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  1. Bitter when it comes to lcm.... LOLOLOLOL.... last school, team, town I would be bitter about.
  2. Actually, I'm adding to yours to make it more comprehendible for you. NEVER once did I say he was a bad coach, did not have a winning record. All I said was that he caught lightening in a bottle twice, but you felt the need to spin the narrative.
  3. Also, of his however many wins as a HC how many came off the two "lightening in a bottle" years?
  4. Do I need crayons to spell it out... he caught lightening in a bottle twice with two deep playoff runs due to two very good, talented rosters. The other years may of had winning-ish years but NOwhere near the two playoff runs.
  5. Did I say good?? No... I said very good and talented. Very meaning more than good SMH.
  6. Obviously, you don't know cause all I was doing was naming the first few teams that came to mind.... Fill in the blanks of the teams lcm should be playing?!?!? We're all dying to know
  7. 2 playoff runs.... 1 at WB and 1 at LCM. Other than that it's been lack luster seasons. Well not lack luster cause making the playoffs is an accomplishment when 4 teams go to the playoffs. Math may be good, but your comprehension is not... Caught lightening in a bottle twice meaning that when he took WB to state he a very good and talented team. When lcm went 4rds deep he had a talented team. Also, I never said he was not a good coach. All I said is that the caught lightening twice.
  8. Take a bus to another local school.... who?!?! PNG, PAM, Ned, BU, Newton?!?!
  9. Lcm coach caught lightening in a bottle twice... once with WB and once with lcm 🤷‍♂️
  10. We’re all still waiting!… Quit repeating yourself and give us the reason/s why!!! Cause right now you’re making yourself look incredibly stupid. I mean S T U P I D
  11. I don’t even know where to start. That bad 5A school just beat down that 6A school and in your thoughts BU would fair better against 6A… 🤦🏼‍♂️ FYI… we’re all still waiting guru!
  12. Most of the overreacting comes from the madden gurus, armchair coaches.
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