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  1. Espn piece on Sante Fe Baseball

    Looks like he’s been at Santa Fe since 98
  2. Espn piece on Sante Fe Baseball

    I knew his name looked familiar,he was at WOS but not sure the years,I graduated in 99 and remember him...
  3. WOS open??

    It is open....
  4. He didn’t build the program,just had amazing talent come through...
  5. Well what’s coming for WOS baseball?Very young team this year is correct,that doesn’t mean they will be bad forever,this freshman class has talent as does the 8th graders.As far as Landry goes he probably left at the right time simply because his record would have gotten a little tarnished this year,I’m here to tell you this though...the man had a loaded team every year he was the head,so who knows if he could have coached up these youngsters or not!!
  6. Titans done did it ....Let's get it Tigers,get that repeat!!!bring it back to SETX 
  7. Played in Liberty...WOS 10-6
  8. Blake Robinson Sr.  WOS 1
  9. Is he out or reassigned
  10. Craig has a full plate for sue...AD,hc for fb and bb...that's a lot for a person.
  11. So what did Bennett do or not do...Is he job huntin?
  12. Always good listening to Mr Stelly...what a nail biter.Great job Stangs !
  13. Jasper Tournament 22-24

    They chose to follow their schedule maybe?and play in the kountze tournament