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  1. Wos jumbotron

    Were you not the same individual that a short 2 months ago was railing against a Nederland ISD bond that included the construction of a new high school, citing one of the reasons as, essentially, you can't throw money at education?  Surely, you're not indicating that what was supposedly a scourge for Nederland ISD would be the savior for WO-C CISD?
  2. Vidor Turf

  3. Wos jumbotron

    Bud, probably most folks are like me.  They really don't care what the size of the scoreboard is.  Just so it keeps consistent time and score, which apparently has been an issue over the last few years in West Orange.  As to the answer physical speed, I look forward to that 30 for 30 as well because as a man who has been following Mustang football since it opened in.....well.......longer ago than I care to admit at this time, I have never heard of the phrase until it was used here. But can we also add another 30 for 30?  The existence of Nederland's Secret Spring Game?
  4. DCTF 2019

    Again, it is just about the Preview magazine to me.  I know a lot of folk get into the recruiting stuff these days, I'm just not one of them.  I like to keep tabs on the status of folks from this area, but as far as other parts of the state and which college has the highest rated class, I'm really not that interested.  I'll know who the real 4 and 5 stars are once the games start in the late summer. As to previous issues, I'm not that big of a fan.  I know folks who have every issue since 1960 and if they are in good condition, it is probably worth a mint.  But to me once the season that an issue covers is over, the magazine is pretty much just clutter to me. Now, what be of some interest to me is the Matt Stepp's insider info on the DCTF website.  That would be intriguing. But really, the ability to receive the issue early would be enough for me.
  5. Then why did it take take six days and someone else posting.....apparently not to your satisfaction....those recruits?
  6. Dude, there have been so many at WO-S that anyone couldn't name them all.  If you have some to add like James and Gayron, who were major omissions on my part, feel free to do so.  
  7. He saw action in a few games there.  His teammates, Jermaine Hope and Jeff Thibodeaux, went to Tulsa.
  8. That was Kendall.  Which reminds that older brother Brian went to Georgia.
  9. DCTF 2019

    They are cool and all and it might draw some in a certain area to buy it that wouldn't.  But probably like you, that's not what gets me to buy it.  I usually head straight to high school previews.  As far as I am concerned, they could strip the pro and college stuff out of it, make it completely high school info and I'd still pay the same price for it.
  10. DCTF 2019

    Those are only available if the school pays a certain fee to DCTF to have those published.
  11. That's true.  Deon played at UT then onto the CFL.  Trey Franks played at Oklahoma.  Kerry, Jr. played at Texas A&M. Which reminds me, I also forgot about Jacoby Franks, who played at Texas Tech and Kerry, Sr., who played at Oklahoma State.  
  12. Ernie Ladd (Wallace) - Grambling - San Diego, Houston Oilers, Kansas City Greg Hill - Oklahoma State - Houston Oilers, Kansas City, LA Raiders Ernest Anderson - Oklahoma State - Detroit Kevin Smith - Texas A&M - Dallas Chris Cole - Texas A&M - Denver, CFL Earl Thomas - Texas - Seattle, Baltimore Deionte Thompson - Alabama - Arizona Ray Rogers - University of Houston Eric Williams - Texas Rick Orebo - LSU Quentin Tezeno - New Mexico Chris Ori - Texas Tech Justin Thomas - Utah Jarron Morris - Texas State Morris Joseph - UTSA, Memphis Travon Blanchard - Baylor Mark Roberts - UH/Lamar Depauldrick Garrett - Lamar Jack Dallas - Lamar
  13. DCTF 2019

    I believe the 1st or 2nd week of July.
  14. DCTF 2019

    They have definitely improved.  I got burned a few years back when I ordered online and didn't get it until the magazine had been on the shelves for 2 weeks.  I guess I might try it again next year.
  15. DCTF 2019

    I'll have to wait 'til it hits the stores.