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  1. A public plea to the SETX board

    I've enjoyed following the forums. Best of luck to all.  Time to log-off and I guess attempt to concentrate on grown-up stuff.  May the site have continued growth.  So long from Chester86 aka Tim Bean.
  2. Let me say I despise the UIL pitch-count.  We had that game 1-0, and with 2 outs in the 7th had to change pitchers because of a stupid rule.  That arbitrary number caused a complete stop in momentum, caused a new pitcher to come in and changed that game.  Now, do not read me wrong - our sophomore that came in is a great young man who does a phenomenal job.  He is a very good pitcher so please don't misconstrue that I am saying the loss is attributable to him.  You win as a team - you lose as a team.  This loss stings because I know we win if we allow our starter to get that final out.  He was cruising, and held them scoreless for 6 2/3rd's.
  3. Evadale vs Thorndale

    Haven't talked to the coach specifically - but I'm guessing we're staying with our regular rotation.  Daniel - game 1 / Parker - game 2, and Alex & Tyler in relief and on stand-by for game 3.  But you never know - Coach Williams could always throw a curve and switch things up.
  4. Evadale vs Thorndale

    This just in.......... Stand by - we have breaking news........ "Yes, I am being told it IS officially game day for the Evadale Rebels. You are going to want to stay tuned to this site, as SETX Sports will have exclusive updates as they develop."  
  5. Evadale vs Thorndale

    1 night and GAME DAY tomorrow!  Let's go Rebs!!!
  6. Evadale vs Thorndale

    2 nights and a wake-up!  Let's go Rebs!!!!!
  7. Evadale vs Thorndale

    Great news, if you will be unable to attend, but you would like to listen to the games, the series will be broadcast.  You can listen on: Click on listen live in the top left corner, and click on Listen Live in the middle of the next menu.   Looking forward to a great series in a beautiful venue.  Let's go Rebs!!!!!
  8. Evadale vs Thorndale

    Found this interesting from the THSB pre-season forecasts: Region IV Top 10 2A Teams 1. Weimar – 9 starters return from a 16-8 Area Finalist Team 2. Refugio – 6 starters return from 26-3 Regional Semi-Finalist Team 3. Thorndale – 8 players return from a 22-8-1 Regional Quarter-Finalist Team 4. Evadale – 6 Players return from 19-6 Area Finalist Team 5. Center Point – 8 players return from 19-7 Regional Quarter-Finalist Team 6. Charlotte – 7 players return from 21-5 Area Finalist Team 7. Flatonia – 5 players return from 29-6 State Champion Team 8. Big Sandy – 4 Starters return from a 28-7-1 Regional Finalist Team 9. Burton – 8 teams return from 13-11 Bi-District Finalist Team 10. Harper – 5 starters return from 17-8-1 Area Finalist team.   Into the Regional Quarter-Final Round, there are eight (8) teams remaining.  THSB did a pretty good job on their pre-season predictions: Refugio - #1 (THSBCA) / #2 (THSB) Thorndale - #3 (THSB) Big Sandy - #4 (THSBCA) / #6 (THSB) Evadale - #14 (THSB) Center Point Flatonia The only two (2) not predicted, but still in it were: Mason Ozona
  9. Evadale vs Thorndale

    3 nights and a wake-up before game day!!!!  Let's go Rebs!  
  10. Evadale vs Thorndale

    Taking it back to the last time Evadale played Thorndale:   Great picture of Coach Williams back in 2010 in there.
  11. Evadale vs Thorndale

    4 nights and a wake-up to game day!  Let's go Rebs!!!!
  12. Evadale vs Thorndale

    In no way do you have to answer, just curious why you have Thorndale?  Do you have some knowledge about their team that leads you to believe they have it?  Again, just curious about the pick. The boys are playing well, and relish the underdog status.  I know they're going to put the work in this week, and Coach Williams & Luna will have them ready.
  13. The Evadale Rebels will take on the  Thorndale Bulldogs in the regional quarter-final round.  Thorndale is the district 27-2A champion, and was ranked 3rd in the last THSB poll.  There are no common opponents.  All three games will be at Reckling Park on the campus of Rice University.  Game 1 will be Friday at 7:30 PM, game 2 on Saturday at 3.  Game 3 (if needed) will follow 30 minutes after the conclusion of game 2.  Go Rebs!!!!