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  1. Congrats to you and your wife and thank you for all you've done, AAW!
  2. Totally off topic, but the proposal for the hospital district improvements, etc was destined to fail for lots of reasons. Here's an informative post from facebook, from a person in Dayton. Not sure where the article he mentions is located. Take it for what you will. Okay, I have read the somewhat misleading article about the proposed new hospital. Now to set the type and the record straight, the proposed hospital will be built in Liberty with a “token” clinic built in Dayton. Years ago, Liberty decided it wanted a hospital district. The first attempt pitted the Liberty-Hardin-Devers-Hull and Daisetta areas against the Dayton area comprised of Dayton ISD. The hospital district was voted down. But the district proponents were not done. This second time they reduced the Dayton vote to what was then only the defined city limits of Dayton - in other words, they gerrymandered the vote to get the results they wanted. This time, of course, Dayton was outvoted. As everyone is well aware, the Dayton area has far surpassed Liberty in its growth. The expected growth of Dayton will soon dwarf the other areas, other than Dayton, served by the district. Personally, I have several questions: 1. Was there any attempts to get a donation of land in Dayton for the proposed hospital? With a hospital being built in Dayton and Liberty already having a hospital, the new clinic wouldn’t be necessary, saving money. 2. Will the passage of the proposal in any way hinder the ability of Dayton to have its own hospital which could also share in the funding provided by district funds? 3. Who were the citizens of Dayton that were on the district board that were involved in coming up with this proposal? 4. The article said the land had already been donated and paid for. Wasn’t that a little presumptuous? Just like the last time, what’s the hurry all of a sudden? 5. Much has been made about Liberty being the county seat, but it only requires a petition by the majority of voters within the county to petition for moving the county seat. Can you imagine what could happen if just the Dayton-Cleveland areas decided that a county seat needed to be more accessible to the more populous area of the county? There wouldn’t have to be any gerrymandering to make it happen. It is for these reasons i will be voting no for the proposition.
  3. Chris Lackey, the DC from Coppell got the job. It's on the first page of this topic.
  4. Coach Taylor lives in Dayton, currently. Commuted from Baytown to Liberty for quite some time, though.
  5. Thanks for updating. Texan live not working. SMH
  6. Seems like the only time defenses don't get shredded by legit passing games these days, is when they can overwhelm the opposing offense with superior athletes. IN GENERAL, it was much easier to play defense 20+ years ago when ALMOST everyone was run heavy.
  7. Carthage might be 4AD2 in enrollment, but everyone knows their football numbers are WAY higher than the average 4AD2. Athletes flock to places like Carthage. 2 classification difference doesn't hold water in this case.
  8. Last kick on this video is from 63!!! I know it's practice, but the kid is special. [Hidden Content]
  9. Interesting. Knew about the Dawes Act, but never the Rolls. Crazy stuff.
  10. I might have missed it, but did the new coach play guys both ways? Can't find the original topic.
  11. Not to mention the fact that being able to run 8.5 mph for 7 minutes, has nothing to do with being a good football player. That type of training doesn't make you better in the 4th quarter either. We've learned lots about training since those days.
  12. I remember this one. Perry (Bradley maybe?) was a speedster!!!
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