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St. Louis (21) @ Vidor (51) - FINAL


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1 minute ago, Hagar said:

Thanks Big Buddy!

No problem buddy, I’m gonna say since nobody else is posting. SL scored a TD against the backups and the xp was good to make it 51-21 Vidor.

They kicked an onside kick but idk who recovered, I heard all this from the parking lot on the way out. I don’t see the Pirates losing this one, even they can’t blow this lead with less than 7 minutes remaining.

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1 hour ago, Boneyard Boys said:

Vidor will get their first win of the season and they showed some new blood out there tonight. Not sure if they moved guys up or moved guys around probably both but they looked better on both sides of the ball tonight and played without all the stupid mistakes. Good luck to the Pirates and the SLC Saints the rest of the season. ByB out. ✌️Sounded like SL scored a TD as I’m walking out of the stadium. 

They were rotating in other players, some of which were JV players. They also opened up the playbook a little more. I thought some of those JV players gave them a spark they been missing. Good to see the kids get a W. 

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49 minutes ago, Cherokee88 said:

51 points out of that offense tonight? Maybe this is a sign of things to come for the Pirates. 

I hope so but that team played soft coverage type defense in the first half, in the second half they started stacking the box and selling out to stop the run. Most teams we play know what’s coming but the thing that encouraged me tonight was the play of our defense. They played good coverage for the most part, applied pressure to the QB and got some turnovers. That helped our offense tremendously by keeping the other teams defense on the field but it goes hand in hand the offense was able to sustain drives, get first downs and keep our defense fresh. Mainly because they didn’t have a bunch of illegal procedure penalties or stupid turnovers. The offense looked crisp, ran plays with precision, took a little more time to get everyone set. An injection of new playmakers seemed to spark them, it’s not all on the QB Odom or FB Watson anymore they had some help tonight. We finally played complimentary football for the first time this season, I think it’s our recipe for success.

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12 hours ago, Unwoke said:

Yes he is, so is 34 and 21 who also did some damage last night out of the backfield. Venable who is number 20 can fly, not big in size but plays Big. 

Fantastic.  I heard a lot about him (know his mother).  Understand he, and his teammates, put a lot of numbers on the scoreboard in the 9th grade.  I wondered when they might see Friday Night Lights.

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