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    Big girl reacted to PAMFAM10 in What good have biden and the democrats done?   
    I think trump like most presidents not named FDR are just average. More than half the country felt this way. It’s nothing to do with mean tweets. Trump and a lot of his followers live in a fantasy world where trump won the election and the results will be overturned. This day that day . Pence can simply disregard our elections and proclaim trump president. Covid is not serious will go away on it’s own SOON Trump24… No matter how much the guy lies. His followers will believe it. Trump had no regard towards the constitution and clearly didn’t drain the swamp but became king of the swamp. 
    I have no issue with the voter who says I voted for trump because he had the economy rolling.  But most trump supporters will refuse to accept the evidence that trump was a egotistical lying self serving president.
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    Big girl reacted to tvc184 in First Amendment Rights   
    The burn and loot stores under the First Amendment it’s a really ridiculous. Nobody has ever been allowed to commit a crime under the protection of the First Amendment. 
    This guy violated the law, he was given opportunity to shut up and failed to do so. Maybe the DA for political purposes as well not accept charges. 
    This is not rocket science. 
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    Big girl got a reaction from baddog in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    They are declining because employers are requiring that their employees receive the vaccinations.
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    Big girl reacted to baddog in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    Not trying to be difficult, but it depends on what is meant by “do you know”. Are we talking immediate family, close friends, or someone we “know” by association? I hope you see how different my answer would be. I will answer by saying yes, yes, and no.
    This is an interesting article. It discusses “altered” viruses  being used for vaccines. Funny how the Covid is just that….an altered virus (thanks to Fauci and Obama). I know of no one else who has successfully predicted a pandemic.
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    Big girl got a reaction from Steven Avery in Alec Baldwin   
    The person in charge of making sure the prop gun was safe told him it was a cold gun. It is not the actor's responsibility. 
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    Big girl reacted to tvc184 in Alec Baldwin   
    in hindsight, yes. It’s crazy how that works. If we knew exactly what was going to happen before it happened, the world would be a lot better place and some people could make millions of dollars in sports betting.

    Maybe this, maybe that… but you can bet out of hundreds or thousands of movies and many thousands of action sequences, the actors are not checking to see if the firearms/stunt expert accidentally put a live round in it. 
    When Brandon Lee was killed, there were no charges filed. That does not mean they won’t be in this case because it is a different set of circumstances and a different set of state laws. But in that case Lee was killed with an actual bullet. Would an actor have known to look down the barrel to make sure the gun was clear when he saw an actual blank put into it? 
    Under the United States Supreme Court phrase of “objective reasonableness”, they said that the police must be judged in the use of force or deadly force by what a reasonable police officer would do, not a civilian or someone judging it later knowing additional facts. It is not intentionally the same however it is the same concept. In Graham v. Connor where the police kind of kicking the crap out of an innocent man, The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the use of force was justified even though the man had done nothing wrong and the officers made a mistake. That is because when judging at officer’s actions, even when injuring an innocent person, it must be viewed through the eyes of a reasonable officer having to make their decisions with a facts known to them at that moment. In other words, what does a person with his training and  in that same situation, usually do? It doesn’t matter using 20/20 hindsight and looking back on it with additional information.  So, what do actors usually do?
    That is significant because using Texas law as an example. It is a crime to point a firearm at a person even if you believe the gun is unloaded and if there was no threat. Simply pointing a gun at someone is a crime, even if you were joking among friends (no matter how stupid).That means that you could probably go back and arrest every actor that has ever appointed a gun on a movie set.
    Under the law and under the rules taught of firearm safety, you could almost never make a movie with any kind of action sequence using firearms unless they were toys.  Maybe it will change in the future. Maybe it needs to be or have better safety protocols put in place. It is against the law however (actually in the United States Constitution) to hold people responsible for something that was not a crime when it happened but was later made a law. It would be like a police officer writing you a speeding ticket for going 70 miles an hour in a 70 mile an hour zone but the speed limit was charged to 55 miles an hour six months later. I think people are wanting to hold Alec Baldwin responsible for what many popular actors have done but because his name is Alec Baldwin. 
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    Big girl reacted to tvc184 in Alec Baldwin   
    You certainly have a vivid imagination or did you simply repeat another person’s theory? 
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    Big girl got a reaction from tvc184 in Alec Baldwin   
    You are insane. Contrary to what you believe, that is not the protocol when an actor is on the set.
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    Big girl got a reaction from tvc184 in Alec Baldwin   
    The person in charge of making sure the prop gun was safe told him it was a cold gun. It is not the actor's responsibility. 
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    Big girl reacted to CardinalBacker in Colin Powell   
    I support my team even when the coach is a clown.  But pretending that he's a Hall of Fame Coach when he's 0-32 like Trump is just insane. 
