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  1. Kinda weird to me as well how many of the good conservatives on here (and everywhere) talk about how much of a whore Kamala Harris is, and how much of a man Michelle Obama is, but have never really taken any exception to anything that First Lady Trump had going on in her past. I see pictures of her posted with talk about how classy she looks, and this and that. It's a funny dynamic. And for the record, I thought Obama was a lousy president, and I don't like Kamala Harris at all. But there's a level of hypocrisy there that's pretty hilarious.
  2. It’s the mo of Biden supporters and democrats in general, they absolutely cannot talk about accomplishments of their party, all their accomplishments are detrimental to the country. BadSanta, tell us why biden is great without mentioning Trump.
  3. What mess? Please explain. And no, I'm still a free man so you know I didn't peacefully protest at the Capitol. I might have burned and looted all summer though. I might have even been one of the few that were arrested...but was bailed out of jail by the current Vice President. So make up your you want this topic to be about Biden, Trump, or me? It's obvious you won't/can't list Biden's accomplishments. You won't/can't back up your vitriolic rhetoric of Trump. That leaves me. What would you like to talk about? Or we could talk about you, but I highly doubt anyone is interested in that topic.
  4. Generally in Texas it is lawful to use force but not deadly force to protect property. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding of the words “force”. A law might say a person can use the force necessary. That is different than deadly force necessary. There are extremely limited reasons to lawfully use deadly force to protect property but they do exist. The nighttime criminal mischief is many times overstated in my opinion. Deadly force is not legal to stop criminal mischief unless “property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means”. (Quoting Texas law) If a person uses deadly force to stop teenagers from throwing toilet paper, that is probably murder. If a person is breaking your windshield wiper, there had better be a high risk of you getting killed by trying to stop him or again, it is probably murder. The law doesn’t talk about speculation either. It goes by what is known to the person at the time who is using the force. For example at 12 year old kid “could” have a pistol and “might” kill you. If 12 your kid is throwing confetti in your yard, you cannot shoot him and say well I thought he might have a pistol. If he produces the pistol, that isa different issue. If you’re 5 foot 110 pound woman and there’s a 6’2” 220 pound man doing something, that might be a reasonable belief. So far protection of property either from theft or criminal mischief the first requirement is it be during the night. The second requirement to make deadly force lawful is that there were not other reasonably means to stop theft or criminal mischief. If you could just yell at someone and scare them away, and that is what is “necessary”. Remember that when a person uses deadly force, that person might be in front of a jury trying to explain why he killed someone in the nighttime for throwing eggs.
  5. Is it possible, that the best quarterback in Liberty County this season, was on the Hardin Hornet 8th grade team? If you've had a chance to see him play, you know how talented the kid is. Hull Daisetta Hardin Cleveland Liberty Dayton Tarkington I seriously think he would've started on most of these teams listed this past season if the opportunity had been presented. Dayton is the only question mark, and it's a big one. It's the offseason, we need stuff to talk about, so what do you guys think?
  6. Talk about cult. Biden tells a black man to his face he ain’t black unless he votes for him. What a ridiculous condescending statement. One of many things Biden had said and done but yet he got a pass from the media. He’s basically telling black people not to get off the plantation. Smh. I have hard time understanding how John James didn’t win his Senate race when you look at his resume and his campaign platform.
  7. Biden has failed in his attempt to rid us from Covid, but it’s not from a lack of trying…. I’ve been around drunks who can talk better than this….
  8. Not sure I’m understanding all the talk about Tobys overall HC record. Let’s not forget he took over a horrible 0-10 Shoemaker team, so a good number of those losses was getting that program going in a different direction. I don’t think anywhere he’s been has the same consistent talent that comes through WOS. Also Some coaches just fit in better in some areas than others. Happens at all levels
  9. We’ll at this point I believe there’s one party. The Uniparty ( The Government Party) against We the People. The Democrats don’t even try to hide their Hate for America anymore and the Republicans are just as repulsive as they sit by an watch like a bunch of Wussy’s. Oh they talk a big game but they don’t ever do anything about the Democrats Playbook. As for troll boy…he just gets excited when he gets play time after finishing his coloring books. I prefer to call him Jussie. 😁
  10. I was following Silsbee basketball as early as 1967. I even remember seeing some Waldo Matthews HS games. I really didn't think about winning state until Kountze did it in 1969. That is when the end the frustration set in for me. Then I found this msg board and had to endure listening to HJ, Kountze Beaumont and Pt Arthur fans talk about their various championships. Anyway, we won not just one, but two. Could of been three.
  11. It's a "self-teaching" moment. Let the players do the self work, coaches get ready for district as far as talk.
  12. I hate to say this cause someone gonna take it the wrong way: if I know Newton (in which watching past games when they have lost) they don't like to be intimidated as in talking that talk and locking down on defense with it.
