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    Mid County Madness predictions 2019

    Lol. Its not like PNG has always had turf. Get over yourself. Come to think of it you couldn't even get the turf right the first time. Not to mention tiny visitor stands and no parking so they can brag they have the biggest fan base. 🙄
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    Mid County Madness predictions 2019

    It’s a wonder anyone has ever completed a season on grass... 😳... what a candy a$$ remark.....
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    That’s Faircloth level play calling at the end for Nederland
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    LCM vs Lumberton

    There is no information, other than rank baseless rumor, that Chris Babin is even considering leaving Lumberton
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    Ned QB has a chance to make history tonight. I believe he is only 92 passing yards away from breaking the single season passing yards record. This might have been talked about already, but it needed to be brought up! What a great young man that deserves this! He will have the record by the end of the 1st Quarter! Let’s go B!
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    Splendora vs Bridge City

    Bridge City is worse
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    West Orange Stark vs Huntington

    And that is not all the story. Jasper also tied Huntsville. Huntsville beat Hebert, and went on to win the state championship. Never long for the good ole days when only one team made it out of district. In Jasper's only trip to the state finals, they were the third place team out of their district.
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    Crosby 59 Baytown Lee 14/FINAL

    Crosby finishes off a struggling opponent the way you’re supposed to going into the playoffs. Crosby puts up their first 50 point game under the new staff as well as their first 600 yard output. I’m not certain but I also believe this is our first turnover free game this season and the least pre-snap penalties we’ve had all year. It’s how you want to look at the end of the season, even if it’s only for one more week. Solid stat line for the transfer qb making his 4th start: 15-22, 265 yards and 3tds/13 carries for 126 yards and 2tds
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    Crosby 59 Baytown Lee 14/FINAL

    Can’t afford them. State made us turn them all back in last year.
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    Or the teams are normally playing for district titles and essential playoff seeding. And this game is who do you want to lose to Manvel or FB Marshall.
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    I am just speaking on principle. Some decisions shouldn't be about "pleasing the masses". I completely understand that what we have as our GOW will not change the landscape of how people think around here. I just think that the MCM game shouldn't be an "automatic" every year.
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    Nice post! Atleast spell “paternity” right.
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    Most Disappointing Team 2019

    United had two wins last season and has the chance to end this season 6-4. Not making the playoffs is disappointing but going from 2 wins to possibly 6 wins is an really good accomplishment for a team in their second year of existence.
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    Most Disappointing Team 2019

    If UIL would put these teams in a four team district, the problems would be solved'''''''
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    Most Disappointing Team 2019

    Guru is showing his intelligence or lack there of 😳
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    State Championship Predictions

    Well not anyone's game ...out of region 3&4 there is about 5-6 teams it’s out of imo.
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    Huffman Falcons

    great season for huffman. they are good for sure. but i dont see anyone from our district competing with carthage
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    HF went 8-1-1 in mid 90s I think it was 1995 and didn’t make playoffs one of the best teams they had in my opinion.
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    Ty Cobb

    Baby Back Ribs

    Try Jack's pak it in Beaumont. I've never bought ribs from them but I really like their sirloins and ribeyes.
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    FB Willowridge vs Crosby

    Put your $ where your mouth is!
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    Thank You to all Veterans

    Thank you for your service
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    Silsbee vs Shephard Bi District

    I dont think anything is easy when it comes to Silsbee, except, well, least not, when it comes to football.
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    Jasper 80 West Sabine 31/FINAL

    80-31 Jasper
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    FB Willowridge and Houston Sterling don’t play until tonight after FB Marshall. I’m sure Crosby and BH’s coaching staffs will be in attendance.
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    Looked to me like a typical early season game where the defensive effort of both teams was ahead of each team's offensive execution. Seemed cold in the gym also, maybe that effected shots falling, lol. Good luck to both of these area favorites this season.
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    Vidor 50 Dayton 28/FINAL

    He’s a sophomore. If you don’t double team him he’ll cause havoc in the backfield all night. We’ve got him for 2 more years.
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    Huntington Thursday @7:30.beaumont.
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    Just saw it was kbmt play of the week. Slowed it down and he was in. Refs are horrible.
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    All powder was organic!! Field was fabulous. Thanks Big Ned for allowing us in your slop. Until next year!!!! Peace!! #unclelarry
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    Crosby 59 Baytown Lee 14/FINAL

    I know. I’ll be pulling for the lowlifes too. 😄
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    It's called Tanking...off no...
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    West Orange-Stark 42 Hamshire-Fannett 7/FINAL

    WOS has started slow in probably every game this year....I expect a whole different game in the second half.
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    Huffman Falcons

    Thank you for your response and your opinions. Do i personally think they cant be Carthage, Probably not. But getting to that third round and given the opportunity sure beats the heck out of watching basketball already! Huffman is excited about their boys. Not many teams can say they went 10--0. I dont care if its a PISPPOOR district or not. Good luck to all teams!
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    Mid County Madness predictions 2019

    Well, we here at SETXsports need to be a little more "open" minded. IMO, our Game of the Week isn't just about rivalry and history. Should be what the best or most important game is on the slate. Don't get me wrong, love the game. But I will never vote it as our game of the week if neither are making the playoffs or both have losing seasons. BTW, I voted for the New Caney/Porter game.
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    Kirbyville at Buna

    Buna should win this one.
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    Huffman Falcons

    HUFFMAN has a good team but I don't think they will get out round 2. East Texas football is at another level then our district.
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    Most Disappointing Team 2019

    Dude is delusional no reason to engage 😂
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    Shame on the other employees that didn't stand up for victim. But the blame falls on the manager. Too bad he only got 10 years.
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    This Board Needs....

    Another good meme I can’t post. Y’all enjoy them 20s 30s and 40s, because in your 50s THAT CHECK ENGINE LIGHT GONNA COME ON 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Wanted to clarify on the PNG - BH situation... We think both will split games but PNG wins on coin flip and we project they will get the 1 seed come playoff time. It may look weird at first but in detail, it makes sense. Also, Kirbyville typo is fixed lol.
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    Sorry to hurt your feelings but dropped balls has hurt us this season. Have you been to the games? How many times has the ball been right there and we didn't make the play? We are just lucky that we have a decent defense. Not trying to stir you up but we need to catch the ball.
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    According to Cardinal Backer everyone is coming to Orange County.. but other studies and Schools dropping enrollment says other wise..
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    Most Disappointing Team 2019

    In this day and time, if you’re not able to finish at least 4th in your district and not make the playoffs, that is the definition of disappointment. Let the playoff t-shirt sales begin!
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    Sure your not impressed. Your Indians aren't what they used to be therefore you give nobody any credit. BH is hands down the best team in the district. After that I guess it would be Crosby if you base it on their win against you guys.
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    best coaches in the area???

    The ones with the best athletes. Lol
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    Season Predictions!

    I agree with all of the above - Two teams not mentioned to keep an eye on: Livingston and Tarkington Livingston has Mya Miles who is one of the best players in the area - they also have a new coach Tarkington - returns all of their players off a team that lost a close game in Area and finished second in 21 4A - I think they come out of 21 4A as the champion this year but the misfortune there is they would see HJ in the 3rd round. For all 4A teams in our region - the road to SA goes through HJ - no doubt about it. Another 4A Region 3 team to watch (although not in SETX) is Fairfield - they only lost one Senior off a team that lost to HJ in the Regional Final. SETX girls basketball is on the rise - IMO - we have some very athletic teams and some very good players to watch this season.
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    Good question. Seems our school systems have a lot of bs going on the public rarely finds out about.

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