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  1. Evadale - Alto

    We need a good week of practices, and some fire in their bellies.
  2. Evadale - Alto

    That should be a great game.
  3. Anyone have anything on Alto?  I see common opponents of Chireno and West Sabine, but otherwise don't know too much about them.
  4. Congrats to the Pirates!  Keep it rolling.
  5. Alto won, so we will have Alto next round.  If not mistaken, that is who bounced us last year in Zavalla.  I know they had several seniors last year - but sounds like they reloaded.
  6. Way to go 'Cats....keep that foot on the gas.
  7. Sorry, my T-Mobile Cricket phone didn't have no minutes.  We won 106-50.  Wanted to post.  
  8. Colmesneil - Evadale

    Ok, now you're just bragging!
  9. West Sabine vs Deweyville

    Think this will be a close game.  I'll be looking forward to the updates.  Could go either way, but I think WS will pull out the win 62-54.  Now, with all my basketball expertise and knowledge plus a $1.00 you can go buy coffee at McDonalds.
  10. Colmesneil - Evadale

        You know, one of the things I love about small schools is how connected everyone is.  Take for instance, our (Evadale) principal is a Colmesneil alumn - I think 82 or 83.  I graduated from Chester and Colmesneil was always our big rival.  If I'm not mistaken, WH fan1 is a Colmesneil graduate and member of their 86 state championship team.     Colmesneil just had a tragedy in their community.  My niece in Chester knew her and was tore up.  We had people go to the funeral.  The game is played on the court, but there is always a respect and relationships going on behind every game.  My son is playing against the kids of people I played against in HS.  Best of luck to all teams starting the playoffs tonight.
  11. Colmesneil - Evadale

    Whatever it takes to win.  Good luck to y'all tonight too.