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  1. Looking for a track meet on April 5th. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. TIA
  2. 2017 Houston Texans

    They have traded a lot of picks in the past to gain a lot of picks. I think they actually use their picks this year. Knowing the Browns they will just give their picks to someone else. 
  3. 2017 Houston Texans

    Won't matter, the Browns have the Texans first and second round picks. Looks like the Browns may have two top five picks in both rounds.
  4. Realignment

    Hopefully this happens.
  5. Realignment

    WOS turned in 580 last time and the cutoff was 479 to be in 3A. Maybe that number comes up to 489 or 499 (just a guess). Can't imagine WOS lost that much but we shall see. OF is one to watch and see if they drop. They were 494 last go around.
  6. District 21-4A 9/26 Updates

    I don't like it either. I don't like it when more than half a district makes the playoffs. I know they couldn't have done this, but with four teams going to the playoffs I would like to see districts have at least eight teams. I liked it at three teams, gave you a reward for winning district.
  7. We, East Chambers, are looking for one team for our Varsity Volleyball Tournament on August 10th and 12th, we had a team drop out today. Please contact Coach Baker at kbaker@eastchambers.net if interested. Thank you!
  8. Every track meet we have attended this year has been 10+ teams. A lot of schools are either choosing to not host a meet, don't have a track, or their track is not in condition to host a meet. 
  9. 2017 Houston Astros

    I'm excited for the season. I'm not as big on the additions of Aoki and Reddick as most people. One of the two would have been a huge upgrade over the others guys that were playing there, but I don't like the idea of Gattis sitting so much. He could be your DH and Beltran could play LF in that park. I guess it's good to have four people fighting for those spots though. The one thing I have learned being a Houston sports fan for my entire life, seasons that begin with high hopes usually don't turn out very well.
  10. PNG Colors

    As a PNG graduate and a teacher/coach, I have no problem with adding grey and/or black to a color scheme. However, when grey or black (which I say are good accent colors if they aren't part of your school colors) become your primary color and they aren't your school colors, it becomes an issue.
  11. WOS - Sweetwater

    Seems like every WOS game that I read about KJ Miller has a punt return for a touchdown. Does anyone know how many he has?
  12. Deweyville?

    She is going to Lamar. 
  13. Huffman vs Silsbee

    I have not seen either team play this year. Huffman is probably the more refined team when it comes to their volleyball skills. I know in the past a lot, if not almost all, of their girls played club. I do not know if that is the case with this team. However, the straight athleticism that Silsbee has might be one of the best Huffman has seen all year. Several of the girls from Silsbee are extremely quick and can jump out of the gym. I think Huffman should be the favored team going into the game and I can see them winning in a close three, but I'm going to go with Silsbee in five. Silsbee will have to play very consistent.   Did Huffman get another new coach this year? If so, where did the old coach go?
  14. 23-3A Standings so far

    Usually with a three way tie you play it out. I guess they could take the overall record against those three teams have against one another. I don't know what the District minutes say. I would assume the teams flip and two teams play Friday night and the winner of that game play the team that won the flip on Saturday.
  15. 22-5A standings?

    Central beat Livingston the first time they played.