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  1. Ouch....gonna pretend I didn’t see that update
  2. Opening Day!!!!!

    Somehow I knew you might comment.  That is a pretty good day too, just doesn’t hold the passion and glory of America’s pastime.  
  3. Opening Day!!!!!   The greatest day in all of sports.  My boys are out of school and no longer chasing the dream, but this time of year always get the nerves tingling.  It is someone’s senior year, and someone is coming off an injury with something to prove.  You have the rookie getting his first varsity start hoping to make an impact and the guy that has always been overlooked looking to turn heads.  The grass is mowed, the field chalked and striped, the mound is perfect.  The game cleats are shiny, and the batting gloves still have working Velcro.  Boys - enjoy every minute.  Parents - support ‘em and be there to watch.  This is it - it is here!  Opening day has arrived, and may 2019 be everything you hoped it would be.  Play Ball!!!!
  4. Evadale vs. Kirbyville

    Evadale has a lot of players still in basketball, but Coach Luna will get the most out of the players he has and will be competitive.
  5. Three great games this year between these two teams.  Best of luck to the Oilers in the playoffs.
  6. You ever think in 1986, in North Tyler County, we’d ever be saying that?
  7. Go Rebels!  Thank you too for the updates.
  8.     24-2A seed game tonight at Warren HS.  These two teams will share the district crown, but who will advance to play as the #1 seed, and who as the #2?       West Hardin came in to Rebel Gym and took game 1, after being behind all game.  The excitement in this game was accentuated by a late technical foul on the WH coach which serves to motivate his boys.             The Rebels took game 2 at the Oiler’s home gym, which was accentuated by disturbances in the seats.  I wasn’t there, but the thread from that game revealed people were asked to leave and law enforcement was called.     This game should prove to be exciting as each of the previous two games were close.  Knowing that these two teams are not very fond of each other will only add to the excitement.       I believe the #1 seed will get Zavala, and the #2 seed will get Dallardsville Big Sandy.  I am going to take the Rebels to squeak out the win 49-41.  In my opinion the starting 5, and bench for the Rebels will just be too much.  Now, i’m headed to my land to work and will check the thread tonight to see who wins.  Go Rebels.
  9. Tyler County S.O. on standby?  
  10. However, I would be VERY shocked if there was an upset tonight.
  11. No offense, and this may be the only time in my life I say it, but “Go Bobcats!”