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  1. Chester Homecoming

    I know everyone was on the edge of their seats, but the Yellowjackets pulled off the homecoming win this evening.  Was a great atmosphere tonight, and the parade was awesome this morning.  Left a lil early to get back down to the lowlands but I think the final was 45-40.
  2. Way to go Parker!!!!  Have fun, outwork everyone and do what you love!
  3. Sleeper teams

    Kelly Bulldogs
  4. Depends on how long a bus ride that is.   I mean if it’s anywhere close to 3 hours - it’ll be tough.
  5. Chester Homecoming

    Now, if you’re coming off the West end of the loop take a left - right by the phone transfer center.  I think the Sanchez Charter School out of Houston is coming to town; hope they don’t play dirty.
  6. Chester Homecoming

    I’m sorry - I said downtown Chester when actually Aubrey Bradley stadium sits just off the 2590 loop.  Anyway, just flag someone down and they’ll get you there.
  7. Chester Homecoming

    It’s homecoming week for the Yellowjackets in beautiful downtown Chester, Texas!  I believe the parade Saturday starts at 10, and the game will be at 5.  Aubrey Bradley Stadium will be rocking, and covered in purple and gold.  Better show up early if you want a seat.  Looking forward to a great game.
  8. Evadale 14 West Hardin 8/FINAL

    What’s the score?  Just got in from Chester and saw there was a big crowd.
  9. How ‘bout them Rebels!!!!  Man I read this thread as it developed and it was fun.  I’m all about school pride, and wish the Pirates best of luck the rest of the season.    Sure proud of those Rebels!
  10. Evadale 20 Deweyville 12/FINAL

    Nice win Rebs!!!  A lot of trash-talking and nay-sayers out there.  You just went out there, went to work and took care of things on the field - where it matters!  River Bowl stays put on the Neches and on FM 105.
  11. Cruel sir - cruel.  Oh well, it was sweet while it lasted.
  12. Saw on the scoreboard that the Yellowjackets tossed a shutout!  Way to go Chester!!!!
  13. Butch to be renamed... build a nice turfed baseball stadium out there on the property.
  14. Congratulations to Coach L!  He’ll do a fantastic job, and the boys will love playing for him.
  15. High Island HC Steps Down

    Best of luck in the future Coach.