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  1. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    I believe WOS matches up better with the Texans than Cuero...I was worried about Cuero all season....I think the Stangs will get it done by 10 points!!
  2. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Traffic is terrible already!
  3. Home from what I've seen
  4. They not getting 17 peeps...maybe 7
  5. Fun Tool to predict scores

    You can put same team with different years also,see how this year compares to previous.
  6. Fun Tool to predict scores

    Pretty cool....I plugged in every team I could think of that WOS could face the rest of the way,and we win them all...we'll see

    4A is done
  8. Tigers---44 Riders---13
  9. West Orange Stark vs Orangefield

    Coach will keep it as respectable as possible but what was the score last year....he can only do so much....js
  10. Blown out by Sweeney tonight
  11. People on different web sites are saying they seen the video....must be one
  12. Where is the video?
  13. West Orange Stark vs Liberty

    You saying win it all as in ALL or you saying district
  14. WOS hiking

    That may have had something to do with it against kennedale but it wasn't the case against hj 
  15. Imo the coaches should not have been happy with any game except maybe bc only cuz it was the first one and rust is expected...they haven't gotten any better as a team since