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  1. No not disgruntled, I realised in the 80's that most jobs are done before interviews because that's the way it has always been done. No chance in heck i would ever get it(an interview) cause i don't know anyone close. No hurt feelings just relaying information from my 36 years in this business. If you think i feel hurt, hell it is still America and you can say that- maybe YOU feel better now. I will continue to post based on my 36 years, other coaches are on here but if actively coaching, they ll be careful to speak. Whenever I was actively coaching football, I just lurked. Hell many know me cause i have been known as Coach Bear in east Harris County at 6 different districts. But i will always be truthful. Social media brings out a lot of Napoleans and 3rd team high school players like uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite. God made men to speak with logic, women with emotion. Sometimes i feel there are more women on her than men, again my opinion so PLEASE don't take offense and miss the keys from the next order at Stripes!!!!!! Butthurt, i though i was quite whimsical, used to eat tacos at stripes but put on an extra twenty that i am trying to lose now. So stay healthy!!
  2. Again unfortunately I speak from 36 years in. Can always hope though ✝️👍🏻🐻
  3. Yep i heard this from a reliable source in the middle if making my connections because of my interest but told it was a done deal long time ago. Not my first rodeo, most openings never have true interviews, just dog and pony show. Been that way in 9 if 10 interviews for me. Just like banking and chemical plants, good old boys hiring their good old boys. Guess my milk drinking limits opportunities 🤔🤪
  4. They are treading on thin ice. Unfortunately sometimes i am the man who knows too much and Jimbo being Jimbo just like Irvin Meyer being Irvin finally caught up to him. I’ve dedicated my life and will til i die to this profession and coaching isn’t unlike big business, good old boys hiring good old boys and covering up when they constantly poop their pants. I’ve already been warned to not say too much cause eyes are everywhere. I just feel bad cause Aggie sold their soul to Satan when they are supposed to be a banner school for honor. I also feel bad for the 3rd team png and Aggie quarterback who just tweeted the TRUTH and was shackled. Jimbo underachieves cause his authoritative dictator style of coaching only works for Saban. Stay tuned cause there’s a lot of pissed off $$$$ boosters 🤔😟
  5. On the eve of college football playoff and the Aggie bowl game pullout, a little controversy has been swept under the rug. I have a couple of friends who are tight in Aggie land, one a big $ supporter. They both are upset that the university tweeted that all eligible quarterbacks had tested positive for Covid. To which the former PNG quarterback tweets “ no my test was negative “. Then an hour later his tweet mysteriously disappears. They copied his tweet and were very pissed at the university. Anyone else here of this or are we in the age of “listen to the government, trust what we say, do not question anything.” Isn’t A M supposed to represent honor and truth?? Just asking
  6. Amazing how no one critically thinks anymore. This morning on 97.5 ESPN radio Houston, Lance and John were wondering how the corona was so bad in the NFL and NBA yet not even noticed in college football. And i think that maybe they have to follow the company ESPN line of the sky is falling. But NO colleges are using a PCR test which is a fraud and moneymaker to test for a cold. That is why Baker Mayfield and the rest of the NFL is PISSED. They are not even sick and testing positive. This is the final push before Christmas to put FAKE FEAR into the public for control. College football said to hell with testing we got bowl games to play. The NFL is slowly changing, but the NBA will carry the CCP theme of fear as long as they can. Kyrie will win---they are now letting him play in away games. We live in a crooked world because we have developed into sheep and not rational thinking humans.
  7. Yes unfortunately i believe that LH coaching staff made a couple of decisions that cost them the state championship. But you could look at it the way Baltimore Ravens went for 2. I agree the Ravens couldn't beat the Packers in overtime, so go for 2. BUT have a play with a mobile quarterback with more than one option. He looked TE the entire way. Second receiver wide open in middle. Good game by Baltimore and great season by Liberty HIll.
