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  1. Amen sir and may God bless his ministry. Service to the Lord is the greatest thing in life.
  2. Here’s another one:
  3. I am curious if you can find at least one thing positive to say about the “other side”. Hopefully this will not only be back-handed compliments and denigration. I’ll start off saying that I don’t really consider myself to be either a Republican or a Democrat; I loathe the self-serving life-long politicians on both sides. But I would say my views align more with the Republican side. Minus the problems inherent with the bureaucracy associated with it I respect the attempt to provide for the less fortunate from the Democrats. Jesus said for us to feed the hungry, provide
  4. Pretty interesting article that speaks common sense.
  6. In 1993 we were living in Marshall, Tx and had just gotten out of the military. I was in the police academy but had to go every day to Texarkana. We had no money so my wife would pack me a sandwich and some chips for lunch. I would go and sit out in my truck and listen to him every day while I ate. Good times and seems just like yesterday.
  7. With all the negativity, the bickering, partisanship, weather phenomenon, sickness and everything else having free rent in our life right now - we could all use some positivity. I saw this and just couldn’t stop smiling - bless this young man. Enjoy!!!
  8. Here is something from liberal school leaders in New York. This is being taught to brainwash children, and is nothing but horse hockey. I’m glad we home-schooled our boys.
  9. Can we survive 4 more years of these press briefings?
  10. “As a Catholic I don’t hate”......anyone but unborn babies? Seems logical......I guess.
  11. Montana - 4th state to lift mask mandate.......come on Texas!!!!
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