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  1. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Ashly Elam‏ @AshlyElamSports 7m7 minutes ago No decision has been made on the possible use of an ineligible player by Bridge City's baseball team during a portion of district play. Another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
  2. Congratulations,  Coach Johnston!
  3. Meshach Sullivan‏ @Its_Meshach 1m1 minute ago Drew Johnston has been promoted to the head football coach and athletic director of Newton High School.
  4. Happy........But Not For All

    You're choice. ANNOUNCEMENT:  This forum is in need of new liberal voice,
  5. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Andy, only because that one provided a much needed comedic break, you get a pass. LOL!  
  6. Happy........But Not For All

    I think I told you earlier to stop.......I won't ask again!
  7. Ashly just posted that there is rumor that Newton will name their new AD/HFC today!
  8. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    See?  This is what I meant earlier about speculation of who reported alleged infractions to the UIL.  Since I called for the quelling of speculation, 3 differing posters have set out 3 different parties as the reporting policy and all swearing on their grandmother's graves that they knew that the info that they had was the absolute story, one going so far as to tell me that his version was not speculation but rather "fact."  Such disparity leads me to believe that many who are proffering such theories here have absolutely no clue as to the real story is.  This is especially maddening as KF89 has indicated earlier, who reported it has little relevance here. I tried to do this the easy way....now comes the hard way.  There will be no more speculation as the to the source of reports of the alleged infractions against the BC baseball team. Period.  
  9. Tune in tonight to KFDM Sunday Sports Extra at KFDM's Heather Healy takes you around the World of Sports in 15 minutes! Joining Heather tonight on the set will be West Brook Head Baseball Coach Jacob Walton and the West Brook Bruins to discuss the remainder of the 21-6A baseball race! So tune in to KFDM Sunday Sports Extra by tuning to KFDM Channel 6 or logging on to KFDM.com!
  10. Nederland Bond

    Just a reminder, early voting begins, tomorrow the 22nd and continues through Tuesday, April 30th at Nederland City Hall, 207 N. 12th St., Nederland.  The voting times are as follows: Monday, April 22: 8a-5p Tuesday, April 23, 7a-7p Wednesday, April 24, 8a-5p Thursday, April 25, 8a-5p Friday, April 26, 8a-5p Monday, April 29, 8a-5p Tuesday, April 30, 7a-7p
  11. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Let's quell the speculation on "who" reported it until after the meeting as all will become apparent then.
  12. He is Risen - Happy Easter Everyone

    A Happy Easter to all!  
  13. Nederland Bond

    If this is chronic problem, I am sure the Nederland PD has been contacted and patrol officers have been instructed to be on alert for the problem.