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  1. Beto or Cruz

    I can’t really take credit for the comment. That is the exact words used by an elderly gentleman I know. The look on his face and his expression as he was saying it was priceless. He had me rolling. 
  2. Beto or Cruz

    Ain't nobody, at this address, voting for nobody named, Beto !
  3. Dang man.  If you got that many rings, how many years were you in high school ?  Most only go four.
  4. Even the Astros baseball game score tonight was higher than these two teams offenses.  
  5. Just getting around to reading this thread. I will have to say, I got a good chuckle out of this post. 
  6. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    Dayton loses to Galena Park.   Baytown Lee beats Galena Park tonight. I think this tells you where Dayton's program is at right now.
  7. I heard BH was up 20-10 with 6:00 left in third. 
  8. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    Porter with back ups in
  9. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    TD Dayton. 48-16 Porter
  10. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    End of third 48-9 Porter
  11. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    Another pick by Porter as Dayton was driving. 
  12. I think they shared with Summer Creek
  13. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    Porter. Purple gives me a rash. 
  14. Kpark is not very good at all.