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  1. I never make it on the college thread. 60 pages - imagine trying to get caught up; you’d be there awhile.
  2. You know WO-S and Silsbee probably garner the most consistent postings from their respective fan-bases. I noticed the thread about the regional championship is up to 23 pages and climbing. What is the record for postings on a single topic?
  3. Used to dread the one game a year (either SP or HI) because of the skeeters. Last game my boys played at SP though we nearly froze to death because of the cold and the un-blocked winds.
  4. How many did Chester report? I know they are small, just curious.
  5. We home-schooled our boys ‘til HS, and played in the league with SWLA. They were always very good, along with Faith Christian out of Leesville, La.. The league was very competitive and had good parity. A couple of the Baton Rouge teams were very athletic. The traveling though was non-stop, as we were the only team in Texas. The majority were in Louisiana (BR, Lafayette, Leesville, LC, Monroe) and then a few teams in western MS..
  6. Talked to one of the dads last night. He said they were flat, and were down by 7 after the 1st quarter; which was the last update I received. I’m sure he’ll post something later today.
  7. That’s the worst performance I’ve had all year. I’m giving it about 3 weeks and I’m done. It’s like I just e-mailed that performance in.
  8. Why you gotta bring Chester into this? No one talks smack from North Tyler County, Piney Woods heaven.
  9. Colmesneil historically was a very good women’s program. They always have tall and athletic girls. I think a lack of coaching consistency (which Evadale has) is what really harms them. Hopefully the Lady Bulldogs can rebound and become consistently competitive. All that being said, I do believe Evadale is just in a little down phase.
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