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  1. During the democratic primary, Biden and Harris both claimed the other was unfit/unqualified to lead the nation. Now they are proposing exactly that.
  2. Why should we believe this assertion is any more accurate than the one that claimed he said soldiers were losers? Ever hear of a loss carry forward? My guess is that if there was anything done illegal, Lois Lerner would have been on top of it.
  3. Come on SW1966, tell them how untrue this is and that we are simply drinking kool-aid along with the rest of your scientific psycho-analysis.
  4. If masks work, why must we social distance? If social distancing works, why are masks necessary?
  5. Wait a couple of minutes. SW1966 is going to tell you this is fake and is part of a right wing authoritarian conspiracy.
  6. But yet, you" KNOW" anything and everything about anyone on this board who takes a position opposite of yours. Simply amazing.
  7. From what institution did you obtain your Psychology degree? Additionally, please name the colleges that conferred upon you degrees in epidemiology and political science. I have never seen anyone, anywhere who can "evaluate" people so easily based upon a few comments on a message board.
  8. HYPOCRISY at its FINEST!!!
  9. The left doesnt believe in proof. They believe an allegation is sufficient. Perfect example is the Brett Kavanaugh circumstance. A man and his family were nearly completely humiliated and destroyed with no basis except for a totally phony allegation.
  10. You can't educate the "uneducable"
  11. Translation: If you disagree with SW1966, you are narcissistic and authoritarian. If he disagrees with you, it is "enlightenment"
  12. SW1966 ought to provide an answer for you shortly
  13. You cannot say that. You must remember that, as a member of the right, you are NOT entitled to your "unenlightened" opinion.
  14. Very little, if any legitimacy, to the Steele Dossier
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