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  1. No Da, it’s been said on here and on radio that jasper was picked to go 3-7 this year.
  2. I have looked all over, I can’t find anyone who was dumb enough to predict 3 - 7.
  3. Really only one possession each in first quarter! Anahuac got second possession with about 40 seconds left. Great game so far.
  4. Only the second, first round exit in last 11 years. That’s a pretty good record.
  5. Will the Beaumont chapter call Jasper games next year?
  6. This seeding is going to take some getting used to. Our girls volleyball is travelling this morning to their first round playoff match up in NEW ORLEANS!(300 miles away). The way football stands with one week to go, our first round would be 318 miles! They are closer to Pensacola, Fla. than Mansfield . I guess I know how West Texas feels now.
  7. Thanks. It actually has us in the playoff hunt because our strength of schedule is one of the highest in the state. If the playoffs started today, we would be in.
  8. So, what offense do you think they should run? The slot t produced a 9-30 record over the last four years. The spread is currently 0-7. Pro I, Wishbone, Notre Dame Box?
  9. Coach John Payton's rules: 1. Stay away from the young ladies. Do not be in a room alone with any female student! 1a. Always make friends with the lunch ladies!
  10. I know the comparison is being made between Allen and Beaumont to demonstrate one high school, but these communities could not be more different.
  11. Only the second most points allowed by Kountze!!
  12. From what I found BH has 9 and Kountze has 12. BH: Baseball and softball 2021 Kountze : 8 volleyball 4 boy's bball football: 71 & 76 girls bball: 82,93,97 boy's track: 35 and 56 Honestly I hadn't thought about BH because I have been conditioned my whole life that anything west of the Trinity, is not setx.
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