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  1. Playoffs

        My boys played everything, and we were always lucky enough to make the playoffs in everything - every year.  My question is, what playoffs do you look most forward to?       Football was fun because it was getting cooler.  There is always a ton of community support, but i’d say football playoffs were on the bottom of my list.     Basketball was exciting.  It’s fast-paced, and fun to watch.  Basketball was always big in Evadale, and I still remember our playoff games when I played at Chester.  Fun - yes, but still not my favorite.     America’s pastime is baseball.  My boy played baseball year-round, and he was in tourneys during both the sports listed above.  When you make the playoffs in football and basketball the venues are not that exciting.  Baseball though was another story.  You get the playoff series, not just one game.  We always played in great venues, and in my opinion - baseball playoffs are the best!!     Well, there ya go.  What are your thoughts?  Playoffs are here before you know it.  If you still have kids playing - ENJOY IT!  That time of your life, and that season is one that flies by.  Best of luck to all our teams battling for playoff spots.
  2. Quiet

    I don’t understand it.  My boys are through playing.  You have them for a season - keep us updated.  This is the most important sport out there, and America’s pastime. I enjoy reading box-scores, great pitching performances and hearing about game winning walk-off’s.  Just don’t understand why there is not more “bragging”.  Some schools are only relevant in baseball, so you think there would be more school spirit.  To each his own though.
  3. Quiet

    Game postponed.  New schedule is Thursday in Evadale.  Come early and eat at Chuck’s (The Good Smell In Evadale), stop at the Evadale Mall (DGS) and get some ‘skeeter spray and then catch the game.  Then Friday you can head toward downtown Dallardsville and catch that game.
  4. Quiet

    The big Evadale / Big Sandy rivalry is this week.  Monday in Evadale and Friday in downtown Dallardsville.  These are always competitive games with LOTS of community support.  Both have had successful district campaigns thus far.  If you’re bored and want to see two teams lay it all out on the line this would be a great series to catch.
  5. Way to go Rebels, and how about Parker Moye swinging the hot stick.  Stay hungry Rebs!
  6. Bridge City 5 Evadale 3/FINAL

    This time of year you are happy to see competitive games.  This sounds like it was a good one.  Baseball on a Saturday is never a bad thing.
  7. Evadale 16 High Island 1/FINAL

    Let’s go Rebs!
  8. Spurger 12 West Hardin 2/FINAL

    Wow, the Pirates pulling a big early district win.  
  9. Evadale 20 Hull-Daisetta 0/FINAL

    Let’s go Rebels!!!!  
  10. The epitome of class; best of luck Buccaneers!
  11. Tenaha 89 Evadale 56/FINAL

    Great season Rebels and thanks to the seniors.  
  12. Tenaha 89 Evadale 56/FINAL

    Anyone have a score or update?
  13. Great season Hawks - and do I still get the nod on the pick’ems because Yates didn’t meet the spread?