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  1. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Bob Knight coming out of retirement?
  2. Big Sandy HC open

    Best of luck to Jacob and his family.  He gave everything he had to Dallardsville and I am sure he will be greatly missed in that community and the entire SETX Sports community.
  3. 2020 Season

    Well the last team in the area is through with the season.  For you “seniors”, and those guys interested in winning a state title - the 2020 season starts today.  Your four years in high school will fly by, and chasing a state ‘ship with your city team beats anything out there. Put in the work when no one is looking and start preparing now.  If this were football they’d be asking who has the best chance to win next year.  There would be five page discussions on who the new #1 pitcher (QB) would be for your team.

    Where’s he coming from?  
  5. UIL Baseball State Tournament

    D’hanis wins boys 1A baseball and girls 1A softball in the same year.  That is a pretty neat accomplishment.
  6. Congratulations to a great coaching staff and a great group of young men.  
  7. D'Hanis 9 Chireno 7/FINAL

    Dingleberrys would have really popped.
  8. D'Hanis 9 Chireno 7/FINAL

    Talk about crazy mascots - what is D’hanis?  I am thinking something completely inappropriate, so I won’t say it.  But losing on a bad call to D’hanis (H is silent) would be very stinky.
  9. Anahuac hires new HC!

    I’m sure he’ll be able to land another HC job soon, there are always plenty of them open.
  10. Confirmed but still crazy.  Hope he is very successful, and can lead the ‘Jackets in to a prosperous era.
  11. Anahuac hires new HC!

    Congrats coach!  Anahuac got a good one.
  12. Thanks for the update.  Keep ‘em coming!  Go Wildcats!