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  1. Lumberton Raiders, hold your heads high, you did us proud and we know next year you're going to get past that hump. The biggest difference between now and 2007 is back then they really didn't know what to expect and walked in with their chests pumped up then Waller waylayed us. This one you just got a few bad breaks that cost you.
  2. I'll tell you what a girl at a pager company told one of my drivers back in the early 90's when he wasn't receiving pages at his house. She said "But sir there are too many trees in the way for your pager to receive the signal."🤣 As far as what was happening when you froze it was possibly the kick off we recovered when they claimed that we didn't allow the receiver a chance to receive it. They called it kick off interference. Problem is that kid was just standing there like he didn't know what to do and finally our guys jumped on it which woke him up. It should have been our ball because it went well over 10 yards. That was probably the first thing that took the wind out of our sails and then when Ricky broke for 92 yards that pretty much did our guys in. We had it in the bag before then.
  3. Heard someone say that we were offered to play an early game at NRG because of the weather and their coach turned it down. Seems like we're doing better in the rain than they are. Keep it up in the next half Raiders.
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