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1 hour ago, bullets13 said:

seems like a good idea to me.  I've always thought it strange that different series could be played under different rules based solely on a coinflip.  

Only problem is if you are going to have all the playoff games be best of three, then the state semifinal and finals should be that way. But that's not going to be the case.

Make it universal throughout.

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At the very least it would keep one team from changing the round based on their situation/strength. It can be one win or two wins to move on but let it be the same for everyone.

Every year we know a team that might have one dominant pitcher but no depth. Other teams might have a great pitching rotation but almost no team can beat that one dominant pitcher.

 Which is the better team? That is debatable but it won’t allow one team to basically change the rules by a coin flip from round to round to benefit their strength.

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This is very interesting. Many call baseball the "series" sport and feel it should be that way at all levels and should have been instituted years ago. Many districts have moved to same opponent in a week to make it more "series like." The state tournament is likely never changing, but a 3 game series to decide it all could be fun if it were ever to do so.  Only would add 1 week to the playoffs. 

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I think it is good for the sport over all. It's a team sport, so I think the squad with the depth should have an advantage. That advantage is 3 games. Kids are already on a pitch count so it forces coaches to manage the bull pens and the rosters as a whole. mostly positives here. I hope they do it in softball as well.

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