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  1. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Let's quell the speculation on "who" reported it until after the meeting as all will become apparent then.
  2. He is Risen - Happy Easter Everyone

    A Happy Easter to all!  
  3. Nederland Bond

    If this is chronic problem, I am sure the Nederland PD has been contacted and patrol officers have been instructed to be on alert for the problem.  
  4. Nederland Bond

    That is okay.
  5. Nederland Bond

    That is why I asked if it happening, because it is indeed illegal.  Nederland ISD personnel in their official capacities, are not allowed to advocate pro or con regarding the bond issue.  Now, teachers in their off time, can engage in debate.  But a school district paying for the printing signs such as placards, yard signs, etc. to be distributed does cross that legal line.
  6. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Please forgive the way I set this out,but I am no better with the quotes feature more than any of you and I wanted to make sure I got to all of KF's question: Question No. 1: So are certain baseball rules supposed to be taken serious & followed by Texas high school baseball coaches & others are not? Answer to Question No. 1: No.  Rules regarding eligibility of players are clearly set out in the UIL rules. It is the understanding of any superintendent, principal, athletic director, coach or sponsor that having an ineligible student participate in a game or activity, regardless of the reason he is ineligible and regardless of the school, carries a no tolerance policy of forfeiture of that game or activity. In fact, my understanding is that Coach Landry is ready to accept the consequences of whatever the 22-4A executive committee finds on Tuesday and there has been no talk of retribution against the reporting party by anyone within Bridge City ISD. Question No. 2: Does reporting a rule violation make a person, coach or school wrong for doing it? Answer to Question No. 2:  No.  Unless the reporting school delays reporting the infraction to gain an advantage in the standings.  Now, there is no indication that happened in this case, and as with with the original alleged infraction, there is no indication of malice in the report.  But has been known to happen in other cases. Question No. 3: Is it better just to keep quiet & think its just a simple mistake because the coaches are dumb or it was no big effect on games? Answer to Question No. 3: See answer to Question 2. Question No. 4: Are certain coaches or teams off limits to question or report?   Answer to Question No. 4: No.  As stated above, Coach Landry is ready to accept the findings of the 22-4A executive committee.
  7. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    My understanding is that the folks at Bridge City do know the school that reported the infraction.
  8. 2019 HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL SCHEDULE APRIL 22-27, 2019   Tuesday, April 23, 2019 21-6A Baytown Sterling at Beaumont West Brook, 7:00 pm Deer Park at Beaumont United, 7:00 pm Galena Park North Shore at Channelview, 7:00 pm La Porte at Sheldon C.E. King, 7:00 pm 21-5A Dayton at Port Arthur Memorial, 7:00 pm Nederland at Barbers Hill, 7:00 pm Port Neches-Groves at Vidor, 7:00 pm 22-5A Crosby at Santa Fe, 7:00 pm Friendswood at Baytown Lee, 7:00 pm Galena Park at Texas City, 7:00 pm Goose Creek Memorial at Galveston Ball, 7:00 pm 20-4A Center at Lufkin Hudson, 7:00 pm Jasper at Carthage, 7:00 pm 21-4A Shepherd at Livingston, 7:00 pm Splendora at Huffman Hargrave, 7:00 pm Tarkington at Liberty, 7:00 pm 22-4A Hardin-Jefferson at Silsbee, 7:00 pm Little Cypress-Mauriceville at Hamshire-Fannett, 7:00 pm Lumberton at West Orange-Stark, 7:00 pm 21-3A Diboll at Nacogdoches Central Heights, 7:00 pm Hemphill at Woodville, 7:00 pm Newton at Pollok Central, 7:00 pm 22-3A East Chambers at Kountze, 6:00 pm Kirbyville at Hardin, 6:00 pm Orangefield at Buna, 6:00 pm Warren at Anahuac, 6:00 pm 24-2A Burkeville at Chireno, 4:00 pm Colmesneil at West Sabine, 6:00 pm San Augustine at Zavalla, 6:00 pm 25-2A Dallardsville Big Sandy at West Hardin, 4:00 pm Evadale at Deweyville, 6:00 pm Sabine Pass at Hull-Daisetta, 4:00 pm Spurger at High Island, 4:00 pm TAPPS 4-I Beaumont Kelly Catholic at Tomball Concordia Lutheran, 7:00 pm 4A Madisonville at Huntington, 7:00 pm 3A Coldspring-Oakhurst at Lovelady, 6:00 pm   Thursday, April 25, 2019 TAPPS 4-I Katy John XXIII at Beaumont Kelly Catholic, 7:00 pm   Friday, April 26, 2019 21-6A Beaumont United at Deer Park, 7:00 pm Beaumont West Brook at Baytown Sterling, 7:00 pm Channelview at Galena Park North Shore, 7:00 pm Sheldon C.E. King at La Porte, 7:00 pm 21-5A Barbers Hill at Nederland, 7:00 pm Port Arthur Memorial at Dayton, 7:00 pm Vidor at Port Neches-Groves, 7:00 pm 22-5A Baytown Lee at Crosby, 7:00 pm Goose Creek Memorial at Friendswood, 7:00 pm Santa Fe at Galena Park, 7:00 pm Texas City at Galveston Ball, 7:00 pm 20-4A Carthage at Huntington, 7:00 pm Lufkin Hudson at Jasper, 7:00 pm 21-4A Huffman Hargrave at Tarkington, 7:00 pm Liberty at Shepherd, 7:00 pm Livingston at Splendora, 7:00 pm 22-4A Hamshire-Fannett at Lumberton, 7:00 pm Silsbee at Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 7:00 pm West Orange-Stark at Bridge City, 7:00 pm 22-3A Anahuac at Orangefield, 6:00 pm Buna at Kirbyville, 6:00 pm Hardin at East Chambers, 6:00 pm Kountze at Warren, 6:00 pm 25-2A Deweyville at Evadale, 6:00 pm High Island at Spurger, 4:00 pm Hull-Daisetta at Sabine Pass, 4:00 pm West Hardin at Dallardsville Big Sandy, 4:00 pm 4A Coldspring-Oakhurst at Cleveland, 6:00 pm   Saturday, April 27, 2019 4A Dallardsville Big Sandy at Bridge City, 7:00 pm
  9. 2A: West Sabine vs. Colmesneil Gm1: Wednesday, 5/24 at 6 pm, Pineland Gm2: Thursday, 5/25 at 6 pm, Colmesneil Gm3: Saturday, 5/27, TBA
  10. Nederland Bond

