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  1. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Praying for Texas, but Georgia wins by 10 or more. 
  2. College Football Playoff

    And they ended up winning it all. ROLL TIDE!
  3. College Football Playoff

    I like the thought of a playoff expansion to 8 teams or even to 6 teams (with 1 and 2 getting a first round bye); however, these are student athletes. They don't get paid any extra, the more games they play, the bigger chance they have to screw up their draft chances with injuries, it adds even more practice time, road time, media time and game time to their already busy schedule IN ADDITION to their school work. I know the school work part might make some chuckle, but when I was in that situation (albeit not playing for a D1 school), my grades were important to me. I knew I would never go further than college. I needed my degree. The same applies to these student athletes, and it's way tougher on them than it was on me. I think it's easy for us fans to add games to the schedule, but we should probably step back and think about the harm with injuries and grades that may cause to the kids playing these games...
  4. Silsbee vs Giddings

    They will come crashing back down to earth by the time the game clock reads :00.
  5. Strength of Schedule for Texas Teams

    He said tonsil hockey...
  6. UCF

    I agree with everything you said. I’m not on the Notre Dame bandwagon either. I just wish we could watch him play A top 10 team, before making a decision. That’s not gonna happen. So I guess we’ll have to see how they do in the bowl game to know if we are right or wrong.Even then Without their quarterback, it won’t be a true picture.
  7. UCF

    I understand your point, and I don't totally disagree, but I can see where the committee would have a hard time putting them in the top 4 due to their weak schedule. Who was their big test? 24th ranked Cincy? What about a meager 1 point win over Memphis (who they play again this week)? Look, those guys can roll on offense. I get it. It's too bad they can't get a quality matchup before it's time to pick the rankings. With their QB out, it's almost a moot point. Let me ask you this. As far as putting in the best 4, would you pick an 11-2 Georgia (assuming a loss to Alabama this week), or would you put in a 12-0 UCF (assuming a win over Memphis this week)?
  8. Strength of Schedule for Texas Teams

    True. But I almost won the lottery the other day. Just a few numbers off... I'm at work today. Lol. I do think they will be in better shape moving forward though.
  9. Strength of Schedule for Texas Teams

    You know why this isn't worth deep discussion? Cuz neither have a chance to play for the title... We gotta get some Texas teams closer to the conversation!
  10. UCF

    They wouldn't have put them in anyway. Probably not deserving of a top 4 playoff spot either. They are an excellent team though. Still hoping for an 8 team playoff structure. That would allow a team like them to at least have a chance to prove themselves.
  11. Silsbee vs Giddings

    Thanks buddy, I was just being a smart @*&. Just trying to kick some dust...
  12. Silsbee vs Giddings

    So, I'm confused... Where is the game again?
  13. I posted in a thread earlier which got locked shortly thereafter, but it dealt with this same discussion: "Lumberton, LC-M, Bridge City, Hamshire Fannett (Include Huffman, if you wish) and other teams that don't consistently win will never consistently win. It's not because their coach sucks, or there kids "just aren't as big as kids on the other team" or because select baseball or band or because no one gives them a chance or BLAH BLAH BLAH and the sickening list goes on and on... The kids, the parents, the community, the fans, the school system - they are all complacent. Until that kid wakes up at 5:30 each morning and gets a run or a lifting workout in before school or goes to the gym on the weekends and eats a good diet to pack on some beneficial muscle mass and gets some other leaders from his team to force all the other kids to join him, then it will never work. Those kids need to be salesmen for the team. Talk it up with the band kids or soccer athletes or baseball players that don't play football and try to get them to play. Until the student athlete takes control of every aspect of his athletic ability and knowledge of his position, then it will never work. Until the parents quit bitching about the coaches' crappy decisions about who should start at QB, until they nudge their athlete at an early age to condition and stay active and athletic, until every parent of an athlete joins the booster club and actually does more than pay their once a year dues, until they are ALL IN on their town's football program, then it will never work. Until the community & fans backs the football program like they do at PN-G where season tickets are passed down from generation to generation, until every business owner has the school colors in their windows during football season, until the people who pass an athlete in a letter jacket at the grocery store and tell him "Good Luck" or "Go Bears", until Friday night stands are packed out with folks that don't even have a kid on the team, then it will never work. What does the school district need to provide? A coaching staff. I'm not knocking ANY of the coaches in our area. Quite frankly, I know several of them, and they are pretty good guys that feed their families by coaching high school sports. But if I have the means, and I want to win, I'm getting the best that's available. Not just from an X's and O's standpoint, but someone that can help turn a program around. Someone that can not only draw up plays and prepare for their opponents week to week, but someone that can help with the kids and the parents and the community issues above. How many coaches of what would be considered average schools in this area have had consistent 4 deep playoff runs? How many have been to state more than once (or ever)? ANY? More like none. Forget the pretty turf stadium (Lumberton, for instance) and spend that money on a coach. Until the school and the community are willing to pay, then it will never work. A very good friend of mine who has coached at a lot of schools coaches at WOS. He says the atmosphere there is much more different than you find at the "average" schools. Until the atmosphere changes and people quit being complacent, and until it makes each player AND parent AND fan AND school teacher/administrator AND anyone else in the community physically ill to lose, then it will never work. Winning is not just a goal, but an expectation. Anything less isn't good enough..."