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  1. I mean they are clearly just letting her talk out of her behind these days. How does no one vet what she is planning to say? Heads up Nancy - I’m pretty sure my black friends (and family) would just prefer to remain alive....
  3. 6 grade will all be at Mauriceville. Mauriceville 7th and 8th going to LCJH. This isn’t finalized but is in the talk. Mauriceville folks hear about this and they will be in a uproar.
  4. Yep, and girls coaches too. I'm hearing King to United or Memorial OR could stay and teach only - that's the rumor at other Schools Field Houses. Some talk about Faircloth too. They have to honor King's contract less coaching stipends. Probably about $15,000 total. 6 for football, 2/3 for coordinator then 3 or so for 2 other sports $12-15. PNG get days for extra time put in at their day rate so around 300 a day for 15 or so days Time will tell
  5. Wow, and I’m constantly condemned for watching Fox. Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Talk about sheeple.....ahhhh ha ha ha ha. Trump called them “Fake News” and he was right. Of course all of us Southeast Texans of a lesser mind knew this all along. Hey Maga, you still able to read but not post? I knew you were spoon-fed this gullible crap. What a moron (oops, I just insulted morons everywhere) YIKES!!!!! Reagan, I hope you splatter facebook with this video. All cnn reporters should have their press badges revoked. Propaganda is the work of the devil.......and liberals. One shouldn’t be able t
  6. I agree. When I first heard about it, I figured she was a relative newbie. But as I told someone else, in the heat of the moment, shot happens. Folks like to talk about root cause. If you look back at virtually every national incident of an officer killing a black person, they’re invariably not obeying the Police. Guess that’s the root cause.
  7. They have already been tracking us. Mention anything, let’s use AC units for an example. Talk about air conditioning around your phone. Tell me if you don’t start seeing AC ads in side bars on your phone, Facebook, etc. Heck, my phone “knows” when I am getting in my vehicle to leave work. It prompts me the mileage and time to reach destination to my house. I thought that was weird and info I don’t really need, but there it is.
  8. Can't argue with you.... He did cut taxes which spurred growth, but never came through with any spending cuts. But it's not just him... "Conservatives" have been doing that to us for years. It all changed after the Clinton years, when Newt Gingrich worked with Bill Clinton to provide the last deficit-free years that we've had. The modern way of thinking is that "we'll just borrow to spend whatever we want and just pay the interest. It's much cheaper this way than actually PAYING for things." Like borrowing 2 trillion for "Covid Relief" when 90% of the bill had nothing to do with the pa
  9. I have to talk a little smack. I’m new at rooting for the tigers
  10. 3-0 count, he’s not missing by much but a ball is a ball. Walk brings another run in, 2-1 OF bases loaded no outs. Coach calls time to have a talk with the starting pitcher.
  11. They should talk to Shea Bolton. Bridge city grad.
  12. Dem idea of foreign policy is to send pallets of money. Wonder how much Joe will send to Jong Un?
  13. Actually, I think Trump chose nasty talk over policies that would have benefitted the country.
  14. With the help of a bunch of snowflakes that chose nice talk over policies that are destructive to the country.
  15. You couldn’t hear yourself talk after that second shot. The place erupted. It was fun. Arceneaux will have one of those academies lurking for him this off season, I’ll bet. I didn’t realize how impressive his highlights were til I saw the highlights. That dunk over their Big. 💰💰💰
  16. Backtracks to “hypothetical spill”. Talk about egg on the face, but you can’t tell with her. She always has egg on her face.
  17. Aaron was her for a very long time. He used to participate with Grad and AWA with the talk show that's were I met him. I later began working with him at Motiva. He was a wonderful man and coworker. He worked in the office right next door to mine. He loved K'ville football, but he had a passion for all small school football. Aaron also had a long history working in the law enforcement field handling some of the biggest cases in our area as an investigator. He worked on the James Byrd Junior case as well as many other distinct cases throughout the area. He was a leader in security for Motiva and
  18. That could have been. That was 20 years ago. I remember Bosh was a little shaken. He didn't have his game together. He came back a season later and he was the talk of basketball.
  19. How's Nederland feel about not making the playoffs this year? How's PNG feel about playing Marshall in first round =-P BH sucks, coming for our district title.
  20. One of my buds at work, a Marine, used to talk about Blue Falcons. I believe the statement he’d always use applies here, “Semper I - Screw the other guy!” That might be the Democratic logo, get elected and get rich!
  21. Let's not Single out anybody Mike. With you being one of the Admins, lets do a better job with that. Just got a call from a parent, message me if you would like and we'll talk about it. He's just a freshman and we all have had bad nights. Stuff happens !! Be proud of this young group and we all know they will be in this situation again.
  22. We all know where the Adams lived while making the Silsbee basketball program relevant! And word on the street is that Harris was going to attend BU this year. But certain Silsbee parents were going to get the UIL involved. And lets not talk about all the records the Beaumont kid Lil Cee broke playing football for Silsbee. Lmao...
  23. The auto insurance companies are spending unfathomable amounts of money on commercials to reign supreme in the business. State Farm, Farmers, Geico, Progressive, Liberty, etc. spend tons on advertisement. Some commercials are initially funny, many are just downright pathetic. Some adopt a logical, results driven strategy. Some adopt a Sesame Street puppet show strategy. Some implore catchy slogans of persuasion. Practically all claim that their company can save you a fortune. Can anyone tell me the difference between the companies as far as results? Who is the fairest at resolving claims? Who
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