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  1. I also saw where if someone living in the same household with a student athlete tests positive, then that athlete will have to quarantine for 10 days.
  2. ?? On what grounds were they going to be denied even after they were enrolled?
  3. Not quite sure I follow. What letter? What does the superintendent have to do with transfers? Shouldn't that be a DEC matter? Evadale may be an open enrollment school district but UIL residency protocols still have to be followed to be ruled eligible for athletics. These matters cannot be handled "in house".
  4. Well the "no profanity" policy will always be here. For some who do not know, the owner of this site is a baptist minister.
  5. I agree. With this new type of message board software that we are now using, it doesn't give us that option to just ban a member without their posts and topics they started being removed.
  6. With the disappearance of several threads, it's pretty obvious who the culprit was.
  7. Not as much money as you think there is. Trust me.
  8. With the conference only schedule, the Arkansas-A&M game is moved to Kyle Field instead of AT&T.
  9. There is no UIL policy for teams scouting another team early. I have seen coaching staffs of teams scouting other teams 4-5 weeks before their game with that team. I remember a WO-S coaching staff scouting a Silsbee game several years ago in week 3 and their game with each other was not until week 9 or 10.
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