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  1. Pleasant surprise bears....now keep it going
  2. I will take my crow in a gumbo please,I thought png would step up in a big game....it seems to have the making of a good one now though
  3. If anyone hears passing stats please post
  4. Newton and WOS...well technically WOS cuz they play a day later...
  5. PAM vs PNG

    PNG bout to put on a clinic....hope I can make it!
  6. Way down the road,but the 3,4,5 rounds of the playoffs will have a lot more excitement...gonna be a fun year!
  7. KOGT 1600am and KOGT.comĀ 
  8. Sounds like both teams had explosive plays and both struggled at times,I pick silsbee to win that district...they will get it all together.
  9. Silsbee defense is having a good game sounds like
  10. No they are not the same or even close really,but they are young
  11. Sounds like I'm missing a good one
  12. West Orange Stark vs Silsbee

    21 points or more is what I have always called a blowout
  13. West Orange Stark vs Silsbee

    This game imo will let both teams know where they stand...good or bad they will be able to know what needs to happen!
  14. West Orange Stark vs Silsbee

    You mean we don't have to just show and leave....you know WOS will show up to play!!
  15. West Orange Stark vs Silsbee

    Take a breath somewhere geez....or use some kinda punctuation!