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  2. Yep, my mistake in misreading the info Coach Smith.
  3. LATEST GREAT MEME Mexican word of the day  -  BISHOP Picture of AOC  - and underneath. Can someone please shut this BISHOP.
  4. I saw that a few minutes ago.
  5. Today

    Bell and Buse are only Juniors... on the def. line ...

    Coach Price has taken a job at the University of Illinois. 
  8. For grins and giggles

    Never say never
  9. For grins and giggles

    I was more or less just talking to the guy who said that we haven't (and won't ever) beat Newton.  I might have taken a few poetic liberties in my description, lol.  
  10. Unless they lose to Katy, they are looking at 10-0 heading into the playoffs 

    Today's previews: Jasper:   North Shore:   Katy Paetow:   Friday's previews: Hamshire-Fannett:   Evadale:   Livingston:   Tomorrow's previews: Baytown Sterling, Houston Austin, Huntington
  12. Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

    People still can't figure out to turn their phone sideways?
  13. 9/6/2019 Jasper @ bridge city

    If Jasper were to run an offense that is somewhat balanced then they would make it to December.  It doesn't take a genius Defensive Coordinator to figure out how to stop a one dimensional offense.  Jasper has a very BAD habit of playing inferior opponents in the regular season and not preparing for better opponents in the playoffs.  They played games last year in which their JV could have beaten the team they lined up against on Friday nights and yet they still threw the ball 6 times per game... and then they get to the playoffs and guess what... WOS (after Hunt runs all over them in regular season) puts 9 or 10 guys in the box. Jasper can't run and is FORCED to pass.  Something they seldom worked to improve during the regular season.... and we all know how that went for Jasper. You simply cannot have an effective pass game when you average 6 pass attempts per game and have 3 or 4 pass plays in your play book. and you simply CAN NOT compete in 4A Texas High School football if you don't have the ability to move the ball on the ground AND through the air! Period! And if my memory serves me right...the one time Jasper made it to the State Championship game was during the brief period that they installed a SPREAD OFFENSE.
  14. Could this be VSEO?  Big Girl?  WestEnd1?  Blue Dove?
  15. For grins and giggles

    Here is Newton's record since 1994 against: Bridgecity  7-2, Orangefield  11-1,  Silsbee 7-2, Jasper 4-4, Wos 2-4. In '98 lost to Wos won state championship. In 2014 got" rolled" by Orangefield 26-20, lost championship game. Looking at the records I wonder where all these molly-whoopins are?
  16. Here is my answer to the question: Can they? Yes. Will they? No.
  17. Vidor Turf

  18. Looks like we got off track from the original question so here’s my take on it. Can Silsbee get back to state next year? They lost Adams, McCain, White, Tyler and a couple of more off a great team that didn’t make it to state as seniors so my answer is no. They have a great returning PG but lost to much of the supporting cast to win the region. 
  19. Wos jumbotron

    Appropriate choice of music as well.   
  20. Countdown is on.

    We are now 38 days away from the start of the 2019 #txhsfb season.
  21. For grins and giggles

    Lmbo:  No I wasn’t. I’m 47 years old. Thank you very much. Just get your facts right. 
  22. Wos jumbotron

    Any updates on when they will actually begin construction and how long to complete?  
  23. Huffman Falcons 2019

    I agree with the community not being all in so to speak with the School.  Good kids, and Coaches along with facilities.   
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