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  1. Personally, I don't consider MV a high school basketball team. I also don't consider any school that brings in players from around the nation a high school team.
  3. Michael was a family friend of ours. He and my wife were in the band together at Lamar. He was her big brother. Very sad day for all of us.
  4. Today was suppose to be the 57th Silsbee Tiger Relays. One of the longest running relays in SETX. Rainey Relays would have been the 43rd.
  5. I bet several of the players on MV's team are "reclassified" players. Some probably are 19-20 years old by now.
  6. It does break the county wide ordinance of no gatherings of 10 or more.
  7. So 6A and 5A think the same about 4A? To be more specific, 4A DI looks down on 4A DII? State championships are state championships, no matter what classification you win them in.
  8. 5A Hayden Hefner Nederland Kenneth Lofton PA Memorial 4A Braelon Bush Silsbee Jacob Harvey Huffman 3A Jacoby Bishop Coldspring Earnest Ceasar East Chambers Javaughn Luster Diboll 2A Jay Buckley Shelbyville Jayden Hicks San Augustine Mike Hogg Tenaha 1A Davaun Perkins Leggett
  9. Question. What school gets to host this tourney?
  10. Historically, Jasper. The numbers don't lie. Jasper leads head to head vs. Silsbee 43-35-2 Jasper has 49 playoff appearances to Silsbee's 27 Jasper has 42 playoff wins vs. Silsbee's 31. Jasper has over 640 total wins as a football program (62% win percentage) Silsbee has 530 total wins (57% win percentage) Now recently (last 10 years), the nod would go to Silsbee. Silsbee has beat Jasper 5 of the last 6 times played.
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