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  1. Wife has officiated for Diboll a couple matches this year and she said the Lady Lumberjacks are very good.
  2. SETX Fan earlier post: ”Stevenash, I have specialized training and decades of experience in forensic psychology and have seen some of the worst people in this world.” You would think someone with an advanced degree would not have such prejudicial views toward an entire profession. Having worked the streets, primarily in minority areas, for the past 28 years I can tell you (for a fact) that your assumptions are categorically false. It’s easy to want to take it personally and fire back with sarcasm and vitriol but it would do no good. I truly find it sad when someone is so en
  3. When I graduated we had 19, but we have years where they graduate 5 now. Beautiful land, but kids graduate and you have to go elsewhere to make money. When you retire you move back. It was funny but when my boys were at Evadale there were 4 boys who’s dads graduated from Chester.
  4. Chester, Texas - Population 305. We do the best we can with what we have. Some years are better than others.
  5. Why y’all give this person the time of day is beyond me. They are either just pushing buttons to elicit a response or they actually believe the idiocy they post. If it is the latter then no matter how much you argue or whatever valid arguments you bring to the table they simply would not or could not ever agree. I find it humorous and chuckle at some of the stuff they post. Am I doing a good job using ambiguous pronouns (theybies)? To truly despise the country you live in is sad. Life is short, if you hate America go out and seek the utopia you dream of. If America is evil, surely ther
  6. I can say what I said last election - Trump v. Biden as was Trump v. Clinton and the choice is clear. The selection is not even difficult, Trump is the lesser of two evils.
  7. I tend to agree with you. I have no problem with him having strong beliefs. I have no problem with him expressing his beliefs wherever he wanted to - except at work. The NFL should be a reprieve from life’s stress, politics and daily grind. The previous sentence is what ruined ESPN. My job strictly prohibits us from protesting, striking and espousing political views while on duty. Having people with differing views, backgrounds and cultures is what makes OUR country great.
  8. Said it in another post I was really looking forward to watching the NFL this year. It was going to be my first year back since the bench QB started kneeling. I am still planning on giving them a shot the 1st game, but if half of what I’m reading is true - they’ve lost me for the rest of my life. The media does a great job of dividing the country and keeping racial tension high.
  9. So the governor just mandated ALL to wear a face mask if you are in a county with over 20 cases. Failure to follow results in citations, with a fine of up to $250. My question is who is going to enforce this? Will all of these citations be dismissed like all of the “stay at home” citations? This just amazes me. I’m glad I live in the middle of the woods.
  10. My tiny salary won’t make a dent, but I’ll choose to shop elsewhere. We can shop in Jasper County for the time being. I look at it as a knee-jerk, lemming, follow the leader order; “well if Harris County does we must follow suit.” No thanks.
  11. Eloquently stated and so very true!!!
  12. What a true blessing. This is my only social media - so thanks for sharing. I had someone yesterday pay for my meal and wrote the sweetest note on the receipt. They basically said the same thing, “We’re praying for you, and y’all are appreciated.”
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