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This is what happens when a country school hires a super from Houston.

Warren school board screwed up with this hire and actually this falls back on parents who voted these people in.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR.

Warren......no wonder your at the bottom of barrel all the time.  You have low standards and low expectations..... 

parents who you elect matters....who your leaders matter.....

school board




Trickle down affect

now you have good teachers and coaches leaving because of poor leadership at the top.

good luck replacing all those people

kids can’t buy in to a system to have success and team unity when you elect inept school board members who then hire an inept superintendent who doesn’t have a clue how to deal with a sports program.

Look in the mirror and make some changes.


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AD has resigned 

many other staff members are leaving due to the super  and certain board members mismanagement(I’m being nice)

She must not know that the coaching fraternity talks....why would anyone want to come work there and not get a say in coaching staff and have to play certain kids in fear of their job.

Warren was headed in a good direction but when people don’t do their homework and elected those who in turn hire a leader who in turn causes havoc.....shows ya how important your votes are (for some reason this sounds all to familiar)

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2 hours ago, Matthew328 said:

Solid Oak may not be widely known but they've got some power players behind the scenes who have a lot of connections and resources..

If that were true, why doesn’t everyone use this?

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I'd say 95% of the ISD's dont use search firms because they decide to conduct the search themselves..if the firm gets a good reputation they'll pick up more work..I know of at least 4 ISD's (not counting Warren) that have utilized Solid Oak already this year....my guess is if they keep the folks they have as consultants and have successful hires they'll absolutely pick up more work

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