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    Everyone about to get a $1,000 check?

    Just got this info from my son. The Coronavirus has turned me into a Democrat. It has me staying home. Not working. Complaining about everything. And waiting on my Stimulus check. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
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    Remember This Folks.....

    .....it is an impeachable CRIME to withhold, or even threaten to withhold funding to Ukraine, but there is absolutely nothing criminally or morally wrong in withhold funding to the American people during a crisis to save lives and livelihoods. Two-faced demoncrats.
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    Give old CB a break, he's talking about two of his most hated schools and can't talk bad about both of them.
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    So 6A and 5A think the same about 4A? To be more specific, 4A DI looks down on 4A DII? State championships are state championships, no matter what classification you win them in.
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    Better Football Power Newton or WOS?

    Either way...I almost never bet again these two teams.
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    As long as we can still get to go margaritas, I guess we will be OK...
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    UIL All State Teams

    https://tabchoops.org/2019/12/uil-all-state-boys/ 5A Hayden Hefner Nederland Kenneth Lofton PA Memorial 4A Braelon Bush Silsbee Jacob Harvey Huffman 3A Jacoby Bishop Coldspring Earnest Ceasar East Chambers Javaughn Luster Diboll 2A Jay Buckley Shelbyville Jayden Hicks San Augustine Mike Hogg Tenaha 1A Davaun Perkins Leggett
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Spring Football 2020

    Lmao @Alpha Wolf @BMTSoulja1 😂
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    Spring Football 2020

    The Bruins start the season with three scrimmages against PAM, PNG, and United. lol...
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    10-4A-1 Who wins it.

    I see lumberton in the top of district
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    I see your point and I think those two will be NBA players. So will others at Montverde. Eight months doesn't make a huge difference, but when the gap is two or three years it adds up. That's not just s&c, but experience, discipline, and maturity as well. This is why I think the teams dominated by one and done kids don't win as many championships as people think they should.
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    Sure, but based on NYC (go on out - ride the subways) & New Orleans (sure let’s have the Mardi Gras - who’s Mayor, like Negin, is blaming Trump), it’s pretty obvious we should gather as little as possible. It’s just my wife & I, and I sent her to her room. 😂😂😂 And, she doesn’t read this Forum....... Thank goodness.
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    When the heck did Kentucky get so much power in this country? They make a darn fine bourbon, have a heckuva horse race, and manage to keep their family trees nice and tight. But no reason for that hillbilly haven to have so much control over Washington. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackbrewster/2020/03/27/stimulus-bill-delayed-by-lone-kentucky-republican-massie/#707bcb6cc547
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    Trump May Take Less Restrictive Approach

    As Trump says in the article, “We can’t let the cure be worse than the problem itself”. Since Congress is unwilling to compromise, even during a pandemic, they’re forcing Trump to make a tough call that I’d hate to make, even though it may be the right call. Our HOR & Senate are a prime example of the word, inept. I’d like to suggest they quarantine themselves for at least 365 days, without pay. And there are people who want them running our Healthcare system? No thank you. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-signals-possibility-of-less-restrictive-approach-in-coronavirus-fight
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    Somebody already said it, it's apples and oranges. They are both great power houses.
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    Evadale Rainey Relays, Thur April 5

    I'm with you 100%
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    UIL All State Teams

    He sure gave us fits with his size and skill. I think many teams in the area are glad he will be moving on. Good luck to this young man at his next stop.
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    UIL All State Teams

    Congrats to PA Memorial Kenneth Lofton Jr. on being named All State. He has really worked hard to get to this point in his career.
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    I hate things like this, because there really is no comparison. Two schools from two different classifications and two different enrollments. If we had WOS enrollment numbers, who knows how good or bad we would be? Nobody. If WOS had Newtons enrollment numbers, who knows how good or bad they would be? Nobody. It is like comparing apples and oranges, there is none. Unlike CB these are my two favorite schools. Why, because one is my Alma Mater and because both have nasty defenses when they are good. I believe in defenses.
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    I am reading all of these exchanges with a great deal of interest. If I am understanding you all correctly, then the Houston Rockets should be losing every game with the biggest player on the floor being about 6'6" ( at that level, who the coach is doesnt matter too much because they are all very competent)
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    Share Helpful Info to Get By.

