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  1. Jasper Week 1 Tournament

    They who?You mean football I guess 
  2. Jasper Week 1 Tournament

    I’m wondering the same...showing 80-90%tomorrow.Will they play in the rain?
  3. Bridge City 56 WO-S 69/FINAL

    69-56 WOS is what I heard  Dunk-o-meter—2-0 T.Brown with both 
  4. From what I’ve seen you’re right depth will hurt the rest of the way.Not sure if the one starter I was referring to just missed last night or he quit,there has been a “few” quit.
  5. WOS was missing a starter as well...and a few non starters,only had 8 suited up
  6. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Enough football forum for me...see y’all when baseball kicks off  Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  7. West Orange Stark Next Year

    We’re hosting the certa bearden again and I think LCM is in
  8. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Basketball I believe we will win,softball is no question y’all win...baseball should be fun we may split,I think we gonna be decent 
  9. West Orange Stark Next Year

    And I am definitely a T supporter,and the program will probably drop a notch when he retires...but we better NOT lose to LCM or BC!
  10. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Haha at least y’all got something to look forward too 
  11. Now I’m hearing some quit,sounds like a mess!  
  12. Outta gas,I’m not there but why do we only have 7 players?
  13. Pretty sure WOS lost to LaGrange