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  1. Pay won't change because of assistants and anyone coming in this late gets a pass for a year, then you can bring in others if they want to come. Pay can determine what assistants even want to come.
  2. It is a timing play as stated before. It may look like a force but it is not. It is just one way you can appeal that the runner left early. In High School ball you can also verbally appeal a play with no throw made.
  3. W22 Woodville (26-6-1) vs. W21 Central Heights (27-4-2)Game 1: Thursday May 20, 7:30 PM @ Nacogdoches HSGame 2: Saturday May 22, 2 PM @ JasperGame 3: 30 minutes after Game 2 (if necessary)
  4. T22 Buna (21-9-1) vs. W23 Anderson-Shiro (26-6)Game 1: Thursday May 20, 7 PM @ Jasper HSGame 2: Friday May 21, 7 PM @ MadisonvilleGame 3: Saturday May 22, 3 PM @ CE King (if necessary)
  5. W23 Anderson-Shiro (24-5) vs. R22 Anahuac (24-6-1)Game 1: Thursday May 13, 6 PM @ Humble HSGame 2: Friday May 14, 4 PM @ Grand Oaks HSGame 3: Saturday May 14, 3 PM @ Humble HS
  6. Evadale won 10 - 1. The game was better than the score shows. Big Sandy played hard.
  7. No skull caps can be worn period.
  8. Big Sandy Varsity Kountze JV Bank it I was there no hearsay
  9. Jones resigned and from what I have seen OF has a pretty good ball team.
  10. And I thought someone was going to blame the umpires for the schedule delays. 🤣
  11. Shaun Hallman, Bridge City (6-7/270): A big kid from the Golden Triangle, it is hard to miss Hallman if you see him in person. He has the frame to potentially be an elite prospect.
  12. I saw Doobies at the Woodlands also but Foreigner was the headliner. Seen Chicago twice.
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