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Defending World Series Champion Texas Rangers 2024 Season Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

The RANGERS took 3 out of 4 games to win the series with oakland.  I don't what's in the air at the coliseum but there were 65 total runs scored in those 4 games.  The boys of summer get a day off then head to colorado for a 3 game set. 

As of May 9 the RANGERS hold a 1 game lead over seattle in the standings.

TEXAS 22-17

seattle 20-17

oakland 18-21

los angeles 14-23

houston 12-24

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May 20:

The RANGERS have lost 3 series in a row (rockies, cleveland, angels) and are sitting at 24-24.

As of right now they are a team that can't get out of their own way.  Starting pitching is good but the bullpen blows it.  Starting pitching sucks but bullpen is good. Defense is sloppy, especially the outfield play.  Offense has scored 21 runs in the last 9 games.  That's 2.3 runs per game.  Can't buy a hit with runners in scoring position. 

The injured list is long and not sure how soon the help will come.

P-Nathan Eovaldi

P-Dane Dunning

P-Cody Bradford

P-Jacob deGrom

P-Max Scherzer

P-Tyler Mahle

P-Austin Pruitt

P-Josh Sborz

P-Brock Burke

P-Carson Coleman

INF-Justin Foscue

INF-Josh Jung

OF-Wyatt Langford

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