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    Then criticize the coach all you want. Not the kid. It seems there is a lot of animosity towards the Hefner kid because of the kind of scholarship offers he received. (A lot of comments like yours referring to "power 5") Many people in college basketball must think he's pretty darn good judging from the offers he received. I'll go with the opinions of the guys working for college basketball programs over guys on the forum.
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    Hard fought game for both teams. Lumberton has a tough squad, we got down too much early and when we finally tied it up we made too many mistakes in the end. Good team as we expected, we need to rebound Friday against a tough Bridge City. Second half of this district is going to be tough for everyone, well except for maybe HJ. Sophomore Aniah Henderson 20 points 11 rebounds Senior Marlandria Hebert 10 points 14 rebounds.
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    Evadale at West Hardin

    It was some of the worst officiating I've seen over the years.
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    Good luck to the new Head Coach. I hope he is allowed to assemble his own staff and had no preconditions on who he must keep to get the job. How can you justify keeping Nations on as AD? Dayton ISD must have plenty of money to throw around.
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    coach bear

    Coaching Carosel

    Great answers and explanations. Like I tell all my friends, if you haven’t been in a high school from 4-6A in the past twenty years, and by in a high school , I mean sit in the library or a classroom all day (not feasible for most but more accurate than the five word explanation of school your teenager gives you while focusing on their phone) you’ll be shocked. Again, the school is a reflection of society, so hangout all day at Walmart and watch people and their actions for more shock value. The most disappointing thing is the lack of accountability by students, teachers, administrators, and schools. About ten years or more, schools (where I worked at least) stopped sending kids who would verbally assault teachers to the local judge who would fine the parents ( finally make them be parents by $). The county just said, no, we’re too busy. The really bad ones can really get away with being IDIOTS, yet they’re often untouchable because of their 501 plan. Kids know exactly what they can get away with ( just like us in the 70’s). There are still great kids, parents, teachers, administrators, and schools, but not as many. But I am excited to get back in it, definitely takes a special (demented maybe😏) to do it.
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    Leading scorers: Asia Mitchell 14 Heaven Scott 8 Shabralyn Watson 8
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    Coaching Carosel

    The only way the state is going to get more people interested in teaching is to raise pay SIGNIFICANTLY and cut back on most of the bureaucratic BS and paperwork that gets piled on teachers.........
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    Coaching Carosel

    I'm told regularly from my many friends in education that there is a mass exodus concerning both coaches AND teachers from the profession. Not just BISD. I also have a friend that words in the education department at SFA that tells me the number of students they're having in the education program lately is scary low. I'm not sure if teacher pay would correct the issue or not.. people can speculate but the reason may not be money. Like you said..."despite having one of the higher paying districts in SETX".
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    Silsbee Vs LC.M

    Personally, I can see this game being like the Silsbee at Bridge City game to start district.
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    PAM at Nederland

    Nederland matches up fairly well with Memorial. While not as good as PA bigs, Nederland has the size and depth inside to compete with Memorial. And Hefner is maybe a little more than a decoy.
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    Just my opinion lol. I would've been on the fishing "team" though
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    I still like to think of myself as an independent thinker. I’m not a fan of politicians in general, which I think applies to a lot, if not most Americans. So when one actually tells us what he is thinking, whether I agree or disagree with his thoughts, I certainly appreciate it. The fact that “speaking one’s mind” freely and openly has been taken as taboo by a lot in Washington tells me everything I need to know about Washington. And while I think it might benefit him to mute himself on some of his thoughts, it’s just kind of who he is.
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    I agree with you , but I think that's one of the things that I like the most about President Trump. I love the fact that he doesn't act like a politician. I like that he says exactly whats on his mind. It's such a radical change from the lying, backstabbing, only do whats going to help me, screw America, life long politicians that we are used to.
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    It’s nice to have a little equity in this matchup for the first time in several years, but the downside to that is that for the time in a long time southeast Texas doesn’t have a team in 4A with a realistic shot of winning state. I hate that 4A has become filled with “small” schools from big cities with huge player pools. It makes the 4 year run Silsbee put together even more impressive, but it also means that small town 4A State titles are quickly going to become a thing of the past. Maybe this next crop of Silsbee kids will live up to the hype, but it feels like we’re approaching a time where you could combine HJ and Silsbee’s player pools and they’d still struggle to get past all of the 4A schools from Houston and Dallas that have hundreds, if not thousands, of players to choose from that are just a transfer away.
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    Astros Penalty

