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  1. You specifically said “to each his own” in your comment about abortions. That covers from embryo to 3rd trimester abortions. I doubt very serious that 600,000 to 700,000 women a year are having abortions based on the very rare instances that you stated above. I am talking about abortions that don’t pertain to those very rare situations. So you don’t believe in abortions at 5 months. That’s good to know so at what time in the pregnancy is it good to have an abortion?
  2. Bullets13 say your wife was 5 months pregnant with y’all’s first child an you were excited about the fact you were about to become a father then one day she came home an told you she had an abortion because she thought the child would be too much of an inconvenience....would you be ok with that?
  3. Realville


    Proof that this Fake Administration is trying to divide the American People. Disgusting!
  4. [Hidden Content] How about that. The magnetically locked Capitol Doors just magically opened.
  5. I thought taking Aunt Jemima off the pancake box would solve all these manufactured racial issues. The new name is Pearl Milling Company. They were milling over using the name Cracker Jack Pancake Mix but decided against it. True Story.
  6. They’re protecting him so much that they want even release their own use of force guidelines. I promise you if it were a white US Capitol Police Officer shooting an unarmed black BLM protester....Washington DC would be burned to the ground and all names would be released.
  7. You’ve been off topic what does it matter? You just want answer the question. I started this thread so please proceed it want be the first time posters went off topic.
  8. So if your wife killed your unborn baby that you was excited about having because she just did feel like raising it you would be ok with that?
  9. The title of the thread is the United States Capitol Police refuses to release their use of force guidelines and Who shot Ashley Babbitt. I consider her a military veteran. I smell a lot BS pertaining to her death.
  10. Now that’s what I call a game of Twister! Insurrectionist!😂🤣😂🤣🤣
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