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  1. Some of these kids will never play a down of football after this season especially if it’s the 2nd string, I have no problem with it…
  2. When is the last time WOS Came in 4th in district and had a first round exit?
  3. Called a pass interference on a pick 6 then pick up the flag…
  4. If this holds up it’ll be the upset of the week!
  5. Buna is giving diboll a hard time! Diboll Got in the red zone twice first one ended with field goal second with a pick
  6. When’s the last time you’ve seen Kendall sneed play? heard She put in a lot of work during the summer. I’d still bet money BH wouldn’t beat HJ 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. Sounds like WOS needs to take a page out of the Buna handbook….. it’s not looking good for the new head coach
  8. EC struggles a little bit again a bad kirbyville team that Buna had ready to get on the bus after halftime. The game Friday might be closer than people think
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