    I hate that they did it, but I wonder how many other teams are doing something like this? It can't be just us. I hope the league comes down hard on anybody they find doing it in the future
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    Looks to me like SA scored more points than SV did.
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    🤯 Me frantically trying to figure out who #16 is on Vidor and why he won’t step his damn game up. Come on, we need you 16!
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    I wouldn’t say settled for 3’s...3-13, but Nederland was only 3-16. Lots of put backs, probably 3:1 offensive boards in favor of PA.
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    We settled for 3s not dunks last night. Even Clover hit one.
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    Hey no argument from me there.
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    Doucette looked real good but the Tigers did a better job defending him in the second half. He scored most of those in the first half. And yes Braelon is going to be a good one for some college.
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    I wouldn't say quit on his team, our D just put the clamps on him. I think he had 15pts but a ton of turnovers.
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    Memorial up 21; Nederland spirit broke
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    9 Minutes

    Sabine Pass at Evadale

    Evadale sweep tonight
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    PAM at Nederland

    Memorial sophomore point guard Amaree Abram gives Port Arthur Memorial another offensive weapon going into Tuesday’s game against Nederland. https://t.co/UXVQiEPbsX via @BmtEnterprise Let's make it 0-7 for their "star" tomorrow Titans.
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    Coaching Carosel

    You mentioned BISD. Then you said it's a culture issue at BU. Which one is it? There are examples of co workers coaches that's been in the district longer than 2 years you know. Now you're changing to teachers. I thought the name of this thread was COACHING carosel... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
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    PAM at Nederland

    When Nederland has their bigs rolling they are a very respectable threat. They have one kid who has a great game around the rim and one that comes in off the bench who can really bang and has great touch. I’ve seen both clubs and I think the difference will depend on Nederland’s other guards. When they are hitting the spot up 3 they are hard to beat.
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    Silsbee 68 Hardin-Jefferson 65/FINAL

    Silsbee won at HJ and then HJ won the 2nd one at Silsbee in 2015.
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    Lumberton 52 Bridge City 46/FINAL

    Our freshmen and JV went to Ot Friday lol fresh won and jv lost
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    PAM at Nederland

    Must have been a quiet 21, i don't remember him having that stat line. And yeah on paper it should be a great game. 😎
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    OT is fun, but it’ll put gray hairs in your head. 😄
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    PAM at Nederland

    Last year Memorial at Ned: Hefner 21 pts, 7 rebs, 5 assists & 6 blocked shots. If Nederland wins, it will be because other players stepped up to the challenge. They have the pieces to do it. Should be a great game.
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    Silsbee 68 Hardin-Jefferson 65/FINAL

    I wouldn’t trade the last four years for anything. But I have to say it’s more fun when you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. These two are so close that it feels like we just saw game one of a best of three mini-series. It’s important to win that series because the winner doesn’t face Yates till the region tourney.
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    Beaumont United 48 La Porte 46/FINAL

    Somewhat of a Trap game before NorthShore rematch Jan.21 at Bmt United... In any event they got the needed "W" to stay in contention for a share of the district Title. #19 Bmt United (22-4) (6-1)
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    First two years HJ was in a different district. Only played once each year.
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    Silsbee 68 Hardin-Jefferson 65/FINAL

    Great game!!
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    Willie Ray Smith Awards

    It’s not like we have anybody in consideration. Carry on.
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    Trump impeached

    Have you ever been fishing??? Doesn’t matter .....common sense would help you recognize the analogy. then again your smart enough to see it but ....
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    Trump impeached

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    NY and California will never learn. It is also interesting to note, these two states are where the idiots are from pushing impeachment. Imagine that!
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    Evadale at West Hardin

    If you don't want to do all the scrolling, is suggest using the 'find' option on your browser. It's a search option in a page that lets you enter the key words, which in this case is your team. You can quickly get to what your looking for without scrolling. But these guys out in a lot of work to have this information accessible and I doubt that there would be a link for it in the near future.
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    As far as the dunk count goes, believe it or not, Jordan Edwards can dunk. He's just an inch taller than Braylon. Seen it with my own eyes. Not sure he can pull it off in a game or not. It would probably have to be on a put back or something similar. Whoever number 40 is for Silsbee can also dunk. Still don't know exactly who everyone is on this team yet. Him or Cartwright are probably our best bets.
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    Evadale at West Hardin

    You're pretty confident. I hope you're wrong.
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    BH is down this year. Max (district MVP) scored 40 in a game last year, and they ended this game with 37... a little quick DUDE...
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    Silsbee 85 Hamshire-Fannett 63/FINAL

    Quite an improvement by HF, and of course Silsbee not quite as good, but last years score of 116-23 makes this game a nail-biter. 😄
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    Defense wins championships?

    That’s what I’m saying
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    Best game of the decade.

    This is easy
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    State Championship Question

    Volleyball starts at a much younger age in the Metroplex areas and no Club programs Around here really start before middle school, makes a huge difference.

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