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  1. Titans done did it ....Let's get it Tigers,get that repeat!!!bring it back to SETX 
  2. Played in Liberty...WOS 10-6
  3. Blake Robinson Sr.  WOS 1
  4. Is he out or reassigned
  5. Craig has a full plate for sue...AD,hc for fb and bb...that's a lot for a person.
  6. So what did Bennett do or not do...Is he job huntin?
  7. Always good listening to Mr Stelly...what a nail biter.Great job Stangs !
  8. Jasper Tournament 22-24

    They chose to follow their schedule maybe?and play in the kountze tournament
  9. Worst facilities in the area?

    WOS stadium will never change...the field is wayyyy better than Silsbee,ask anybody who has played on them....upgrades are due though,imo 
  10. Injuries

    Stinky situation...hopefully he rebounds from it and is ok to go!
  11. These freshmen...went to ot both games this year...LCM got the first and WOS the second....exciting group for sure!!
  12. Injuries

    WOW that is terrible...hope he is good,who is it...grade,etc