  13. What’s with all the talk about the assistant principal?
  14. I have to wonder at the level of stupidity. It isn’t because some teenagers got something to drink. OMG!! Shocking!! Uhhhhhh……. No. For two people in their position however, what were they thinking? Let’s see, surely these teenagers will keep their mouths’ shut and not talk to anyone about what’s happening and thereby causing us to lose our careers and become criminals. It should be a crime just to be that stupid……. They should have been charged with two crimes. One for giving alcohol to minors and a second for being an almost unbelievable level of stupidity.
  15. Mr Reagan, this is pretty simple. You've obviously, stated your dislike of Toby due to what you perceive as failure in the win/loss columns. If you are a resident of the WOS district then make your feeling known in the community. Spend your dime on promoting who you'd like to see in there. If you aren't, then why are you so concerned? You know the community wants Toby, if they are wrong, then, it's on them. If the sup/SB go a different route, then I'm not sure that the other coach could EVER achieve the level of success it would take to appease the constituents. That's just real talk. I've said all along I think it should go to the most qualified individual. From what I know of those who've applied, Toby is it, hands down, when you apply the standards the district has posted publicly COMBINED with the fact Toby is home grown. He stands alone in either facet. If you're an outside fan, get behind the community because I have a feeling it'll be Toby unless something more sinister is involved. And, if your not, pray your right and you have something to look forward to for the next few years. Lol
  16. After listening to Coach Forman talk about his team and the community, I think he loves where he is at.
  17. Silsbee didn't even play very well and beat Madison a few weeks ago. Now they're slapping us around by 25 points most the game. Beyond pathetic. You can pump the brakes on all that going to state talk, as far as I'm concerned. Proof is in the pudding. You played though teams and came up small. That's all on us and nobody else.
  18. Silsbee deserved to lose this game. Not sure if we have another one today or not. Despite my feelings about the officiating, Carter was the better team today. Play better, Tigers. Silsbee played like garbage for minutes at a time. Even got out hustled on too many plays, which is completely unacceptable. Could have went in at halftime with a nearly even score, but made idiotic play after idiotic play right before halftime. Somebody needs to have a talk with Harris. The number one thing he can do for the Tigers, above all else, is to be out there. Can't have him miss nearly an entire half against good teams.
  19. well honestly last year is last year and it really does not matter anymore - Lumberton won - but Silsbee went further in the playoff - end result Silsbee proved out to be better team for 2020/2021 season the season is all about only getting to playoff - then once in playoffs to win state if you are just happy making playoffs - probably should find something else to do This year Silsbee is started at proving to be the better team - but you have to play ball - if i'm Silsbee, i come out pressing from start to finish and when smoke clears - leave no doubt for the bench warmers on this computer to talk about
  20. They will never get it through their heads that's the reason they got district. Silsbee dosen't haft to sit two weeks out with out a game and practice with Corona. They don't win district.! And we haven't talk about Lumberton until they started talking about us I warned them to leave the Tigers alone and worry about the other teams in district. 🤷🏻‍♂️😁
  21. Are you serious...As a retired Coach i would Never apologize to a Parent for not subbing there kid. If anyone i would apologize to would be the player. I truly understand the heartfelt passion about how a parent feels about there baby but the day i have to talk down on my kids teammate because of what i think i know than i need leave the talking alone. Parents....your being recruited as well as your kid and the only part about a parent a Coach can see is character because they dont need you to play. I must admit ive seen almost every kid in this area play at one time or another and if i knew all parents could handle constructive criticism i would be honest but since i know some cant i just keep my 2 cents to myself and keep it moving. No matter what makes of this you as person are wrong for criticizing your sons teammate for personal belief cause it merits no personal gain. At the end of the day Coach is gonna play who he believes is gonna get it done and all your gonna do is drive a wedge in your son and his teammate's and with #2 being the primary ball handler he may not get the touches he wants or deserves because of your emotions. Please as a parent of an athlete...Stop..your really not making it easier on your child...In the words of KP...Carry On...
  22. For sure they do. The talk is that he is being considered along with someone from DFW area.
  23. The truth of the matter is no one has moved. It’s all bunch of talk. Some mustang fans were disgruntled this year on social media about the video and said they should send there kids to LCM because they felt like the WOS coaching staff didn’t care about the kids. The most important thing for this kids is an education and a coach to come and be a great leader to them. Everything else will fall in place
  24. Someone needs to talk to BF and see if he even wants to stick it out here, he’s been done pretty dirty over not wanting to say no… It’s a shame to be in a bind over trying to win, when winning is what should keep you employed…
  25. Agree the talk about players going to LCM is really silly after one year of success. My Nephew played for WB under Peevy and one cousin who is still there #44, I have heard good and not so good about his coaching at WB. Getting players to buy in is the key. I hope you guys do get your bond passed all schools should have nice facilities to play in. The sooner WOS makes their announcement the sooner the gossip and wishful thinking can STOP about who will be HC next year.
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