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  1. Easy now. PNG played Livingston and Lee also. The QB didn't play the second half against LCM either. I do think a PNG/Crosby match up in the first round would be good to watch though. 
  2. By the time you get done, it will be time to update the current games. LOL. 
  3. Livingston vs PAM

    Dang, that's like BH math.
  4. Hmmm.  Nobody even talks about Howard being one of the top QBs around. Leads passing yards while only playing 2-1/2 quarters or less in 3 of those games.  Good job on the stats. That's a lot of work. 
  5. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Ok, I will have to think about an excuse for you projecting us to have an "early" 2nd round exit.  But if you consider two rounds early, what do you consider not getting in at all ?
  6. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Early exit ?  Two rounds after the hill is early ?  
  7. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    How can you bad mouth a program that gets knocked out the "2nd or 3rd round every year", (your words), when your program barely makes it to the playoffs in a 4 team format and gets an early exit ?  And quite possibly won't make the playoffs at all this year.  
  8. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Oh wow.  I don't know that there is an excuse required to dominant the district and bi-district the last several years, but ok.  If you are happy with spending all that money on the coaching staff and finish 4th or 5th in the district that's good with me. Happy hunting.
  9. I know you guys have been having this debate for a little while now about which QB has been playing better, but if you look at Crosby's Jaiden Howard, you might consider him in the mix with these guys. He has put up some good numbers and 3 of the 6 games, he hasn't played more than 2-1/2 quarters. 
  10. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    If it is, that's still two more weeks more than BH.  LOL
  11. I agree.  Just a neutral party looking from the outside. 
  12. I don't know if anyone posted the stats for this game but I found them very interesting.                                    PAM.               PNG Total yds.                  529.                  438 First downs.             25.                      21 Passing  yds               230.                 285 Passing                13-18-0              14-29-0 Rushing yds           299                    153 Penalties                14-106              3-15 The things that jumped out at me were that 73 of the 285 yards passing were by Riggs, and 125 of the rushing by PNG were by Johnson.  Seemed like he must have been their only run game.  PAM passed for more yards than I expected, based on what people had posted about their passing game.  PAM looks to won the game on yardage and first downs but certainly lost it due to 106 yards on penalties.    
  13.   I think LCM has a better team but would probably lose.  LCM plays some key players both ways and would not last 4 quarters. 
  14. 22-5A Playoff Picture

    It would be weird if Vidor wins out and their is a three-way tie for first again. 
  15. Starters rested most of the second half. Going to need them to start out of the gate next week.