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Galena Park North Shore (42) @ Sheldon C.E. King (6) - FINAL


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Game Info:

Start: Friday, September 29, 2023 at 7:00:00 PM
Home Team Name/Class/District/Division: Sheldon C.E. King - 6A-21-1
Record: District Wins: 0, Overall Wins: 0, District Losses: 0, Overall Losses: 1

Visiting Team Name/Class/District/Division: Galena Park North Shore- 6A-21-1
Record: District Wins: 0, Overall Wins: 0, District Losses: 0, Overall Losses: 1

District Matchup: Yes

*Standings do not include this game.


Type !!score: or !!: as your "command" then Visitor's Score/Home Score/Quarter

Example: !!score:10/14/4 would be 10 to 14 in the 4th quarter
!!:21/28/2 would be 21 to 28 in the 2nd quarter

Use h or H for halftime, and f or F for final
You may also use - , or | in place of /

Extras: Post the time left in the quarter as minutes/seconds.
Ex:7/0/1/13/25 = 7 to 0, 1st quarter, 13 minutes, 25 seconds left. 

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NS first drive to start the half:

Runs on 1st & 2nd down...NS hasn't really been able to get the run game going. CEK front 7 is stout!

On 3rd down a pass is complete to #4 Guillory for 33 yards down to CEK's 27...

A facemask penalty on CEK will prevent a 3rd & long for NS...CEK keeps killing themselves with turnovers and penalties.

Following play TD from Bailey to Smith...35-6 NS 3rd 5:39 


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CE King marches all the way down to the NS 10 and doesn't come away with any points. NS Ball...

NS up 42-6 & starters are still in...if you know the History between NS & CE King's coaching staffs IT'S PERSONAL lol

Huge run by NS RB Hardeman down to CEK 25...

2's are in now...back up QB throws an int on the next play. CEK ball NS 42-6

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