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  1. You see this scrimmage is a prime example of how a coach views these events differently from the fans here. Coach Babin, going into this game, didn't set out a game plan for Silsbee.  There were things that he had seen at practice that he wanted to further test under a game situation.  Sure, they keep track of who gets in the end zone more and I don't know any coach that wants to be on the short end of that count, scrimmage or otherwise.  But Coach Babin certainly saw what he needed to see today.
  2. Final tally, Silsbee scored 5 times (2 from 1st team, 3 from 2nd team), Lumberton 2 (1 from 1st team, 2 from 2nd team)  
  3. In the varsity portion that I saw, I recall that Silsbee scored 4 times and that Lumberton did not score.  I left before it was complete. BTW, they had the Silsbee kicker kick some.  Special teams will not be an achilles heel for the Tigers this year!