    Legit question, is that happening?  
  11. 3A: Orangefield vs. Corrigan-Camden, Jasper, Thursday, 5/25 at 5:30 pm
  12. I don't know what happened to the schedules I have put up, but I have put the txhighschool baseball results and standings to hold us over until the playoffs start next week: http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/6a/21-6a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/5a/21-5a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/5a/22-5a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/4a/20-4a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/4a/21-4a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/4a/22-4a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/3a/21-3a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/3a/22-3a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/3a/23-3a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/2a/24-2a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/2a/25-2a/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/private-schools/d1-district-4/ http://txhighschoolbaseball.com/private-schools/d4-district-5/    
  13. Michael Nelson's Silsbee Tigers take a brief break from District 22-4A play as they host the Beaumont Legacy Christian Warriors! Join Tim Scoggins from Tiger Diamond in Silsbee at 6:45 by clicking on the following link: https://www.meridix.com/event/150197  
  14. The Bridge City Lady Cardinals close out the 22-4A season tonight as they travel to Hardin County to take on the Lumberton Lady Raiders! Join Gary Stelly for all of the action from Lumberton High School in Lumberton at 6:30 pm by tuning your radio to AM 1600 KOGT or by clicking on the following link: https://www.mainstreamnetwork.com/listen/player.asp?station=kogt-am