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  2. Sorry, back at you wont work. If you are going to lob the allegations, you need to substantiate them. Its easy for me to call you a child molester but nobody cares unless I can offer something more than the allegation. And when you have no facts, attack whom you dont like
  3. So, when I ask you to substantiate your allegation, your only retort is Whatism, false equivalent, yada yada yada. If you are going to make a claim, back it up once instead of offering empty, banal rhetoric.
  4. go ahead and show me how due process existed only during the Obama years.
  5. And the law was in place prior to Trump being elected.
  6. Tell me how the verbatim transcript is not the final document? Good point. Apples are not oranges. The transcript IS the transcript. And, in regards to your complaints about What-ism, I responded to that and notice you had nothing to say regarding my response.
  8. To answer the question you posed in this thread, this is obviously Trumps fault. These things did not happen until 2016.
  9. You MUST listen to Jane. She and Whoopi and Joy Behar know what they are talking about.
  10. Sure, but cant resist illustrating hypocrisy when it is so blatantly rampant. . I find it interesting that you talk about how sickening prejudice is. Do you believe that malady is confined to those on the right? How about you? AS for Ism-s, how about this. I believe, strongly I might add, that the size of government should be limited as should the intrusion of government in our daily lives. Furthermore, beyond defense and essential services, I believe that central planning is counter-productive. I am firmly convinced that the federal government is ineffective and incompetent when it comes to business. How about you?
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