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  1. All the talk about the defense, you better not be one demential as in run a back that is supposed to eclipse 2,000 yards. Only 90 something away and I’ll go out on a limb and say he came up short. The long pass plays were prayers thrown by the QB and the WR made a badass play! Congrats to all and I’ll say not many teams have 2 offensive starters and make it back to the final 4!!! Go COOGS!!!!
  2. Maybe we did not know. Most people on a sports forum tend to talk only about the sports side. Do you think there is another reason? Congratulations to him and all of the other athletes for taking care of their business in the classroom.
  3. From the article: "How dare you talk about fetus wants? You have no idea," Goldberg said. I'm almost positive the "fetus" would prefer not to be killed...smh. And people watch this garbage, says a lot about the shape we're in.
  4. I am doing this from memory so…….. That is because for much of Bridge City‘s history, it was not a city. Bridge City was just an unincorporated area much like Orangefield today is just an area. There is no city of Orangefield. In maybe the late 1960s there was talk of Bridge City wanting to become a city. The problem was that the area was in the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of Port Arthur. That means that Port Arthur controlled that area and could have annexed what is now Bridge City. Port Arthur agreed to allow Bridge City to incorporate. In the signed agreement/cont
  5. the 5Ad2 from TX Hs projections put Liberty Hill in region 3... talk about a region...
  6. That's good to hear. I know much of this culture today does not value good sportsmanship or public civility in social media, but they should. I value people can agree to disagree, and stay away from devolving into trash talk. I would much rather talk football!
  7. I know a guy that killed his best friend like this. They were crossing a barbed wire fence and the guy leaned his gun against the post to cross through... the gun fell over and fired, hitting his friend in the leg and he bled out. Talk about life-changing.
  8. Some talk on other site Chapel Hill to roll over LCM. Like El Campo before them - like Kilgore was thinking about Chapel Hill, that kind of thinking will get you beat. They see Vidor beat LCM, and they beat Vidor, forgetting the fact that Vidor was 100% healthy when the Pirates beat LCM, and played CH with a crippled backfield and HC missing. Plus the Bears appear to be peaking. Methinks CH is in for a surprise.
  9. I will agree with that. But lets not act like waskom didnt have key players out due to covid. No one wants to talk about that
  10. Not sure. I read the article. The guide “Let’s talk about racism” was issued, evidently with the comments. Then - “At the same time, International HQ’s realized certain aspects of the guide need to be clarified.” ”Consequently the International Social Justice Commission has now withdrawn the guide for appropriate review.” My opinion, based on the article, they put it out - the 💩 hit the fan - now they’re trying to get back in everyone’s good graces. The red kettle won’t be getting my money anymore.
  11. The point of all the points your desperately trying to make is irrelevant. Crosby took care of business and the hill came up short. Barbers hill had many different opportunities to put the game away and it didn't happen. Crosby made a few adjustments at the half and were able to get some much needed stops as well as win the turnover battle. Could Crosby have lost? Yes but here we are headed to lufkin to play Texas High In December. Had the hill taken care of business I honestly believe yall would have had the higher hand and be playing ball next week, but ya didn't. BTW it's week
  12. WO-S 20 China Spring 17. I reserve the right to change this before game time as it was originally posted last Wednesday morning at 11:24am....yes I know. Both teams impressed me last night. I don't follow China Spring that close but know they beat WO-S last year and thumped Carthage like a natural man this calender week. They will be a handful. But make no mistake this a confident and weekly improving WO-S team, a team Nederland would not recognize. If they clean it up somebody's going to have to play extremely well and get creative to take this bunch down. Gonna stop here on WO-S, don't wa
  13. China Springs up 14-7 at the half, and will receive to start the 3rd. For all of the talk about the Carthage D, they’ve been the second best on the field tonight. The only reason Carthage scored is because a kickoff return gave them a 12-yd field
  14. Did you even watch the video? He was still upright fighting over the gun until the third shot was fired. To answer your question, the indictment could very possibly also have been political in nature. I’m just saying that there is a whole lot of “shoving a gun in his face” talk without a shred of evidence that it actually occurred. Kinda like “hands up, don’t shoot.” Would anybody believe that a black man was getting a fair trial when the courthouse was surrounded by hundreds of good ol’ boys? If you think so, you’re kidding yourself. That man’s violent nature
  15. My opinion, FWIW... I think sometimes police officers (like a lot of professionals) believe that any attempt by a citizen to work on their own plumbing, wiring, or protect their own property is best left to the pros. Sometimes I think that might influence opinions coming from law enforcement professionals like yourself. My problem with your "threaten to use deadly force" argument is that these guys (like a every cop) was legally carrying a firearm. Is that reason enough for anyone (like Mr. Arbery) to attack them? Not wanting to talk crap about the dearly departed, but the fact remain
  16. Thanks for posting this, been following that YouTube channel for awhile. Now ppl can see what im talking about in regards to Davis #3. Also don't kick it to Ward #2. If he gets a lane he will not get caught from behind. El Campo can be beaten, probably should've been beaten by Lindale depending on who you talk to, but that's debatable. It's gonna take a great game from LCM's defense to do it though. The Bears offense will score so they don't have to worry about that, just don't turn over the ball.
