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Great Article on West Brook's Sophomore Bryce Anderson

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8 hours ago, Who That said:

Four Westbrook football players was just in a pretty bad Accident two are in critical condition two are in stable condition ...! Prayers for the players involved :(

Sorry I can't like that post. But thanks for the update. Sending prayers to all envolved.

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On 7/5/2019 at 9:21 AM, KB24 said:

Camps and 7 on 7 is not a determiner of greatness. I personally think the kid is over-rated. I am impressed on the hype. Any kid can go to these combine-camps and look good. I'm going to wait to see what his Varsity years look like. 

I agree.  Many kids can do it but it’s a reason sooo many don’t! Bama, Texas, A&M, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, USC, Baylor and Georgia Tech don’t just pass out scholarships to 14yr old Freshmen everyday. I was told Anderson had private work-outs in-front of Saban, Jimbo, Herman and a few others Hc’s with other elite 4 and 5 star prospects from around the country before each camp he was invited to. 

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