll say right now, those four will be in the playoffs next year. Sweep? How about a Dist 10 sweep in the 2022 season.
  8. Isn’t High School Football GREAT!!!! Congratulations Barbers Hill, these young men will talk about this night at their 30th reunion 👍🏻🐻
  9. OK.Think you can talk to the coach and see if he will just go ahead and concede.☺️
  10. Any reports from scrimmages in the area? Not much talk. Was wondering how some teams in the area looked?
  11. I 100% agree with ol 14.2 on this one. The scientists will jump on here and talk on all the negative points that were pointed above because, well... that's just the way they guy/gal works. BhFan will take it as a compliment and run with it, and add to If the hill can come out and play the whole game like they played us the first half they have a standing chance of making it a game and who knows, maybe the beginning to a magical run like the coogs of last year. Will it be easy? No, will most everyone say it will NEVER happen? Yes. The same happened to us last year before and after each game, counted out completely. Go out there and give it your all, leave it all on the field. Play it like it's your last because if you don't, and you come out flat, and defeated in your heads before the coin toss it will be a extremely long nite. I am willing to bet that the buffs are allready looking ahead at 2nd round matches/ or even a possible rematch with the coogs, use that to your advantage and jump on em quick. I give the hill hell throughout the season but come playoff time ( unlike the scientist ) I will be cheering on all 4 teams from our district! I would nothing more that a rematch with the eagles to settle it once and for all, get out there and get it done.. Barbers hill 42 FBM 41
  12. 👍 on second thought, no "running" team is gonna move the ball much less beat them according to Carthage fans. * admittedly their defense has walk the walk to back the talk thus far.
  13. You know I said the same thing If you a real mustang fan u shouldn't even be like that I hate when people talk like that so if you don't have faith in how boys don't even talk at all period so WOS1986 I totally agreed with you
  14. I would be willing to bet I could find hundreds of former HH athletes, and parents of HH athletes that would say the exact opposite of your post. Similar to life, there is nothing about athletics that is “fare.” Don’t point fingers. Talk to your son. Schedule a meeting. Hopefully y’all can get on same page with coaching staff. Airing your complaints on a public forum, does no good for anyone involved. I hate you feel your athlete is being wronged, however there is much more to life than HS athletics. Learning life lessons from a difficult circumstance could pay to be much greater in life than HS playtime. I hope your situations get resolved, and best of luck to you, your son, and HH.
  15. As of last week Bellville has only given up 72 points.Compare that with WOS defense that only gave up 69 when they were making their state run.Pretty salty stats for Bellville. On another note last night WOS/BC game there was a lot of personal fouls going on.Coach T called time with minutes left to talk to the BC coach.They decided not to shake hands at the end to keep any confrontations from happing and maybe causing some to being disqualified for the playoffs.Coach T's grandson plays for BC and he said he will be shaking his hand.
  16. I think Orangefield will struggle to move the ball down the field. People always talk about our two RBs and rightfully so.. but the defense isn’t a joke.
  17. Don’t get him involved. I don’t talk to fan men (Pom Pom guy).
  18. Just hold on a few more hours fellas. The game is almost here. Then we can continue with some meaningful smack talk.
  19. Has not gone away only cause outsiders like to bring it up. Outsiders that have NO idea about the City of Vidor. But if you want to talk about the recent past in football...Then I do believe Vidor has owned the battling bears.
  20. Never wanting to talk about the present, always about the past and future. Like that has any bearing on the now
  21. You need to have a talk with her. It’s too early for Christmas music.
  22. Lots of talk at the beginning of the season, from people not in the know, about Crosby not being as good as last year. Last year Crosby's average margin of victory in district play was 29.8ppg, this year it currently sits at 36.5ppg. Crosby will head to Nederland looking to cross the 400 point mark for the first time in a seven game district season. For reference, Crosby only scored 282 points in district play last year but did only give up a sick 10.3ppg on defense during that span. IMO we're a year ahead of where we were supposed to be due to the excellent job Crosby's staff has done with the talent they've been given. If Coach P can keep those guys together for the most part they're liable to build a juggernaut over the next 4-5 years with the high-level talent Crosby has coming through the program.
  23. 1) How is Romney a RINO? Because he doesn’t talk like a moron and grift the rural hillbillies at every opportunity? He’s one of the most accomplished businessmen to ever run for office. 2) I didn’t say Youngkin will be a RINO. I said you guys will eventually turn on him and call him a RINO. I think he’s too smart, too educated, too… normal.. to ever be fully accepted by the relatively unsophisticated trumper crowd. Which is completely fine by me.
  24. Big Talk for a team that lost to Baytown Lee.
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