    Jack’s Pack-it in Beaumont has chicken breasts, ground beef, ribeyes, etc. Homemade Chicken pot pie that’ll feed 4 for less than 20 bucks and some really good King Ranch casseroles too. Glad we thought of them. Really good quality food.
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    Not Polk high, Mr Bundy?
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    Better Football Power Newton or WOS?

    No. Absent the special teams that the Eagles had over the last few years, the Mustangs should take the Eagles, just as I would expect Memorial or West Brook to take the Mustangs, yet that doesn't make them more of a football powerhouse than West Orange-Stark. Also, the Eagles have been on their current run for about 12-15 years longer than the Mustangs have. The current run for the Eagles began about 1970 while the Mustangs didn't start their playoff roll until 1985. The Eagles haven't missed the playoffs in 32 years (1988). The Mustangs have missed the playoffs 5 times (1992-although that was due to forfeit, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003) in that same period. The Mustangs are a HUGE football powerhouse and just about any other team in this area wouldn't stack up. But the Eagles aren't any other team.
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    Historically, Jasper. The numbers don't lie. Jasper leads head to head vs. Silsbee 43-35-2 Jasper has 49 playoff appearances to Silsbee's 27 Jasper has 42 playoff wins vs. Silsbee's 31. Jasper has over 640 total wins as a football program (62% win percentage) Silsbee has 530 total wins (57% win percentage) Now recently (last 10 years), the nod would go to Silsbee. Silsbee has beat Jasper 5 of the last 6 times played.
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    An assistant men’s basketball coach at Lamar posted this on Facebook. Good, good stuff from a young man about to become a father: “Been in thought The last couple days as I’m sure everyone has. In a few weeks I’ll have a daughter. She will be born during one of the scariest and most uncertain times in our worlds history. And I will have to have conversations with her as she grows up on why the world is the way it is. It might be conversations as to why there is so much hate, and divide. Why certain groups won’t associate with others and a list of other things. About how an unseen enemy divided our world even further than what it is now. However, I hope that in ten years I can tell her she was born during the most proud time in our worlds history. A time that our world and country turned to God, turned to decency and turned to eachother. When politics, and differences were put aside and the world came together for a common goal and prevailed. And in turn those conversations aren’t difficult but they’re prideful, talking about the pivot point in our worlds history! Pray for eachother, pray for our leaders and pray for our future. ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and PRAY, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. Then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land’ “
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    10-4A-1 Who wins it.

    “Whitest District in Texas.” Livingston takes this easily.
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    Heckuva 4 years

    I’ve always said that Bush was the motor that made Silsbee go the last four years. The kind of player that can’t be replaced.
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    The Dims cater to them for a vote. Hell, they even elect them to government offices. Taking the country from the inside out. Good plan by the Muslims, and a lot of America is to dumb to figure it out.
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    Personally, I don't consider MV a high school basketball team. I also don't consider any school that brings in players from around the nation a high school team.
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    Buddy of my coaching at Newton told me about this kid like 3 years ago, looks talented as hell just raw. If Guidry at WB can stay healthy he will be towards the top for sure. Foxall has been a stud since stepping onto campus at WB. A little overshadowed on the freshman team 2 years ago by Bryce Anderson. Talk about a talented backfield at WB with Anderson-Guidry-Foxall
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    What In The Heck Is Biden Talking About?!

    BTW, wonder when the MSM will Report this?
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    I get it, it's a trick question. Neither team is a powerhouse.
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    One must know what a mirror is before one can look in it.
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    Better Football Power Newton or WOS?

    I am going to post 3 images: 1 is of Jon Kay holding up North Shore's 6A, Division I trophy in 2019, 1 is of W.T. Johnston holding up Newton's 3A, Division II trophy in 2018 and the 3rd is of Cornel Thompson holding up West Orange-Stark's Class 4A, Division II in 2016. Tell me which is which: 1 2 3
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    UIL All State Teams

    In other words, no Kasen Harrison. He was certainly deserving imo.
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    BS Wildcats

    Remember This Folks.....

