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  1. There certainly was no problem getting an "audit" of the Trump background when the FALSE allegation of Russian collusion erupted.
  3. Are you talking about that event that was caused by a spontaneous response to an internet video?
  4. The point would be to compare Obamas promise to build a 21st Century VA to Trumps promise to repeal Obamacare. But I forgot, failures of anyone other than Trump are not permitted for presentation.
  5. Go ahead InMAGAWeTrust- tell him how this is just a conspiracy offered by a far right wacko!!!
  6. How "provocative"! Since I know how much weight your opinion carries here, I think I will not fret about it.
  7. More recently? Any reason you couldnt/wouldnt answer the question rather than deflecting from it?
  8. Perfect example. Censor all whataboutisms unless they bolster the case I am trying to make. You got in trouble once for playing the racecard so often. It wont be long until the RNC/far right/wacko insults will provide you with a similar result, master " chainyanker"
  9. OXYMORON- And your point is? ( possibly that violence exists , to varying degrees with both sides- If that is the case, which "side" is more proficient at it and displays it more frequently?
  10. Sorry, you are quite wrong. Not claiming victimization caused directly by a Gay, but rather by those using Gays to advance their own political agenda. But I wouldnt expect any more from you.
  11. Interesting. Seems like only about 6 months ago where lots of police and law enforcement was told to stand down and that there was a lot of police brutality. Now it is the complete opposite. Not much different than the NY Governor and the Chicago mayor saying, quite suddenly, that we must open the economy. Give me a break.
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