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  1. Won't be close, Woodville by 2 touchdowns.
  2. So through my experience I have found that some people are willing to go through "mental gymnastics" in order to make sure the people that they support are right even though someone that is rational would call these "mental gymnastics" a lie. Just sayin
  3. I think they will be less as we go forward. You know just a spike and then a downward trend. I hope.
  4. It is posted under cancelled games thread and the replacement game was shown.
  5. Good job Coach Buckner! You deserve that win.
  6. Tatum putting up a basketball score a little early.
  7. I think: Hardin 14 Kountze 7 Kountze has the tools to win but the heart wasn't there tonight.
  8. Roman was no slouch either.
  9. Just to add to the discourse and truth of the matter: The parents didn't follow chain of command and went directly to the superintendent and she (supt.) did not send them to the AD to follow protocol. So what I am seeing here in this thread is basically the truth. Sad but true.
  10. Sometimes a coach can turn a teams history and tradition around but "hope springs eternal" The downs are obvious in Barbay’s case. It was the two seasons spent at Warren High School as head coach. The Warriors went 0-20 in two seasons. . . .“I have really been fortunate and it has been a wild ride,” Barbay said. “It was not long ago I was 25-years-old and really down at Warren. Sometimes I can’t believe I go to work each day in The Swamp (Florida State). It is amazing and surreal.”
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