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  1. He began his career as a freshman at HJ and will likely finish it there by being in the program four consecutive years. Still very interested for you and/or Magic Johnson to tell me what local basketball schools can say the same.
  2. please name the school who has a good basketball program with less than one "murderer" Your contention of "aau pipeline" is totally disproven with these numbers.
  3. The " discussion" to which you refer involved some Yates fans mocking the coach embracing his senior son who fouled out of his last game. Very long journey for young man whose life was in doubt when he was born. Funny thing about your perception of disrespect. Especially since the kid has never been close to a technical in any high school game he ever played. Another poster on this board, who I do not know, stated that the tech was unnecessary. I was speaking with an official within the athletic dept of HISD after the game and his response was " some refs develop extremely sensitive ears" in games. I was quite close to the player/ref when the tech was called and I have no recollection of any overt action by the player. But, of course, I am an HJ fan and may not have seen something that happened. Just an FYI- the ref who called the technical was the same ref who called the technical on the HJ coach earlier and was the same ref having extended conversations with Mr. Wise before the game. I noticed that if the Yates girls and the HJ girls win their semi-s tonight, they will play tomorrow.
  4. HJ has one player out of 15 varsity players and another 20 sub varsity players who has not been with the program AT LEAST since their freshman years. Just wondering, Magic Johnson, can you say the same about the school with whom you affiliate yourself?
  5. You are correct, you dont know the HJ coach and you have no earthly idea how he deals with technicals. ( this one was the only technical ever given to this player in over 100 varsity and another 50 sub varsity games) The coach, long ago, implemented a policy ( so the players and other interested parties know in advance of the consequences) that results in suspensions from subsequent games. My opinion is that is a better option and teaches a better lesson than screaming and yelling at a player in front of his friends and families. As you said, that is my personal opinion. That policy has been in force and adhered to for a number of years.
  6. We always hear about wage and wealth inequality. The 500 richest people on this earth lost $400 billion this week. How much did those at the opposite end of the spectrum lose? Who was the bigger loser?
  7. So the coach was "pretty much entertained by that"? In what way was he " pretty much entertained"? It was the kids 5th foul and the last game of his career so there was no need to jerk him off the court. The coach has a full minute to determine the substitute and the player is to remain on the floor until his substitute has been selected. He was the coaches son who, at a young age nearly lost his life and it has been a very long journey for the father/son. Hence the embrace which was belittled and mocked by some folks directly behind the HJ bench and the coach took issue with it. I'm sure you would have handled it differently, right?
  8. If its uneven and unfair for everyone, then it is actually even and fair, right?
  9. What player was disrespectful? To whom was he disrespectful? In what manner he display his disrespect? By the way, I happen to know that HJ has a policy that deals a punishment for technicals in subsequent games. That policy is far more effective than some bit of acting on the court to mollify people such as yourself.
  10. So, if you can, why can't I? Oh wait, I think i know. My comments waste space but yours don't?
  11. stevenash


    Then it seems that you might be in a position to tell him that his perception regarding the Koran is incorrect> What about that UT Alum?
  12. And you have no complaints that you sometime voice about the "uneveness" of your life other than basketball? You never feel that you are a victim? You believe in self responsibility and believe that everyone should be held accountable for their lot in life?
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