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  1. I guess maybe TABC got wind of Ardion being denied to play for Hamshire-Fannett for this season.
  2. Got word that the Ardion kid got denied to play at Hamshire-Fannett for this coming season.
  3. Some here would say "Wow, Huffman and Hardin-Jefferson over Hamshire-Fannett?"
  4. This game will be broadcast here at SETXsports.
  5. 21-6A 1. SummerCreek 2. Atascocita 3. Kingwood 4. North Shore 20-5A 1. Lake Creek 2. New Caney 3. Kingwood Park 4. Porter 21-5A 1. Beaumont United 2. PA Memorial 3. Crosby 4. Nederland 22-5A 1. Manvel 2. Galveston Ball 3. Friendswood 4. Goose Creek Memorial 17-4A 1. Carthage 2. Jasper 3. Lufkin Hudson 4. Palestine 21-4A 1. Huffman 2. Hardin-Jefferson 3. Hamshire-Fann
  6. 1. New Caney/Lufkin 2. Barbers Hill/Crosby 3. Dayton/Port Neches-Groves 4. Nederland/Santa Fe 5. Huffman Hargrave/Vidor 6. Little Cypress-Mauriceville/Livingston 7. Lumberton/Splendora 8. Center/Jasper 9. Shepherd/Rusk 10. Liberty/Bridge City 11. Orangefield/Hamshire-Fannett 12. Silsbee/Hardin-Jefferson 13. Crockett/Coldspring-Oakhurst 14. Elkhart/Huntington 15. Anahuac/Kirbyville 16. East Chambers/Woodville 17. Hardin/Tarkington 18. Corrigan-Camden/Warren 19. Hemphill/Newton 20. K
  7. Silsbee, WO-S, Bellville. That OF/Sealy game will be interesting.
  8. Summer Creek vs. Shadow Creek Summer Creek vs. Dickinson Summer Creek vs. Faith Family Summer Creek vs. Atascocita Hamshire-Fannett vs. PA Memorial Hamshire-Fannett vs. Hardin-Jefferson Hamshire-Fannett vs. Huffman LC-M vs. Houston Yates LC-M vs. Houston Wheatley Lumberton vs. Huffman Silsbee vs. Houston Stafford Silsbee vs. Lufkin Silsbee vs. Center East Chambers vs. Big Sandy East Chambers vs. LaMarque East Chambers vs. LC-M Coldspring vs. Martin's Mill Tenaha
  9. Will get back on it tomorrow after I get my broadcast prep done.
  10. Interesting comment. I would agree that in comparison to the last couple of years, Silsbee's offense has not played well. The defense on the other hand has played well. But when you get right down to it, Silsbee is 5-2 on the year with their only losses to then #2 Pleasant Grove and #2 WO-S. I would think most teams would take that record.
  11. Depends on what all state team publication you are speaking of. The AP is strictly based on regular season, not post season. The DCTF is generally DFW region driven.
  12. Liberty
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