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  1. Well, when it comes to listing coaches, teams, players on this website, those guys are included. Huffman has been in our coverage area for many many years. They are Southeast Texas. Now, you want to say Golden Triangle, 8 County (Jefferson, Hardin, Orange, Chambers, Liberty, Jasper, Newton, Tyler) then say so.
  2. No Joe Sigler??? Any list of top area coaches that doesn't include Sigler is bogus.
  3. No hate here, but I think you know that. I'm just bias. Always considered it the best rivalry. Rivalry goes back to my childhood days. Brings back great memories.
  4. I talked to him on many occasions. Great guy. Will be missed.
  5. It would make much more sense to split 6A into divisions and not create a 7A.
  6. Been in Florida the last couple of weeks. Have not been to Bolivar since the red signs were posted. Going down there next week though. This happens when there is a lot of rain. Fresh water drainage coupled with the warm waters in the Gulf causes the high bacteria count. Plus, some people are just not sanitary.
  7. I'm 58 years old. Never needed to carry before and don't need to carry now. Carry on.
  8. According to several local coaches, they think this group is better. Much deeper team than the Adams, McCain, Bush group. Time will tell.
  9. I am a bit curious as to why the high turnover rate for boys head basketball coach. Won't this be like 6 different head coaches in a 10-12 year span?
  10. Maybe some of you should take this argument to the football forum. Could get some responses.
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