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  1. They can want to hire a million, but sad fact is the majority of agencies are having trouble finding qualified applicants. The amount being hired is struggling to keep up with the amount retiring.
  2. I understand that many of you look at this from the money perspective, and then the football perspective and it is exciting. I could care less about UT or OU and those angles do not interest me. However when you look at the baseball POV - man I get excited. There will be some top-notch baseball being played in the SEC. Could we possibly see an all-SEC CWS one day soon?
  3. Baseball is steeped in tradition. The appeal of baseball is that it is unchanged and a constant throughout generations. It is great memories of our dads teaching us to play and throwing in the backyard. The Cleveland Indians are a historic organization and this just stinks. In 53 years I have never once thought about the name being offensive. I think of Major League, Jim Thome and the playoff series where the bugs swarmed the field, and lots of good memories. Keep on driving the divisive wedge and maybe next we can go after: 1) Mariners (they kill poor defensive sea creatures),
  4. Can we just take a second and put ourselves in the place of these legislators who have fled to avoid doing their jobs? Whatever your occupation, what would happen if you left your workplace when things got difficult? Dispatch: “911 what is your emergency?” Caller: “Please send help we have a (fire)(heart attack victim)(active physical disturbance). Dispatch: “Unit 12 be en route” Fire/EMS/LEO: “Negative, I will be leaving my jurisdiction - that sounds dangerous.” Plant operator, Teacher, Bank employee, and on and on we would be fired immediately.
  5. From the article: The NFL allowed social justice phrases like "End Racism" to be painted in the back of teams’ end zones, and players were able to honor victims of systemic racism and police violence last year. How is that reporting? That is not a factual and proven statement. That is subjective at best, and is simply not true. If you question my thoughts on this subject please refer to the thread regarding “Systemic racism” that I started.
  6. Door to door vaccine push - “hey and while we are here, do you have any guns?”
  7. He may be a great guy, but he’ll have to prove he is a better option than Abbott. Besides the C-19 debacle I think he (Abbott) has done a fantastic overall job.
  8. May America humble itself, pray for His mercy, turn from our wickedness and thank the Lord we live in a free society. God bless America!
  9. Hmmm, so she can have her anti-white, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Chinese views - AND protest the flag but don’t dare talk bad about the poor lil’ misunderstood oppressed young lady.
  10. I see Kountze making the playoffs this year, and being above .500, maybe 6-4, 7-3. Got a nephew playing, and I’ve never said it before, but Go Lions.
  11. The ‘ship goes to Starkville!!!! Man, I have enjoyed watching this game.
  12. I tried getting our select team to go when I was coaching but the parents always wanted to go to Gulf Shores. My brother had a son late in life and we are already planning our trip when he is about 5. Try to hook him like both of us are on the love of baseball.
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