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  1. Rankings are not always about "who would beat who". Particularly when you combine classifications.
  2. Briscoe is back on varsity. He played in last offensive series on Friday night. He "led" them to a TD.
  3. Pressley just reinjured his knee. Got one pitch from him. Not good
  4. I think I am going to stop taking tu in my bets. Early but really thought they would cover the 21.5
  5. My 2pm-5pm plays: Virginia -3.5 SMU -9 North Texas -7.5 Okie Lite -5.5 parlay 9/1
  6. That attitude comes straight from the top. Jeff Mathews is as good as they get. Awesome man.
  7. I took Florida -4.5 other plays for 11am- 1:30 games WV/OU over at 63.5 Cal -11 Texas Tech +7.5 parlay 9/1
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