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  1. I am hearing Lake Highlands is the real deal. Quite possibly the favorite to win 6A.
  2. Over half the team played in the state 7 on 7 tourney the day before going 4-1. Then drove up to Dallas the next day and played in the TABC games. Very busy time for several of these young men. Harris had a great 3 games. Not surprised with the offers.
  3. Damn near. They found out we live near by now and have been begging my wife to come out of retirement and take one of the positions. I told her to only accept if the money and the position makes it worth it. She is considering doing it.
  4. You know there is a teacher shortage when a school district as small as High Island has over a dozen job openings.
  5. Bush will not be transferring to Lamar. He will be signing with Navarro College.
  6. I would have to say that LB Jayron Williams is the bell cow on defense. Being a senior, he should take the role of defensive leader.
  7. Pleasant Grove 35 Hamshire-Fannett 13 HF finishes 4-1 in tourney.
  8. Lorena defeats Silsbee 19-12 Silsbee finishes 4-1 in tourney.
  9. I watched the game as well. Mustangs looked fine defensively but the offense needs work.
  10. Celina won 19-13. Celina moves on. WO-S goes 0-4 in tourney.
  11. Most of that dirt was removed from the field and will be put at different places on school campuses.
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