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On 5/23/2020 at 7:50 PM, SmashMouth said:

Store bought or homemade...what you got? Bout to start hunting them at night under corn feeders, but I wouldn’t mind a good attractant. My brother likes to sour corn, but I’d Like to hear y’all’s ideas. 

Homemade = corn,  black sunflower seeds, cherry kool aid mix.

i tried that for the deer and it worked really well but it also brought in the hogs which I normally don’t get due to my dogs.  

Im sure any flavor of kool aid would work for hogs.

I don’t use it anymore for that reason. They do too much damage if I want a hog I go to the lease.

im surrounded by deer lease on east west and north with a 75 Raw acre plot to my south.


I ve heard sour cream works as well, never tried it though 




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1 hour ago, LumRaiderFan said:

Soured corn, hard to beat.

Pour corn in a bucket, pour in water over corn, let sit a week or so, good to go.

Do not store in the

Yep. I’ve done the soured corn, and it works fairly well.  I’m trying a new thing. Instead of plain water, pour a 2 liter of some syrupy sweet cheap soda (like strawberry or cherry) and throw in a pack of strawberry gelatin mix (helps the flavor stick to the corn) and even some kool-aid mix in the bucket of corn. I’ll let y’all  know how it comes out. 

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