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  1. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Second is Ok!!! Maybe
  2. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Goodnight mighty mouth once again,smh...don't jack with the stat king,you should know better.lmao
  3. LCM gets a new video board

    That was low,I wish we could be the first to light it up though....lol
  4. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Nah....I've learned long ago just gotta let him go,it is laughable that he can't leave WOS out of his mouth though.(closet mustang)lmao
  5. New WOS Coach

  6. New WOS Coach

    Grad any info on this?Not much being said around town..
  7. Jasper 2018

    Why don't you go round up some folks and high tail it to the board meeting and get him outta there...WOS would LOVE to have him back!Some people just don't realize what they have.I personally don't care about any stats he has or doesn't have...the guy can coach...period
  8. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    WOS will be young...
  9. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    I'm hoping that happens!!
  10. Welcome to BC Coach

    As I stated above the incoming freshman class should be pretty good in a few years,but yeah WOS will be young next year for sure.We will have a Mr Dallas there though.
  11. Who is number 1 in 4A d2
  12. Welcome to BC Coach

    Yeah...been hearing this for a few weeks.My boy has been looking forward to playing for him for a while,and will miss it by one year.Nothing but the best for coach,and I hope WOS makes a good hire.This incoming freshman class is pretty good,but probably won't be able to compete with BC until maybe their Jr.year...
  13. One of you gurus tell us when the last baseball championship came to SETX...
  14. Very determined and deserving team....congrats fellas,total team effort