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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. it is north of Many on Hwy 171, The Wolverines, green & white, La. 3A school.
  2. I'll take the Pirates, Coach Prouse will have them ready.
  3. Deweyville will scrimmage East Chambers HS Thursday the 24th.
  4. It has already been stated that Montana will NEVER go without Montana State. That is the reason Montana didnt go earlier.
  5. Coach Martin calls the plays on offense, always has, always will...
  6. Not so fast on McNeese going anyplace. People in Lake Charles are VERY frustrated with the Athletic leadership there...alot of the same posts here about athletic leadership are being stated over there.
  7. According to ESPN Idaho, New Mexico St, App St, & Ga Southern join the Sun Belt in 2014.
  8. Kids and unfortunately their parents are GENERALLY not educated about supplements. Many times the kids ( parents $$) wind up buying items that they don't need and spend in excess...these supplements aren't cheap. If the athlete would just follow a sound meal plan, it would eliminate the need for the costly supplements.
  9. Creatine is NOT banned at either the high school or college level. It is Illegal for the coach to provide it to the athlete, but the athlete is certainly free to purchase it on their own & use it.
  10. You can go to NCAA.ORG, click Health & Safety, then scroll down & you'll find the NCAA Banned Substances List. The NFL pretty much rubber stamps this list. Hope that helps.
  11. McNeese St. University Signees Grant Ashcraft • Quarterback • 6-6 • 200 • Humble, Texas • Atascocita HS Bodhi Bell • Wide Receiver • 6-2 • 190 • Montgomery, Texas • Montgomery HS
  12. I know where Foreman's at, but anybody know where the other 2 are from?
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