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  1. Big difference from "having a chance to beat Carthage" and "beating Carthage".
  2. Center is scrimmaging: Kilgore Mansfield, LA Get a chance to see Barbay in the new environment. Looks like Mansfield has some athletes.
  3. Jasper has outstanding talent in the pipeline. Cant wait to see what happens with the Freshman DE that played 1B on the JV baseball team. He is among the most impressive looking kids I have ever seen. Had a couple of similar in 8th Grade as well.
  4. It has to do with "this year" not being "last year". Teams do not always perform the same from year to year. There have been scenarios where a team "won a State Championship one year" and then "did not win a State Championship the next year". In extreme case, teams that "did not make the playoffs one year" actually "made the playoffs the next year".
  5. How about the rest of the poll?
  6. Nothing wrong. Just no personal connection.
  7. Though I have challenged WOS fans in the past, I will be supporting them from afar this year, specifically due to the new coaching staff.
  8. Got it. Last year discounts the previous to trips to the State Championship Game. There is not one person on planet Earth who would not pick FBM to win this district.
  9. For some reason, I feel like FBM has made it further than the 1st round in recent years. Is FBM normally defeated in the 1st round? How did they get "their reputation"?
  10. Open after 1 and 2. Probably between Ned, TC, PNG.
  11. The only game that is a "no" is Marshall. Everything else is in play. Dayton program is among the most disciplined in the region and will take form this year. Surprise "move in QB" will also be a game changer that put them ahead of schedule.
  12. Dayton is going to be "significantly improved". Dayton program is a "well oiled machine". 7-8 wins this year. Deep runs on the horizon.
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