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  1. Well not anyone's game ...out of region 3&4 there is about 5-6 teams it’s out of imo.
  2. Not sure if the Stangs are ready...next year and the year after though!!!
  3. I agree Silsbee could make some extra cash in playoffs due to location...WOS probably won’t because of the same reason,it would take like maybe Deweyville and Sabine Pass to play.
  4. No,they just build bridge out of dirt to cross...at least that’s how it happened here.
  5. Why didn’t you put your prediction up...maybe because you thought the same I did??lol
  6. Mannnn I was way wrong...happy for the raiders,a little positivity before the playoffs is awesome!!
  7. I usually make most of the games...today wasn’t one of them days and they sure kept me up on the game the entire time!!Great Job Guys
  8. A few teams from district 12 I think can ...and we don’t know if anybody can beat anybody until they play,but imo WOS can and will win region
  9. Most likely won’t need too...Silsbee will be out already imo
  10. WOS has started slow in probably every game this year....I expect a whole different game in the second half.
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