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  1. Crosby is open

    Bye !
  2. Crosby is open

    “Rio2”, as he is called, was listed as the RB coach. I would think he would go with Rio. The OC is listed as Freeman, who I would really like to see get a chance. Crosby does have an Asst. AD (Coker) that you would think they would consider also. But who knows what the current Board and Administration will do. Their decision-making abilities of late is HIGHLY questionable. 
  3. Crosby is open

    Lol.  Yea, much longer.  Like right after the first of the year. 
  4. Crosby is open

    Thanks for the update, but it's really not breaking news. Maybe just making it official.  Hopefully Crosby doesn't wait long on naming their new head coach. 
  5. Crosby is open

  6. Crosby is open

    Your not going to be able to explain anything to 2wedge. He stated in another thread he was “calling BS on Rio going to Chapel Hill”, even though it’s clear he is by the timing and what he has actually told some. 2wedge already knows everything about Crosby, or so he thinks he does. 
  7. Crosby is open

    I’m hoping they don’t bring a new guy in. I hope Coach Freeman applies for the job. He’s been on Rio’s staff from the beginning and helped bring a lot of those winning teams up when he began at the Junior High level. He has currently been the Varsity RB coach and has developed a lot of talent at that position. 
  8. Stephenville open - Houston area related

    Call BS all you want.  He's already told some he is going to Chapel Hill.  
  9. Really good game !  I was impressed with the Canadian QB, he's a serious gamer. And the Canadian defense was Flying to the ball.  
  10. Live Games

    I've never watched 6 man either. Do they have half-time performances with a band and all ?
  11. I agree. I have no words for what they just did. 
  12. Does the Silsbee QB not run at all ?  WOS is not even paying him any attention. He could keep the ball and run for days. 
  13. It was a joke.  You have a lot of catching up to do if you are still on week 4 threads. Good luck. 
  14. Question

    I’ve been wondering the same thing.  The Butch or Lamar just make sense. 
  15. Which team is the home side ?