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  1. Not sure of the scores, or who all they played but saw where the Evadale Rebels won the tourney.  Way to go boys!
  2. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Just curious, has anyone ran this matchup on that computer program?  I can’t remember what the site was, but someone had ran them against everyone in their region and the scores were pretty close.
  3. Question

    Thanks for the clarification.  
  4. Question

    Without reading 34 pages of ‘Stangs v Tigers where it is probably explained, can someone give me the short answer why 2 teams from SE Texas are traveling to the Houston area to play the regional finals?  Lamar / BISD Veterans field, hell even McNeese are great options but they take a game that would be fun to watch and take it 2 + hours away.  I could understand if they were playing at NRG or Kyle Field.  No dog in the fight - just curious.  Not trying to stir the pot or enrage the fan bases, just a quick question.
  5. Muenster 56 Evadale 0/FINAL

    Heck of a season boys.  As in all small towns, time to start dribbling and getting ready for the diamond.  Represented the town well, we’re thankful for all the work and effort you put in this year.
  6. Muenster 56 Evadale 0/FINAL

    Score?  Broadcast is very distorted.
  7. Muenster 56 Evadale 0/FINAL

    Let’s go Rebs!!!
  8. Evadale 42 Clarksville 28/FINAL

    Way to go Rebs!!!!
  9. Evadale vs. Clarksville 

    Stay focused today Rebs!  You can do this.
  10. *NEED THESE SCORES, Nov. 19*

    Ouch!  Hang in there ‘Jackets....keep fighting.
  11. Evadale vs. Clarksville 

    Let’s go Rebs!!!!
  12. Frost 15 Evadale 36/FINAL

    Keep it going Rebs!!!
  13. Frost 15 Evadale 36/FINAL

    Get after ‘em Rebels!
  14. They play in a home-school / small school league out of Louisiana (or at least they used to).  It has schools from Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi, and involves a lot of travel.  They will have kids playing from 6th to 12th grade.  I know they won their leagues championship in baseball in 2012.  I believe the league is called ACEL.
  15. *****Official Election Day Results Thread*****

    Hates cops (wonder why) and wants open are correct sir.