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  1. Coach Wise and his staff were in the Tiger Den tonight to see Hardin-Jefferson as much as they were to see Silsbee. I spoke with them.
  2. The whole Houston Yates coaching staff is in the house.
  3. It seems that several in the Evadale and West Hardin classrooms have become members of the site recently. Let's see how long they stay active.
  4. They are currently on my radar for my upcoming rankings.
  5. If we are going to "cherry pick", Big Sandy also lost to Anahuac and a JV team.
  6. #22 Samaha is their starting post. He's about '6"3. He is very skilled and just flat out works others down low. I am very impressed with him. My favorite on the Hawk team. They do have a '6"6 that comes off the bench and gives them quality minutes.
  7. They are bigger than Silsbee. Their post play is better than the Tigers.
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