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  1. I suspected this all along. It's the ads that causes the most problems. (spammers)
  2. Can only post what the coach sends him, which in this case was nothing.
  3. So it's fair to say that Nederland is off to a 1-0 start and Lumberton and Newton are 0-1? Grad, update the standings please per Mack.
  4. This was not a controlled scrimmage. Teams played four 10 minute live quarters. Kickoffs and punts but no returns. 1st teams played the first two quarters, 2nd teams played the final two quarters. Neither 1st team scored. Silsbee 2nd team made a FG. I left after the completion of the 3rd quarter. Both teams have a lot to work on. Silsbee has some conditioning to work on. Silsbee run game was fair. Had a few good runs. Passing game was not good. Foster only completed 1 pass out of 13 attempts. The backup Briscoe did better in the passing game, completing around 6-7 passes. Silsbee defense fared well against the Vidor run game. Vidor only attempted around 6 passes. Depending on how well the QB position progresses will determine how good this Tiger team will be.
  5. LC-M/Orangefield has been moved to Saturday 9am at WO-S
  6. Game thread?? This is a scrimmage, correct? No winner here.
  7. https://www.orangeleader.com/2019/08/16/orangefield-lc-m-scrimmage-moved-to-wo-s-saturday-morning/?fbclid=IwAR2Fn91BUtIUEZA7UHOE3tZ_lnAmkmhwsM5GP_3ypbEsoOsb_dZpYDRca1Y
  8. It's just for 9th and JV games. Varsity will still be played at Stallworth
  9. Question. Is the three way scrimmage with Kelly and Hull-Daisetta happening Thursday night?
  10. For Silsbee this year: Chris Martin K'Drian Cartwright Every local class 3A and down count on their football guys for basketball.
  11. Not trying to offend, but those are 3A Kountze numbers.
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