  8. Agree 100 percent, I am here all day Saturday so in person is better but EVERYONE should have the opportunity here in Texas to see this great spectacle at least on TV. The University of Austin Westlake looks as impressive warming up as they did in stomping Katy last week. Only about 20,000 here for this one. 🐻👍🏼✝️
  9. All full here at Jerry world except for top level. Hopefully we have another barn burner like the last one BUT go North Shore 👍🏻✝️🐻🇺🇦
  10. Biggest crowd I have ever seen here for Saturday opening game cause of SOC. BUT SOC is playing into LH hands. Defense is not keeping gap integrity or reading keys. I know it is close, but SOC cannot let LH score this drive and must score an early TD or it’s a wrap. Great game and atmosphere.👍🏼✝️🐻
  11. I really don't waste any air on ESPN because of their forcibly political nature, but on their website is a FANTASTIC pictorial display of the year in pictures. INCREDIBLE. Great one in the spring showing the SHSU dressing room celebration which is any coaches dream. Other great pictures also. Enjoy.
  12. NFL will soon cave to actual critical thinking and stop the foolish testing because of pressure from teams getting screwed like Cleveland. This weird dimensional world we live in will slowly go back to normal OR it will double down hard and emulate what is currently going on in Australia, Germany, and Canada to a degree. The only difference between here and there is the 2nd amendment and our guns--------pretty awesome defense to have in our back pocket now. The NFL could be the determining factor as big $$ is now conflicting with woke media.
  13. Agree 100 percent. There is one BIG reason to choose soc to beat lh and that is the visuals, very athletic soc team with big college recruits. And understand that is their personnna, m o - however you want to describe it. And many people will choose them because that is the low hanging fruit, BUT football (in a one game playoff) is such a psychological game it would get Freud excited. First coaching staffs, I don’t know enough about soc staff other than the hc has been there 8 years and this is his furthest playoff run ? Why- using forensics one could say it was a talent explosion for some reason. This doesn’t help if soc if your going to play a serial killer ( i use this term keeping with the forensics theme- serial killer in that compared to regular people serial killers are different much like lh is different than the normal zone read shotgun team we see in texas hs football today. LH personna is a “ we can’t beat you athletically so we’ll beat you with scheme. Their type of offense is the most difficult for a seasoned defensive coordinator to prepare for let alone 16-18 year old defensive players whose eyes are big cause of Cowboys stadium and the media has anointed you greatest 5Ateam ever like USC. And then there is the Aw shucks, we just some friendly country boys attitude lh displays. Notice how much they help their opponents up off the ground? Nice or ulterior motive? Having a friendly helpful opponent takes the anger edge from a defense that is useful in defense. Andrew Luck at Stratford did this to us constantly when i coached at Eisenhower. He did it at Stanford and with the Colts also. Pissed me off as a coach cause it worked against my defense. Back to the forensics serial killer theme, soc is a blunt force instrument like a hammer while lh is a small scalpel, tiny but deadly sharp. Soc would win 18-19 out of 20 games against lh BUT they only play ONE. Lh will win by 1 touchdown in the game if the weekend or soc by 35. I want a good game and i am picking lh to have that one in 20 game tomorrow morning. I am excited to go tomorrow for the triple header as i reunion with several of my 78 Marlin Bulldogs teammates. Thank you for giving me a writing outlet at 3:45 in the morning. Have a great CHRISTmas and isn’t high school football awesome!👍🏻✝️🐻
  14. I respect that he is interested, don't know him personally but it shows he does care.
  15. agree, i just like to see when two totally different styles play each other. I was a part of a couple of staffs who were so bought in to the shotgun air raid zone read offense, they never practiced the quarterback under center. We lost a game to our rival Deer Park because two different drives that began and ended near the 1 yard line cause of shotgun snaps and no touchdowns scored. As a defensive coach, i want to pull my hair out. I like many 2A and 3A head coaches cause they do whatever it takes to win. If SOC goes up 2 touchdowns, game over as LH is a clock control close game team. Gonna be fun to watch Saturday morning followed by the best game probably North Shore and Duncanville.
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