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1 hour ago, Cougtalk said:

5A, DII - Crosby - 1821

5A, DII - Baytown Lee - 1783

5A, DII - Barbers Hill - 1768

5A, DII - Dayton - 1516

5A, DII - Port Neches-Groves - 1505

5A, DII - Nederland - 1452

5A, DII - Lumberton - 1222


Have to think that Lee will play in D1 with GCM and Sterling. 


If Santa Fe goes down, then we only have 6 teams in this district so far? Who gets pulled in? 

Galena Park?

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Excited but if it’s just a 5 team district then  district play won’t mean much but win one and you’re in. I am interested to see what our pre-district schedule might look like and of course a playoff run but now I’m putting the cart way before the horse. Should be fun though.

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51 minutes ago, Stringman said:

So 4A DII districts could be:

Carthage, Jasper, Shepherd, Silsbee, Center, Hj

BC, OF, WOS, HF, Navasota, Liberty

Idk about Navasota being in that district. Sealy also dropped to 4A D2 so I imagine Bellville, Sealy, and Navasota in the same district 

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3 minutes ago, Boneyard Boys said:

New to the district but it seems like a lot of the better programs in 4A are D2 so wouldn’t you think some of them would opt up to play in D1?

Even with the teams dropping down to DII, DI is still rather tough. La Vega, Argyle and others still loom large in that Division.

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