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  1. I know Goodrich won, but Chester honored the 1970 Class B State Championship. They had a new banner printed up for the gym. Had to miss the dedication for work, but pretty exciting for the Chester faithful.
  2. That takes effort, and then you have to scroll through all these different schedules.
  3. Not much love for local teams - saw BC, and Kirbyville.
  4. Jiminy Crickets it’s getting all racial up in here. Sports is supposed to be a respite from the real world. Who’d of thought the HS basketball forum would have people stirred up more than the political forum.
  5. Isn’t there a junior high section totally devoted to middle school athletics?
  6. That’s what I’m talking about!!! Blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. But like my daddy said, “If you ain’t first - you’re last.”
  7. I never make it on the college thread. 60 pages - imagine trying to get caught up; you’d be there awhile.
  8. You know WO-S and Silsbee probably garner the most consistent postings from their respective fan-bases. I noticed the thread about the regional championship is up to 23 pages and climbing. What is the record for postings on a single topic?
  9. Used to dread the one game a year (either SP or HI) because of the skeeters. Last game my boys played at SP though we nearly froze to death because of the cold and the un-blocked winds.
  10. How many did Chester report? I know they are small, just curious.
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