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  1. The Hill vs Manvel

    I would rather see BH win but I think this score is more realistic than what Calpreps prediction is. 
  2. Crosby 30 Baytown Lee 28/FINAL

    No, I don't think he got his feelings hurt. He's not that kind of coach or person. Who knows, he might stay.  I'm just stating my opinion.  Who would want to stay ?
  3. Crosby 30 Baytown Lee 28/FINAL

    In my opinion, I think he will leave.  Why would a coach of his caliber stay at a school that cut his athletic budget, laid off many of his staff, and not knowing what the future holds ?  I wouldn't stay.  
  4. Crosby 30 Baytown Lee 28/FINAL

    Yes, I believe the financial situation disrupted the mindset of the team and entire community.  I think every school board member should be removed.  Yes, the QB getting hurt was a HUGE deal.  Howard is an amazing athlete and play-maker.  His biggest contribution was as a leader.  In all the games he played in this year, Crosby started slow, but the team knew they had a leader that could bring them back and never lost confidence.  That leadership was lost when Howard was sidelined.  Crosby became one-dimensional without any threat of a passing game or running ability from the QB position.  Crosby will be in for some tough years to come, we will see.  What coach would want to work at a district that made BIG budget cuts, personnel cuts, and probably won't see raises for a while ?  Many good people in all departments lost their jobs and lively-hood due to the stupidity of the past Superintendent, Comptroller, and current school board.  The first two mentioned are gone, and MANY in the community would like to see the ENTIRE board go with them.  
  5. Crosby 30 Baytown Lee 28/FINAL

    The final was 30-28 Crosby.
  6. Nederland 45 Crosby 22/FINAL

    Sold all the iPads to the PNG Athletic department. Seriously though, someone probably donated them. 
  7. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    I can't believe I have resorted to saying this, but GO BRONCOS !
  8. Crosby@Nederland

    The problem with this prediction for Crosby fans is, he’s wrong ALOT. 
  9. PNG/rumors

    You are exactly right. That’s all speculation what other schools have been doing. What PNG did is proven fact with photographic evidence. Own it and move on. 
  10. PNG/rumors

    Trust me, NOBODY from Crosby is defending our school board for the situation they have put us in. Yet, PNG is going to the grave with “the glove don’t fit” defense. 
  11. PNG/rumors

    You are “presuming” that is what I meant. 
  12. PNG/rumors

    Maybe he should go represent PNG if they appeal. Then they all can look like a$$e$ together when the UIL shows them pictures of the infraction. 
  13. PNG/rumors

    Probably got tired of listening to you. Maybe y’alls coach talked his way in with an iPad. That doesn’t make it right. 
  14. PNG/rumors

    Your response says it all. 
  15. PNG/rumors

    Humble ISD will not allow umbrellas inside their stadium. The next time you go over there and it is raining, take an umbrella with you. Then you can stand at the gate and argue with security that they are “presuming” you are going to use it. Tell them you will just set it beside you. See how far that gets you.