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  1. Cuero vs. Navarro

    You will see RJ throwing the pigskin around to Whittington next few years,he’s leaving Cuero early to hit up the spring training!!  
  2. For those who don’t know much about Cuero,they have a high powered offense that can score from anywhere on the field...with what I think they call the #1 athlete in the state.But I don’t think they have been punched in the mouth at all,Navarro might decide to do that tomorrow and this post will be a waste...
  3. A game can’t be rescheduled unless both sides agree,they didn’t want to play tomorrow and for good reason!  
  4. Go win the thang Tigers!!!!!
  5. Congrats tigers y’all deserve it...hopefully y’all can pull off a shootout next week 
  6. QB play has been iffy all year 
  7. Probably gonna do it right there
  8. We need to get the momentum and hang on to it AND THE BALL
  9. These 2 are way better than the first meeting,a shame it can’t be displayed...oh well football is all about adjustments,we’ll see
  10. Yes he is,he reminds of a certain player that graduated a few years back
  11. 5 fumbles so far wow
  12. I guess we know we gonna have to play defense 
  13. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Doesn’t really matter the game will be played tonight...and afterwards it will be talked about I’m sure of who did or didn’t do what.
  14. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    It is not incorrect