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  1. How on earth did you get there? Spend five minutes around the Pirate faithful and you’ll see just how charged up we are to see our kids succeed… Coach Mathews brought the program to new heights and has laid the groundwork for more success moving forward… excited to see who takes the reins from here and see how far they can take the program
  2. We have very capable kids… however we are CLEARLY undersized versus nearly every team we play… anyone who has watched much Vidor football can see that easily… why is it so hard to see that Mathews and his system has helped Vidor see VASTLY more success than at any other time in their history… just the last 12 years alone were far more successful than any other 12 year period in Vidor history… 68-56… 7 playoff appearances and two district titles (one in 5A)… We’d love to see deep playoff runs every year… but Vidor just like nearly all other high schools for a number of reasons hasn’t had that kind of success for a number of reasons the way some of you are acting you’d think Vidor was the only team in Region 5 that doesn’t go 3 rounds every year… heck I don’t even remember when some of these schools were relevant… Lumberton put together a nice run this season and looks strong for one more season… but overall they’ve been her cellar dweller for the last couple decades… BC has struggled to find any solid footing and apparently they brought in a wizard to bring them back to the promised land but alas even the highly touted gurus can’t turn them around… so I’d love to see that magical combination of talent, speed, size, coaching, and attitude hit Vidor… but it’s just not as simple as some of you paint it
  3. So how soon should we expect to see him leading BC to state? Sounds like he’s the one
  4. Next question … did you live in Vidor before you moved to the Mecca of life on earth in BC? You seem super emotional about this
  5. Wow… have you been drinking? Nothing you just vomited resembles anything in this thread.
  6. Of course… I’ve seen teams in probably every sport win with less talent due to a number of variables… but you aren’t going to be perennial state champion in anything with less talent…. There are countless factors that come into long term success
  7. “Any sport except football you have to have the talent”…. This comment alone should come with a one year suspension from the site… 😂
  8. Definitely not confused… I’ll ask again a little slower… did… you….. see … them …. Line up against each other this year? If you did and you don’t recognize a major difference in size and speed between this years rosters I don’t know how I can help you any further other than to refer you to a good optometrist… 😂 my understanding is this is unique to the current juniors and seniors at Lumberton and they will be returning to more of the performance level you referenced in their previous 12 years.
  9. Cardinal backer… out of curiosity what year did you graduate from BC?
  10. My take on the critics on this thread whether it be the talent scouts comparing Vidor to other schools, 40 times, UIL classifications, general Vidor football history, etc…. Is this… They don’t know what they don’t know… 😂
  11. Well… if you want to look at all 24 years let’s look at the 24 years before he took over… 69-157-3 … they were 15-86 the ten years prior to him becoming HC/ AD…I’d say he’s made a difference it takes time to implement an offense and change a mindset in a program… especially one with a history of very little success… I think he implement the slot-t around 2006… after a couple years it caught on and more success followed than the program has ever seen.
  12. Good thing he was 68-56 last twelve years
  13. Same type of athlete??? Did you see them line up against each other??? Not even close
  14. Not a single player ran 4.5… now their dad may have brought them to the field and clocked them on the daddy watch… but no one on Vidor’s roster touched a legit 4.5
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