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  1. And he did all that basically raw compared to what kids are using today with some of the bench shirts and squat suits.
  2. Because Beaumont is a cesspool? The entire city is apathetic? It's more Western Louisiana instead of East Texas? That entire school district is a septic wound that continually gets covered with a wart bandaid. They keep making "upgrades" that "are best for the kids" but don't want to admit the adult decision makers are screwing it up for the kids. I also noticed the question never mentioned if the infinite change in administration that can't allow for consistency.
  3. So this Tarkington thing is still going? There were 2 things I always heard from coaches. Never take coach by a town by water because it's typically infested with river feeders or the retirement crew. The 2nd thing I've heard from coaches is don't take a job when the school has a lot of online chatter.
  4. The casual fan doesn't see that though. Their focus is on how coaching can fix things because that's the easiest thing to be replaced.
  5. *sighs...* When Liberty Hill started winning, do you realize how many kids had moved in that were college football players? I think 4 of the 5 starters went on to play some form of college football when they won the 1st state championship. Liberty Hill is an affluent area...go look at the homes there and tell me how they compare to Tarkington. Also, I didn't know a coach could start turning athletes that run a 5.2-5.5 downhill with the wind at their backs to kids that magically start running 4.6-4.8 on an average. I'll give you a little hint there aren't many people on this planet that can drop 40 times that much. I know what you're saying about "it can happen" but the reality is unless you actually work at places and understand the culture there you'll never see what teams are actually competing with. Did you know if you looked up the demographics of Kingwood and South Lake they are nearly identical? Why can't Kingwood win more? Willis and Crosby have demographics that are eerily similar as well. Shouldn't Willis be playing for state championships as well? I always kinda root for Tarkington because they do have kids that work hard. I have a stigma against Tarkington at times because of the air a lot of their community has and I'm still not sure why that air is there. They get their breaks beat off by Shepherd (in football, powerlifting, track) and they think they're superior to Shepherd in those areas. Not all people in Tarkington are delusional but there are enough of them that feel entitled because of their last name of the fact that they make more than $40,000 as a household and it rubs people the wrong way.
  6. Did you really compare LH and Tarkington? I've seen both in person and they're 2 totally different animals. T-Town had a "Rah-Rah" guy recently and he's not there anymore. Typically those guys last for a couple of years. I'll leave it at this, but unless the admin and community chooses to ride and stick with a guy they're always going to be an endless, revolving door.
  7. You must be from Tarkington. Tarkington does not have the athletes in house that they did "a few years ago". In fact, I don't think they've ever had that in their existence except for that stretch in the year they beat Mexia in the 1st round of the playoffs. What you're talking about creating there isn't going to happen until the community quits making excuses and helps to push their kids to be better. I've been around Tarkington off and on since the mid 90s and there hasn't been a swinging Richard in charge there that has gotten the kids off the deer lease consistent enough to win. Look at what John Snelson has done since he left Tarkington. I VIVDLY remember people from t-town calling him a really bad coach, say that he was way in over his head, and couldn't relate to the kids there. The best thing I can see them doing is to bring in an older guy that's on the fringe of retirement and let him stick it out to allow the kids there to see some stability and once he retires move on from there. I know it won't happen though because that would mean the people making decisions would have to look at what's best for ALL the kids; not just their little Johnnys and Sallys.
  8. That's a good question. I'm hoping someone that makes decisions there actually reads this board and gives it some thought.
  9. What about Chip Keel getting a chance? He's tied to the area and could actually bring some stability to the position.
  10. Better watch yourself around here mentioning anything good Howard did...the trolls will come out and start to cry foul! I'd reach back out to Stan because the guy is still invested there. He'd be willing to ride the time out and do what's right by kids...but I don't know anything.
  11. That's a rarity in T Town. I'd tap the brakes a little for anyone to assume that's a year in and year out thing there.
  12. Some of my favorite quotes have come from Ben Goffney in Shepherd. "Good jiggity night!" Any time something is good "That's good bull there" "That boy there is an It-lee feller!" "Numb head!" "Well, we rolled the dice and hit snake eyes" on a loss. End of conversations "Carry on, sir"
  13. Or he moves along when the talent starts to dip. There's been a lot of lucky coaches in their career that have hung their hats on that and are called successful.
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