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  1. Who had the scoop and score for EC?   Who had the big INT return?
  2. NFL...

    It's ridiculous. I don't see him doing that when he runs for 1 yard, 2 yards, losses yards, or fumbles. I also find it amazing that Zeke, and others, can do nothing throughout a game, have one good play, and want to showboat. Zeke could have 15 carries for 20 yards, break off a run off 8 yards and start eating his bowl of cereal. Just play the game... How about going back and giving each person who blocked for you a tap on the helmet and a good job for allowing you to get some positive yards. He wouldn't make it too far if they took a play off.
  3. Life long Astros fan, but I have always liked the Red Sox (I hate the Yankees). The Red Sox may have won the series against the Astros 4-1, but that could have been   4-1 the other way. The Red Sox hitting with 2 outs in the ALCS and WS was absolutely insane! If they just hit normal with 2 outs then they don't get past the Astros. But, that doesn't matter. There are three outs in an inning, not two. The Red Sox deserve to the WS Champions this year. They were the best team. I don't think you can judge a series solely based on if it's 4-3, 4-2, 4-1, or 4-0. The Astro's and Red Sox 5 game series was much different than the Dodgers and Red Sox 5 game series.  It really seems to me the top 3, maybe the top 4 teams in baseball were in the AL this year. Hope the Astros and Red Sox are able to meet in the ALCS again next year. Both teams play a good brand of baseball and can explode at any moment.
  4. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    The Red Sox did everything right to win the series. Don't know what the final number were, but at one point last night the Red Sox had 17 of their 36 hits coming with 2 strikes and 19 of their 26 runs with 2 outs. That was all before the 3 run homer. That is insane to hit like that with 2 strikes and/or 2 outs. Every ball, nearly, fell the Red Sox way. How many ball did the Astros hit to the warning track? If they Red Sox had to make an amazing catch, they did. If they had to make a great throw, they did. If they had to have a big hit, they did. If the Astros had to make a great catch, they were just short on a few. If they had to make a great throw, they missed on one or two. If they had to have a big hit, they came up short sometimes. I thought the Astros played good baseball overall throughout the series. The Red Sox just played unbelievable baseball. It's just a reminder how hard it is to win a World Series and how awesome last year was. Hopefully, Crane will open his check book and sign Correa and Bregman. If he wants to make money, he should. You make a lot of money when you have 3 million fans in a season. Don't sign those guys and you lose a lot of money when you are down to 2 million. 
  5. 2018 Houston Astros

    Agreed. I can't figure out why they continue to put Jake Marisnick in the line-up. I actually like the guy and enjoyed getting to watch him last year, but just stop it already. 122 at bats, 20 hits, 59 strikeouts and 4 walks. It's almost an automatic out. Just stop it already. Marisnick and Fisher just look like they may not have it and Reddick is struggling. It's time for Tucker to get some swings and see what he can do. 
  6. Yes they did. Didn't play the second half of either game. Can't beat a great team playing two quarters. 
  7. I thought the biggest play of the night was in the 3rd Quarter. James Harden was fouled by Klay Thompson. He hit the three, but they said non-shooting foul. Had that counted and he hit the free throw they would have been up 15. Instead, they turn it over and Durant goes down to hit a three. Only up by 8. That's pretty deflating. I think it was game 5, but the same foul was called on Clint Capela on Steph Curry and it was a shooting foul. I don't think the officials know what to call a shooting foul anymore. They should score much more than 15 in a quarter and better than 7-44 from three, but I thought that was a huge call.
  8. Kelli Silcox in high jump--East Chambers Jalynn Guillory in long jump--East Chambers Brianna Arline in long jump--Kountze Several athletes in the 4A division from area as well. Droddy from PNG is going in the girls long jump, not high jump. Although she could probably be pretty good that the event as well.

    Well, at least it isn't as easy as their volleyball district
  10. Are you having a track meet at East Chambers this year?  This is Coach Holder formerly of H-F. Im at West Hardin

    1. JSnipes


      Hey Coach!!! How are you? I thought I saw you there when we went and played volleyball. Yes, we are hosting on March 29th. My guess is you guys are going to H-D that week, but if you want in let me know.


    2. BigDawg77


      We are but I appreciate it!! Good luck this year!

  11. I have been coaching for twelve years (not all that long) and I have coached both boys and girls. I'll give my thoughts to some of this: 1) Today isn't 20, 30, 40, etc. years ago. We, as a society, are not the same in our work ethic, submission to authority, or respect to authority. When I was growing up and played sports you did things because you were told to. I'm sure it was the same thing for most you on this board. Students and athletes of today want to know the "why". For example, anyone can take an athlete and do a workout with them that will make them exhausted, but is it productive to the sport in which they are playing? I have found if they understand the why, most will give all that they have. Kids want to be good and successful. 2) Respect is not given very much anymore. Respect is earned. It doesn't matter if we, as an older generation, like that or not; it's how a great majority of this generation operates. If you love and respect your athletes, they will love and respect you back. Then, at that time, you can teach them to automatically love and respect people. Believe the best in others and not the worst and how you view the world may change. 3) When it comes to yelling, that can't be the only way or even the majority of the way you speak to kids. I don't know anyone that would like to get yelled at all the time. Would you want to stay at a job where your boss is screaming at you all the time? Of course not. You may stay because you need to provide for your family, but you would prefer a different atmosphere.  4) What is the purpose of the yelling/screaming? Are you jumping on the athlete because they didn't do something right that they have been taught and it cost the team? Are you yelling/screaming to try and fire them up (you have to know your athlete to implement this)? Or, are you yelling and screaming because you do not know what else to do or say? What is the temperament/passion of the coach? I'm pretty sure every coach has yelled for all of the reasons; I know I have. However, the older I have become the more I have seen coaching is continuous teaching in practice and competition. Sure, I yell and jump on my kids, but they usually respond better when I don't. No one is trying to mess up and make a mistake. Let me also say, this is a continuous aspect for me to work on because I love winning 5) Boys and girls are different. Most boys get fired up and play hard when you jump on them and challenge them. Most girls shut down. Again, you have to know your athlete and know what makes them tick. The last thing you want to do is something that makes them shut down. Then that hurts them and the team. It's like the old saying, "they will not care how much you know until they know how much you care." When your athletes know you genuinely love and care about them, there is more freedom on how you speak to them because they know you aren't trying to hurt them in any way and, when you yell, it's your passion of the sport overflowing.  6) I was a head coach at HF for six years. There were a lot of pro's, the main one being the kids are fantastic.   
  12. Super Gold Football Awards

    Is there a link for all the awards anywhere?
  13. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    Well, Sumlin did it with another coaches recruits at A&M. Jimbo won a national championship and played in the college playoff with his own recruits. Had the starting QB not been injured this year their only loses are probably Alabama and Clemson (possibly BC with the way they played, who knows how they would have played with Fancios). Time will tell how successful he is. It's a great hire, we will see if it works out. Same thing should be said about Tom Herman (his coaching record has declined every year). I personally think he is a good coach and will do well at UT, but time will tell. He won at UH with another coaches recruits. I can't stand UT, but I'm not going to sit here and act like it wasn't a good hire last year because I don't like them. Jimbo being hired is a great hire. There isn't a better coach on the market to be had, not even close.  Just my opinion though
  14. Looking for a track meet on April 5th. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. TIA