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    Big girl reacted to baddog in Colin Powell   
    I don’t believe anyone who says Trump alienated himself from potential voters with his attitude. Biden hiding in a basement while Trump was drawing record numbers of crowds to his rallies. It is something I have never witnessed before with anybody else. If he was alienating from his voters, the turnouts would have been reversed……tens of thousands vs. 5 people.
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    Big girl reacted to 5GallonBucket in Colin Powell   
    Yep and that’s why liberal politicians and the media darling use play on words to strike the emotions of all these pacifier suckers. IndoctriNATION
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    Big girl got a reaction from CardinalBacker in Colin Powell   
    He acted a fool long before he was impeached. Why?
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    Big girl reacted to bullets13 in Colin Powell   
    Trump crapping all over him in the press the day after his death is exactly the sort of thing that will drive undecided and moderate voters away.  but like you guys say, being a jerk shouldn't matter.  
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    Big girl got a reaction from InMAGAWeTrust in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    My good friend died 3 hours ago due to Covid-19.  She couldn't get the vaccination because of numerous health issues. I asked her if there came a time, would she want to be placed on a vent, she said yes, she wanted to fight. She suffered immensely, she had COVID-19  pneumonia; as well as, bacterial pneumonia. She started to hallucinate. She was constantly making a gagging noise, because the tube was irritated her throat. At one point they had to temporarily paralyze her so she wouldn't pull the tube out. Her lungs were filled with fluid. Her FiO2 was at 100%, the PEEP setting was at 12, which is horrible, because her 0xygen sats dropped to 82%, (90-100 is normal) even through her fi02 was at 100%. Because her PEEP was so high, she had a pneumothorax which was the cause of her death. I am so heartbroken, because she went through hell. So miss me with that anti vaxxer mindset. If you have to watch a family member go through what my friend with through, you might change your mind. Her husband died in 2014. She was despondent, but was ready to live again, and she was going to remarry, now her life has been cut short.
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    Big girl reacted to SmashMouth in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    Agreed. So why try to prove a point by saying, “cuz Eric Clapton said so.”  
    The story may very well have merit. I just believe in honest debate, weighing facts on both sides and then coming to a conclusion. I feel like the majority of the time I open one of @Reagan’s links, (not always), it’s gonna say 1/2 truths and speculation to make a point. In my opinion that weakens any real argument that may follow. I fully expect at some point for him to reference Bigfoot as a medical source… (heavy sigh) It just wears me out. 
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    Big girl reacted to SmashMouth in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    The burning hands and feet are probably neuropathy due to his self-admitted alcoholism. 
    And was it propaganda that drove him to years and years of heroin, methodone and cocaine addiction too?
    I love his music. A LOT! But I could give 2 craps about his political opinions or medical advice. 
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    Big girl reacted to InMAGAWeTrust in Supreme Court Strikes Down Joebama Eviction Moratorium!   
    heh you’d think.. the government handed out billions, maybe trillions, in literally free money over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, and as expected, most of it went right into the hands of corporations and people with sham LLCs

    of course, the only time I see outrage is when some poor guy is mad at their fellow poor neighbor because he took advantage of some unemployment (relative) chump change payout 
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    Big girl reacted to InMAGAWeTrust in When Will The Peanut Brains Ever Learn? [Spoiler - Never]   
    Meanwhile Dinglebert, Traitordog, Lum, and the rest of the trumper crowd here are still defending politicians because they’re on the “same team”
    🤡 🤡 
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    Big girl got a reaction from 5GallonBucket in Who Else Is Tired Of All This Winning Under Joebama?   
    I am happy with his job performance. Trump set the bar very low. I am glad I dont have to deal with Twitter tantrums. 
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    Big girl got a reaction from bullets13 in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    Some people dont trust the science, as it pertains to, the vaccine, yet they rush to the hospital when they contract COVID. It appears that they trust the science ; in regards to, the treatment regimen that combats the virus. Go figure.
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    Big girl reacted to InMAGAWeTrust in Who Else Is Tired Of All This Winning Under Joebama?   
    Capitalism 101
    Dont hate the player hate the game. This is America . If you want a more even playing field then move to Europe with the socialists ✌️ 
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    Big girl got a reaction from InMAGAWeTrust in Who Else Is Tired Of All This Winning Under Joebama?   
    Get over it.
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    Big girl reacted to bullets13 in Vaccination Food For Thought   
    Some charts showing illnesses by state in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people.  Breakthrough cases are certainly occurring, but the numbers are certainly baring out the efficacy of the vaccine.  
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    Big girl reacted to WOSdrummer99 in DeSantis   
    He's been driving the clown car since trump threw him the keys. Abbott's just holding onto the bumper like Marty McFly. 
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