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  1. First victory over Jasper in 42 years! Congrats to LC-M on their big victory!
  2. Putting names on back of jerseys cost schools a lot of money and schools cannot afford to do so. I know most student-athletes pay fees for athletics and all that though.
  3. Since Texas and OU are leaving Big 12 for SEC, some schools like Kansas and Iowa State wanting to join Big 10 and OK State and Kansas State are bolting for like ACC or Pac-12, I read an article in Texas Monthly on a new Conference consisting of all Texas schools in FBS. It could be the new Southwest Conference. I am posting link to article and tell your thoughts on that. Here is the link: The Texas Conference: A Plan to Save College Football in Our State (
  4. West Brook became the Astros in Games 6 and 7 of the World Series! They completely chocked the game! Hinch should have never pulled Grineke out. If he were to do so, Hinch would have replaced him with Cole in Game 7 but he completely chickened out! No excuse when teams like West Brook and the Astros lose when they were capable of winning the game!
  5. Congrats to Kirbyville on their first win of the season!
  6. I predict that Vidor will win their final two games and it won't be very easy! They never went down without a fight!
  7. This is what happens! Penalties cost teams games! If Vidor could learn not to do things that penalizes them, games would have been won! Maybe next week, they will turn their setback into a comeback! They better win out!
  8. I am not pretty much interested in food that much but however, I'd like to enjoy the local favorites and stuff!
  9. If I were to become involved in that brawl, I would be dead on the spot! Other that that, If I were the coach/Principal/Supt., I would suspend the players involved with this massive incident. This is so uncalled for! Sports are to teach people values and skills like working together as a team and good sportsmanship! Playing football and other sports are considered privileges! By putting on that uniform, you are representing your school, the community, the State, and the United States of America! It is time for everyone to be held responsible for what they do on and off the field!
  10. They played one heckuva game though! Next week during practice, they will learn from their mistakes! It is the first game though! Non-District doesn't really matter during this time!
  11. "Twas the night before the first day of high school football two a days in the State of Texas and all through the State. Not even a cleat was running on the field nor a weight was lifted. The players all resting in their beds with their water/Gatorade bottles on their night stands and dreaming that in December would go to the Texas State High School Football Championship Game. The coaches on the other hand have settled spending the final night of their freedom realizing their would be little time to lay back and relax maybe until December. Oh, well, best wishes to all of the high school footba
  12. If they do, Crosby could be hosting their own first-round playoff games if they were to make the postseason!
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