    They are quickly becoming, if not already, the sorriest bunch of people in America.
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    You can look for it to happen in the near future with more kids whether it be a sibling or a parent...Prep Schools do it all the time...they hire the Dad of a kid who's a possible lottery pick to Coach knowing hes bringing his son there and possibly bring an AAU teammate or two that can help the program win games since most of the private prep schools now have on campus living. I expect Houston to be doing it soon in Katy at the school called the Village...the Headcoach came from one of the perennial powerhouses and the resources he has is unlimited for himself and he has the son of a Hall of Famer there starting Highschool as well as one just Graduating and he himself likes to be in the gym with the kids himself because of the love of the game....The Dream...only know because I've seen it...worked a camp there this past summer....
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    Nederland Turf

    looks like this would be a good time to get started on the football field.....
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    Democrats don’t care about the people. They say they do, but they don’t. Collins blasts Democrats for blocking coronavirus stimulus plan, says they’re ‘playing with fire’ https://www.foxnews.com/politics/collins-blasts-democrats-for-blocking-coronavirus-stimulus-plan-says-theyre-playing-with-fire Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at http://www.foxnews.com/apps-products/index.html.
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    I would concede it might have been closer than 58-14 at half. But MV’s best player only took like 7 shots in that game. Reminded me of a pickup game where the team that has been waiting finally gets a shot and the team that owns the floor puts in cruise control and takes a rest while playing and keeping the floor. It wasn’t even remotely competitive. Kind of like a Silsbee vs HF game before Coach Tigee. Merely to point out that arguably the most talented team in the state looked like scrubs against the team awarded the National Championship at the HS level. But to put it in further perspective and to show you what Yates was dealing with, I am convinced of something after seeing several of the SLC teams this year. Montverde would beat some, if not most, of the teams in that league.
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    A friend of mine referenced an article a while back that basically said that no matter which side of the spectrum your beliefs fall, both sides have seen their own savaged repeatedly so it’s just acceptable at this point. It goes back to Nixon, if not farther. Think about it. Nixon was a crook. Carter was a terrible leader. Reagan supported the rich and had Iran-Contra. Bush raised taxes and didn’t finish the Gulf War. Clinton had Whitewater and Lewinsky, Bush started the Iran/Afghanistan wars and was seated when the recession of ‘08 kicked in. Obama gave us Obamacare and reined in growth with anti-business policies.... not to mention the fact that a lot of people didn’t like him because of who he was. Lord knows that Trump deserves tons of criticism, but the amount that he’s given is just too much. Until both sides agree that people with opposing views aren’t “the opposition,” we’ll just keep on electing people just to destroy them, never realizing that we’re only destroying our own fortunes.
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    https://kogt.com/county-judge-talks-testing/ update from a conservative Repunlicensed county judge and a doctor who I know to be a conservative Republican voter. This from a media source that would be far from “liberal.” The problem is that both sides now seem to want to politicize everything. Both sides of the aisle pointing their little fingers at the other. It’s dumb, sorry. As is the mass panic that is supposedly caused by the media. I would argue the overreaction is more the fault of the people than whatever media they are following. So & so made me do it never worked for me growing up. And why people apparently think they will wipe their behinds with greater frequency during a quarantine is beyond me. These folks also, at least in my area, are overwhelming red voters and Trump supporters. If the “liberal media” caused them to buy every roll of toilet paper in sight, welp...
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    Well, since basically every scientist and expert in the world is saying this is a major issue, it might be time for people to quit latching onto the rare dissenter that is saying what everybody wants to hear. People are using these articles as justification to act irresponsibly. Dr. Brent Bost is a well-known local doctor. The last several weeks he’s been making YouTube “update” videos on Covid-19, and has consistently downplayed the seriousness of the virus. People are sharing his videos thousands of times on Facebook, with captions like “quit overreacting” or “see, it’s not that big of a deal!” But the WHO, CDC, and thousands of epidemiologists disagree with him. People are ignoring them, and listening to Dr. Bost, because he’s saying what they want to believe. There’s only one problem: he’s a gynecologist. People are legitimately choosing to believe updates on the coronavirus from an OB over those from the CDC, WHO, and infectious disease doctors. I’m not sure what’s worse: the irresponsibility of his videos, or the stupidity of the people who are taking them as gospel.
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    UIL All Region Teams

    4th time on the all region team for Bush. Should be an absolute no brainer for his 4th All State team. There aren’t many kids, anywhere, who have achieved that.
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    UIL All Region Teams

    Congrats to Sells and Perkins of Leggett
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    Can anyone reasonably doubt that BU has the talent? What's needed is a good coach!
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    Great win Coldspring finally got over the hump that's Crockett
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    Best Athletic Program in SETX

    Lumberton recently won their first ever playoff game in basketball. The school board reacted swiftly by firing the super. The community is well aware that winning starts at the top, so they wanted to nip "winning" in the bud.

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