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  1. Beaumont Legacy Christian 19, United 1
  2. TexasPrepBaseball‏ @H5AB 6m6 minutes ago West Brook 5 Sam Rayburn 1
  3. I do have to apologize to BAD SANTA, I had not intended him to be the target of this line that I have been itching to use for quite a while (about 10 years in fact).  However, it just exposed a pet peeve of mine that  I have privately harbored for about 10 years now. That is just the typing of "Score?" without anything else.  To me, that has just been kind of rude.  Not enough time to type "Does anybody know the score?  or even "What is the score?".......Really.   Now, just because it happened after SANTA's post tonight is no to suggest that he is alone as he is not the first offender, won't be the last and is no where near the worst.  It was just a release, that's all.
  4. Ken mentioned that there was some sort of line in the area that had been severed which was causing the problem.
  5. 2019 Willie Ray Smith winners

  6. Crosby is open

    I'm not sure that the folks here have said that coaching doesn't make any difference,  I think they do believe (and I happen to agree with them) that some do tend to overstate the role of a coach in a winning program.
  7. No.  But my wife says I might if I ever get off of this website!
  8. Due to singal issues in Kountze, we won't be able to bring this broadcast tonight.
  9. John Krueger‏ @John_Krueger 47s47 seconds ago 2A REG QUARTERS: Timpson Lady Bears lead Tenaha Lady Tigers 30-19 after 3rd qtr.
  10. Ease up, dude! They only got 10 this quarter! LOL!
  11. I misread it.  It is in Mont Belvieu
  12. Class 4A bi-district game from Barbers Hill High School at 6 The winner will face the Houston Wheatley/Bay City winner