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  1. I read an article yesterday from a “national” news source. We were always taught growing up that news was supposed to be objective and simply to lay out the FACTS. This article was dripping with opinions, propaganda and was unabashedly one-sided. Then I looked at the author’s name and it was of middle-eastern origin. This was a National article that slammed Israel for defending their God-given country. Amazing!!!
  2. Heck yea!!! I love SHSU. Graduated a LEO management school there, so I consider myself a BearKat!!!
  3. Evadale Rebels v. Holland Hornets Nutrabolt Stadium in Bryan, Tx Game 1, Friday, 05/21 @ 1900 Game 2, Saturday, 05/22 @ 1200 Game 3 (If needed), 30 minutes after Game 2 Go Rebels!!!!!!
  4. Glad my house is built - AND paid for. If worse comes to worse I’ll just need to make enough to pay taxes......ummmm, I better find another job.
  5. Just one question, “How ‘bout them Rebels?” Rebs advance to round 3 with a 12-4 win. Thanks to C. Hobbs for the updates.
  6. Update I got was 10-1 Chireno in the 5th. Great season Lady ‘Jackets!!!
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