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  1. Really good game !  I was impressed with the Canadian QB, he's a serious gamer. And the Canadian defense was Flying to the ball.  
  2. Live Games

    I've never watched 6 man either. Do they have half-time performances with a band and all ?
  3. I agree. I have no words for what they just did. 
  4. Does the Silsbee QB not run at all ?  WOS is not even paying him any attention. He could keep the ball and run for days. 
  5. It was a joke.  You have a lot of catching up to do if you are still on week 4 threads. Good luck. 
  6. Question

    I’ve been wondering the same thing.  The Butch or Lamar just make sense. 
  7. Which team is the home side ?
  8. Huntsville 34 Manvel 10/FINAL

    He must be confused.  
  9. Huntsville 34 Manvel 10/FINAL

    The announcers on texanlive are talking about how terrible the officials are doing. 
  10. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    It's all good, but you know I'm not lying.  
  11. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    You could watch all 3 on Texanlive for what it costs for parking, unless those Nachos bring you that much happiness. Have fun. I'm not fighting that Houston, Black Friday traffic.  Sitting at home and watching them all on the couch. 
  12. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    Oh man, you're in trouble now.  If you start throwing out current stats and rankings to these SETX guys, you're going to get told about championships and games won before any of our grandparents were even born. 
  13. The Hill vs Manvel

    I would rather see BH win but I think this score is more realistic than what Calpreps prediction is. 
  14. Crosby 30 Baytown Lee 28/FINAL

    No, I don't think he got his feelings hurt. He's not that kind of coach or person. Who knows, he might stay.  I'm just stating my opinion.  Who would want to stay ?