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  1. Yes, he was in Lake Charles Fox carried the appearance.
  2. In case you havent noticed, there is a ton of allegations regarding the President colluding with Russians. I was asking if that was what you were implying. Now that I have answered your question, how about reciprocating?
  3. And how did my question to you relate to anyone dying anywhere?
  4. Maybe she left her dog on the roof of her car 30 years ago
  6. Which is why its a joke when Biden says his "situation" in Ukraine has already been "investigated"
  7. Does this mean there is "collusion" taking place?
  8. Whoever her successor is has no idea that victims of him/her are already being assembled
  10. Does Bo Hack agree with your assessment/evaluation?
  11. No Look- what is expected of those Red Devils this year ? How much support will they get from the Gestapo?
  13. And I am sure he will have many opportunities proposed to him if he elects to reconsider his Lamar commitment.
  14. The very same people who "believed" Christine Blasey ForD and Adam Schiff
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