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  1. Nederland vs Santa Fe

    I really don’t care who wins, but I think Sante Fe is definitely used to teams “being physical and biting them in the mouth”.  They have been in the Fort Bend district with the likes of Marshall, Manvel, Texas City, etc.  
  2. Crosby at Vidor

    I get the feeling most fans in our district are rooting for Vidor. Is that because they want to see them do their dirty work for them ?
  3. Crosby at Vidor

    You don't like Crosby ?
  4. BH vs. Dayton

    If you are referring to my comment as being arrogant, you are wrong. I am basing my opinion off the fact I have seen them play, and like I said, I'm not sure they can beat anyone in this district. At this point, their best chance of a win would be Baytown Lee.  Although, they beat Galena Park, whom Dayton lost to.  
  5. BH vs. Dayton

    You're probably right about the outcome.  It wouldn't surprise me if Dayton doesn't win a game this year.  
  6. Crosby at Vidor

    What Crosby's run defense has done vs other teams this year really doesn't mean anything. In those games you have to be prepared to defend the pass also.  There is a 99% chance that's not going to happen. So I'm not sure any presumptions can be drawn from previous game stats.  I am curious to see how the new defensive coordinator does against the Vidor.   I wonder if TVC ever gets tired of typing Run, Run, Run,.....when giving Vidor game updates.
  7. Crosby at Vidor

    Sounds like you might have had a few already. LOL
  8. 2nd string in. Including the QB
  9. Garbage TD. First penalty on Stark on a kickoff. 
  10. Does Stark have any penalties yet ?  Crosby has plenty. 
  11. Crosby has quit rushing the QB now that they are up by three scores late. 
  12. I think that was Crosby’s problem before the game started. Players have not shown any excitement since they came out of the locker room.