  17. I keep seeing folks talk about how "talented" this team is (as if it's not as talented as usual). The only area that is not where it would usually be is at the QB position. Other than that, the Mustangs are loaded. Early on we were hurting at the LB position, but those guys have come miles since the beginning of the season. They are playing like seasoned vets and it shows with 2 shut outs and 2 one score games in the last 4. In fact, the defense has 2 D1 commits with a 3rd any day with Shaw supposed to commit soon. The O-line is big and has a D1 commit to OU. We definitely are not "less" talen
  18. I've heard nothing but bad things about that app so I wont ever use it. I'm more interested in game talk than chest beating.
  19. LCM fans usually come on here but don’t talk a lot a smack. There’s just only a few of us that actually talk
  20. Chris was the best safety I have seen by a mile. Back in his days I was on the sidelines. The only game I ever seen him think we had been outclassed was against Dayton his junior year. We were sitting in the Lamar field house and I asked him we are tied, do we have this. His exact words… I don’t know what these guys are eating, but they are strong and fast. We went on to lose that game. After, he said it won’t happen again. And he made sure to make a statement the next year when we scrimmaged Dayton. After the bench clearing brawl, he made a statement to his team. And that was a run to the SC.
  21. I think it does. Either of these teams or China Spring vs Carthage that can play mistake free football and force a turnover or two can have a shot. Did anyone think Rusk would be up on Carthage 14-7 at half this year? I don’t care how many turnovers Carthage had that’s apart of the game. Regardless we can save that talk for next week. This is WOS vs Bellville
  22. Congratulations to the Hill on a great , exciting and successful year. Anytime you lose a close one, especially in playoff rounds, there are going to be decisions made, usually in the 4th, on plays that are questioned. Both teams had them. But as i said last week, the seniors from the Hill will be talking about their upset of FB Marshall at their 30th reunion if not longer, and a few what ifs about tonight. My teammates talk about our playoff loss to state champion Brownwood often, but beating Waco Midway also. Bittersweet . And this may be the tipping point class that sends the Hill to consta
  23. FBM was pretty legit last year to almost pull it off as well. I’m watching football Friday on Bally right now. Can’t wait til they talk about this game tonight though! Woohoo!
  24. We love you coach but your play calling sucks. Come back next year so when we lose to #1 state team we can talk about you on a public forum! You still don't get it do you. You get on a public forum and bad mouth coach and you think that's make the coach want to stay ? You might be 100% correct about the play calling, but think about how it looks to him on a public forum. It's not going to encourage him to stay at HF, especially if other people chime in on the forum and it's like a cancer spreading. Heck I'm from EC so chime on brother!!!!! LOL I'm through with this subject but just saying.
  25. Great season Longhorns. Enjoy it! Losing to an awesome team with that history will be something you talk about . Second guessing the Coach or QB. Not a good look. Use this season to build on. Carthage has been a winning tradition. You think this HF coaching staff didn’t put their very best effort into the playoffs ? What they had didn’t work. They may have gone back to why they were comfortable with so no one was seriously injured. If #1 was head hunting all night, that was his job to do. And it worked. Start preparing today for next years play offs. Start at the
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