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  1. 03/31 25-2A Action

    High Island and Evadale have moved the start time up to 4:30 at beautiful Rebel Diamond.
  2. He had it as Central 11 Memorial 5.
  3. Saw Ashly Elam posted there was some controversy in the game.  Apparently the Central pitcher threw 124-ish pitches.  This is well over the 110 (max).  I doubt he started a batter and 109 and had a 15-pitch AB.  Game under protest by PA Memorial.  Anyone there able to provide more detail?
  4. Dallardsville Big Sandy 12 Chester 2/FINAL

    Coach Young put it to his alma mater.  Ouch.....i'll have to talk to him about that.
  5. Saturday Evadale travels to Central Heights for a non-district matchup against them.  The game will start at 1.
  6. 03/31 25-2A Action

    Friday, March 31 Spurger @ Big Sandy - 4 Deweyville @ Hull - 4 West Hardin @ Sabine Pass - 6 High Island @ Evadale - 6   Saturday, April 1 Evadale at Central Heights at 1 in non-district action.   This will close out the first half of district.  The race looks to be tight for the 3&4 positions.  Spurger looks to be in the driver's seat for the top-seed on the 1-A side.  
  7. 03/27 - 25-2A Action

    Hull 5 Spurger 4 Big Sandy 14 WH 1 Evadale 17 D'ville 2 SP 20 HI 6
  8. Evadale 17 Deweyville 2/FINAL

    Thanks, same to y'all.  Best of luck the rest of the season.
  9. 03/27 - 25-2A Action

    Game day baby!!!!  Let's go Rebs!!!
  10.     Ok, not sure which home-school families you talked to or have been around; but we never did it to "shelter" them from anyone.  We did it because that is what we felt called to do.  It was not done to keep them from people.  We had our boys involved in everything under the sun.  People need to know there are options out there.  There is public education, private schools, co-ops, and home school.  There might be other options too.  Our son wanted to play sports so we made the decision to put them in school.       Okay, say your son likes baseball and you home-school.  You have the option of the Northside Falcons out of Montgomery, Texas.  That is probably the most note-worthy option.  You could go to Good Samaritan Fellowship (GSF) out of Fred, Tx.  Both would allow you to play for a team.  However, the travel associated with both of those teams is going to be a lot.  Northside plays all over, and the home-school World Series is in Florida.  GSF plays in ACEL, which is based out of Baton Rouge, La.  While you'll get some home games you will be traveling all over Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.  Or, if this bill passed you could play in the community you live in.       That ability to play where you live and pay taxes is the draw for some of the HS parents fighting for this.  The majority of HS parents that I know do not want it.  This allows the state and federal governments into their curriculum.  HS parents enjoy the freedom to pick their own curriculum.  My wife would spend weeks researching and reading trying to tailor specifics to each boy.  Believe what you will, but this decision is very personal for each family.  
  11. Monday, March 27 Hull @ Spurger - 4 Big Sandy @ West Hardin - 4 Evadale @ Deweyville - 6 Sabine Pass @ High Island - 4  
  12.     We home-schooled all three of our boys.  My wife felt very passionately about this, prayed and really believed that she was called by God to do it.  My oldest is musically inclined, my middle one athletically gifted and my youngest is a jokester.       My middle one has played little league, travel ball and was even selected to play overseas.  He has played STJFL for football and Upwards for basketball.  We joined a home-school organization that played in a home-school co-op between Texas and Louisiana.  This group had Varsity athletics and we traveled all over his 7th and 8th grade years, winning a state championship his 8th grade year.     This traveling was financially tough.  We paid school taxes for something that we never used.  We made a family decision, based on input from all including our now high-school age boys.   The decision was made to put them into school.     My oldest is now a police officer in Beaumont.  He survived cancer at 18, and has gone on multiple mission trips to Peru.  My middle one has been all-district in all three sports, all region in basketball, and Bmt Super-Gold in baseball.  He has several offers to ply at the next level.  My youngest is always involved in everything.     I say all of that to show that the old stereotype of the nerdy, shy and awkward home-schooler is not always accurate.  It is just that - a pre-judged (prejudice) that is not always accurate.  People make that decision for a variety of reasons.  Home-school is often a very well-rounded and solid foundation of education.  It develops free-thinking individuals, not children that are cookie-cutter lemmings.     Had we made the decision to continue, there are different avenues to explore for athletics.  Most of them are geared toward individualism (swimming, track, etc.).  There are team-sport opportunities available, and they are growing.       I personally think the government is in my business too much. Had we continued to home-school I would be against this.  We made a decision and it has worked out for our family.  I applaud those that continue to home school, it is a valid and worthwhile educational opportunity.
  13. Evadale 16 Hull-Daisetta 0/FINAL

    Way to go Lady Rebels.  Savannah continues to pitch exceedingly well.  Keep it rolling ladies.
  14. Evadale 18 Hull-Daisetta 0/FINAL

    Parker Moye pitched a no-hitter tonight.  Great job by the lefty, who has had a strong year so far.  I believe it was 12 K's on the night.