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  1. I read just fine, and do basic 3rd grade math and grammar well also. From the numbers you stated, 25% of Northshore’s varsity players were NOT from their feeder schools and transferred in during their freshman or sophomore year. It’s all good, we all know you are the only one on this site that knows anything.
  2. I’m just another dumb Crosby graduate, but another way of saying 60 of the 80 varsity players were from feeder schools is: 25% of Northshore’s varsity players came from other districts.
  3. Agreed, and so has Prieto. Congrats to him and Dayton.
  4. Interesting report on the halftime of the NS/Duncanville game about the PNG game. They said “Joseph put on a coaching master class to get the win”.
  5. I was being very sarcastic. I agree with your previous comment.
  6. But why ? Those athletes matter more. It’s not like the coaches add value throughout the year or anything. SMH.
  7. I was kind of offended they had that on their jerseys. SETX posters have that title to Crosby years ago. For other reasons, of course. LOL.
  8. Come on, man. PNG doesn’t have the talent SOC has, but the kids they have were able to be coached to win. Without a good coach, PNG wouldn’t have played 32 games the last two years. You might start getting referred to as “Coach Dizzy”.
  9. I agree SOC has the talent, but today, coaching mattered more. Won’t convince me otherwise !
  10. Literally no one is expecting the PNG QB to pull it and run. He hands it off every time.
  11. PNG QB needs to keep it on some of those read/options. Literally no one on the defense is covering him as a runner.
  12. Which team do you think has the Coaching and which one has the Jimmy & Joe’s ?
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