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  1. Wait, wasn't LH fb with 2400 yards injured and didnt even dress. ALso their quarterback was out..
  2. If Jasper loses they will get the winner of the Royal/Columbia game, correct?
  3. That would be great for Silsbee and Hardin County. Like you said, you got to play the game, so maybe they can make it to JW.
  4. With the district championship on the line, how far do you think both teams will go in the playoffs? What will be considered a good season / disappointing season?
  5. A bad Katy team? We should all be that bad, 8-1 district champs.
  6. I know that most of the time when a team loses, the fans usually blame the coach. I have no problem with that. That's what we get paid for. However, Did Belichick all of a sudden forget how to coach? Closer to home. An area coach, who I KNOW is a heck of a coach had a stretch where his teams were 35 - 15 and each team played multiple rounds in the playoffs. They all had District MVP's on them and D1 Players. He did not forget how to coach. The other years the record has been 14 - 43. I will always believe that both are vital to long term success, but I lean on the side of having the Larry's and Joe's. I say 75 - 25.
  7. President Trump - Gas Prices: High 2.96; Low 1.77; Jan 20 2.39 Wars Started/ Sovereign Nations Invaded 0 President Biden - Gas Prices: High 5.06; Low 2.40 (first day in office); Current 3.55 WS/SNI : 2
  8. Not sure Bellville plays either of these two.
  9. Who says she got football wrong. Not even one full season!
  10. The very first Head coach at West Brook was Alex Durley!
  11. Many’s stud last year is projected to start at LB for USC this season!
  12. Not in the immediate area, but, Pearland pressbox is great!!! Pearland and Dawson had different foods. one was spring creek bbq and one was papdeauxs seafood.
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