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LCM New Stadium/Field Vandalized


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Didn’t see this posted anywhere.  Sad it’s in the News at all.  Hope this isn’t a new trend.  We’re talking some serious money to clean this up.  I hope if they catch who did it they get some serious penalty time - many hours of community work type, plus financial.  You have to make examples out of them as a deterrent.

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2 hours ago, tvc184 said:

It was mentioned with the news article the LCM/Lumberton thread in hs football. There is no stand alone thread that I have seen. 

Certainly something that needs to be addressed.  Jmo - and I think this is the more appropriate area.  I just hate that it happened.


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2 hours ago, XX Man said:

I hate to hear this. I am in West Orange District, north of LCM, but I hope they catch and prosecute them heavily.

I think the maximum punishment of up to $30,000 in damages is a State Jail Felony which is a glorified misdemeanor. It carries a two year maximum sentence. For a first time offender it is routinely sentenced as probation.

 When Ann Richards was governor in the 90s, the state jail felony was created to help reduce overcrowding in prisons (under federal mandate) so some crimes were reduced from a 3rd degree felony with a maximum of 10 years to a state jail with the 2 year maximum, with the option of being reduced to a misdemeanor.

I think the intent was to be able to call some crimes felonies to retain the convicted felon provisions and enhanced punishments if subsequently convicted yet sentencing to just over a misdemeanor.

It is likely that “throwing the book” at them will be probation which might include things like community service.

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18 minutes ago, CardinalBacker said:

Dang! We agreed and were both right!

You should fight your instincts and agree with me on everything. 

Well done to you both.  I had the feeling the admins at LCM had a suspicion or had been given some info.  They were falling all over themselves to tell people let’s not assume it was Lumberton kids.   

The Jefferson Z28 reference was a nice touch too 😂

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