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  1. That's the problem.  Broaddusisd.com does not have an athletics page.  I even did a search on it for the athletics department and a more specific one for basketball and came up empty.  I preferred their old site.
  2. I have a question about the rankings. Is there ten people that vote? I'm seeing where Diboll got 15 votes and others 7 or 13. Just courious as to how it works. Thanks,  Melvin. 

  3. YTD Results: Volleyball - 241 pdawg119 - 239 MrUmp1 - 238 One4All - 238 no-look - 237 WestHardinfan1 - 236 lp4life - 235 oldschool2 - 235 AggiesAreWe - 232 EAGLEFOEVER - 224 aTmfan06 - 217 Lightning/Eagle - 216 #COUGAR08 - 210 workbootz - 208 oldbuc77 - 197 CH96 - 193 prepballfan - 174 Octfeb - 148 easttexiasbias - 132 Coach.Shu - 131 TradenupBH - 125 WOSFAN99 - 74 DHSPiratesBaseball - 68 bradyb - 64 thaghost - 52 Huperikomen - 44 eagleswoodville#1 - 38 Pepper Brooks - 37 dme111 - 33 indianforever - 28 bobkat - 21 Raiders94 - 21 buchorn2005 - 20 png9mon - 20 D3zii - 18 DP#1FAN - 17 Michele - 17 Acadien - 10  
  4. And I just realize that I never tallied the Area Round.  Here that is: aTmfan06 - 22 Hupernikomen - 22 MrUmp1 - 21 no-look - 21 pdawg119 - 21 TradenupBH - 21 Volleyball - 21 AggiesAreWe - 20 oldschool2 - 20 One4All - 20 #COUGAR08 - 19 CH96 - 19 lp4life - 19 EAGLEFOREVER - 18 WestHardinfan1 - 18 WOSFAN99 - 18 dme111 - 17 workbootz - 17 Lightning/Eagle - 15 Pepper Brooks - 15
  5. Results from The Regional Finals Round: Volleyball - 21 buchorn2005 - 20 workbootz - 20 eagleswoodville#1 - 19 MrUmp1 - 19 no-look - 19 One4All - 19 AggiesAreWe - 18 CH96 - 18 Lightning/Eagle - 18 pdawg119 - 18 TradenupBH - 18 WestHardinfan1 - 18 EAGLEFOREVER - 17 oldschool2 - 17 lp4life - 16  
  6. None taken on my part.  I can tell you that there has been a bit of discussion amongst the 10 voters how to handle issues such as this. BTW, after seeing the TABC rankings, I have put Leggett at 16-1 as the TABC reflects.  But if you could, I'd still appreciate the scores I am missing from the Pirates.  If Coach Stewart can pull those together, he can e-mail it to me at WOSgrad2@gmail.com.
  7. What happened to D-FW this year?

    You know, the argument that the venue site doesn't hold an advantage would hold more IF the DFW would have not been crying and catterwallering after the 2015 UIL State Championship weekend.  You remember that one?  That is when Argyle (44 min to Arlington vs. 4 hr, 44 min to Houston), Celina (1hr, 1 min to Arlington vs. 4 hr. 17 min to Houston), Mansfield Legacy (29 min to Arlington vs. 3 hr 35 min to Houston), and Frisco Lone Star (46 min to Arlington vs. 4 hr 3 min to Houston) all fell in their championship final games.  In fact, if not for first year program Brock, DFW would have gone home empty that year. Now in the years before and after the 2015 Championships, you heard nary a word from DFW (kind like here by some) that the fact that the state championship venue gave DFW area teams any advantage.  BUT OH, immediately following the 2015 championship, the OUTCRY WAS INCREDIBLE FROM the what I now call the Excusoplex that the Houston area and SETX teams HELD SUCH AN ADVANTAGE playing in their backyard.  So to now flip back is a bit of a dip in the hypocrisy pool. So there have been many good arguments here for holding the championships exclusively in AT&T.  As a whole, the Jones have been much more supportive of high school football than the McNair's and I can see the UIL extending their appreciation for that.  AT&T may well be a swankier venue (although I am not sure that the NFL or those folks that have lawsuits pending against Jones, the Cowboys and the NFL over their seats at the 1 and only Super Bowl held there would agree). But to indicate some sense of entitlement on the part of the DFW to host these game smacks of nothing but pure snobbishness when some of the best ball being played is done outside of the area.  Right now, I think you should look to Austin and Central Texas (Westlake, Lake Travis, Judson and before this year, Yoe) and East Texas for that.  And that snobbishness is highlighted no more than when Anything but Slick Ric Renner insists on providing a tally of championships won by the "DF Dub."  I don't know if it makes a lot of folks feel as ECBucFan does, but it certainly does me.
  8. Given the number of Thursday games, this thread will lock up at 7:00 pm Thursday.
  9. Allen/Cedar Ridge Katy/Lake Travis Midway/Longview Cypress Fairbanks/Austin Westlake Highland Park/Denton Ryan Manvel/Angleton Aledo/Mansfield Legacy College Station/Austin McCallum Stephenville/Kennedale Carthage/Waco La Vega Graham/Pleasant Grove West Orange-Stark/Wimberley Brock/Kemp Rockdale/Yoakum Canadian/Gunter Newton/Boling Stratford/Mart San Augustine/Refugio Wellington/Muenster Tenaha/Burton
  10. The most difficult time for pollsters is the period where the football season and basketball season overlap.  This is because some of the schools that are at the top are missing key, and in some cases, all of their players until the football team concludes their seasons.  That is the case for 3 of the small school teams that you reference, Tenaha, Newton and San Augustine.  The Tigers, Eagles and Wolves still have their football teams in the playoffs and all 3 stand a good chance of being in it until the championship games at AT&T, so a bit of projection has to be done in the cases of those 3 teams.
  11. Do you know where I can find a copy of their schedule?  I have been looking for about 3 months now. Thanks!
  12. And when I get confirmation of all 17 wins (I have only found 6 so far), our records will indicate so. I appreciate your efforts, but until I see scores, I can't move the current records.