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Texas City (28) @ Port Neches-Groves (35) - FINAL


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14 minutes ago, biaplayer said:

Got to fix the turnovers, qb making bad decisions early, special teams fumbling the Ball on a punt he didn't have to catch on their 25 yardline. We've got to play smarter football, clean up all these turnovers period. Didn't help that we were missing out 2 starting linebackers but the next in lines balled out. I think overall defense played fairly well flying to the ball. The deep pass for their last td was partly due to our safety getting ejected for what I thought was one hell of a clean hard hit. I disagreed with the call but hey that's the way it goes. We should have blown Texas City out of the stadium but allowed them to hang around. I expect to see a bigger offensive output next week. With less turnovers. As for Shea we can't expect him to come in and run 50 yard tds on 4th and 1 every time he takes a snap lol. I know the starting qb makes mistakes , but if he stays in the pocket he is a great passer, it the rolling out where his mistakes are made. He's taken some big licks and doesn't like contact , we all see this but he does make great plays that outweigh the bad ones. In the end these are all high school kids and we have to remember that. I think our biggest challenge here on out to post season will be Dayton they seem to be much improved and playing like the Dayton of old. Ready for next Friday man was the weather perfect for Friday night football or what.

So, no sunburn right?  Just joking Bia

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