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  1. They stalled with 3-4 minutes left in 4th and the first 3 ot...game was tied every time.The 4th ot started with a tech on the HF jumper(not sure why)and both free throws were made,so they were down at this point and couldn’t do it again.
  2. Thanks for the explanation,I had no idea and now it does at least make sense.
  3. HF ended the 4th stalling and all 3 ots stalling...going to 4th ot
  4. I’m no basketball gooroo for sure but man going to the third ot due to stall ball is pretty nuts...Can someone explain why we don’t teach/preach for our youngsters to play the game?
  5. Talk about get the chills....dang that was awesome!!
  6. Just found out the backup is a freshman...big big stage for him,unless he’s a Tom Brady you’re right!
  7. ive seen both and I believe Duncanville is 2-3 td better...hope I’m wrong though
  8. I “was”in the thick of things...will you post ytd GRAD
  9. 24-5 kinda speaks for itself...just can’t get it done in the playoffs evidently!
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