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  1. HARDIN-JEFFERSON HAWKS (0-6, 0-1) Aug. 30 - at Coldspring-Oakhurst, 29-36 Sept. 6 - East Chambers, 20-37 Sept. 13 - Woodville, 35-36 Sept. 20 - Huffman Hargrave, ccl Sept. 27 - at Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 14-29 Oct. 4 - at Tarkington, 42-46 Oct. 11 - at Hamshire-Fannett, 21-22*
  2. First off, I am well aware there are no play-off spots given for moral victories, but I am impressed with Coach Dubois and the Hawks this year. Every week is a great game, and the Hawks have been in just about every game. As a team I know they have to be down with the losses, but it is obvious they are prepared by the coaching staff. I have no vested interest in the team, but hang in there Hawks. Coach is providing you with life lessons. Things won’t always go your way, but you never give up. Pulling for some late season bounces to go the Hawks way.
  3. Not really sure, but hope to make some games this year.
  4. Should be some good ones. Let’s go Rebs!!
  5. You had your crystal ball out for this one. Harvey - 1 in a 100 year storm....2 years later, Imelda dumps similar types of rain and on the same areas. Gas prices on the rise, millions in remodeling contracts and on and on.
  6. Hmmm, chumps...... nice. So many things i’d Like to say, but i’ll just let it speak for itself.
  7. You know it’s time like this, a time where you just have to say, “How ‘bout them ‘Jackets!!!!!!”
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