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  1. I know this, I would not bet against a connell brother in anything competitive. I have seen enough Buna basketball the last 6 or 7 years to know how those guys tend to show up in big games.
  2. I know that, which is why I asked the question. (When is the last time they have not been in the post season?)
  3. Will Coldspring be good again in the future? When is the last time they have not been in the posteason?
  4. I like Buna at home, but Im not sure they can beat the sells lead lions twice.
  5. They just moved to Winnie honestly from what I understand.
  6. BH is really good, hoping we can close the year out on a win streak.
  7. No need to get upset.... we respect winning in mid-county. Relax bud, no need to get upset. People aren't oblivious to what goes on despite what you think. I think his brother Bruce Green had a great career at HJ. I think the youngest brother went back to BISD.
  8. For some reason I don't think Perrault & Green are Winnie guys, I was told those guys moved in from different places. Kudos to the bucs though they are getting it done year after year.
  9. EC usually likes to stack the deck with the amount of "transfer" students they get. Enjoy the win you earned it, where would the bucs be without those move ins?
  10. Indians have to rebound, that last playoff spot becoming a little tighter than I would like.
  11. This is surprising, Splendora was playing really good ball before christmas? Are they still missing players?
  12. Good win for the guys tonight, congrats to the team & the coach.
  13. With the Indians being in Crosby tonight I got to take this one in as I have family in Buna. There were 3 tough calls down the stretch with 2 of them going the cougars way. I'm not sure the Cougars led very much in this one, Connell hit a huge shot to tie the game but the play that happened afterward was absolutely a foul. The cougars are solid, and have nothing to hang their heads about.
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