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  1. The Four Horseman vs The Four Loggers.
  2. Good thing he didn't stop and take a squat. Who would have to get the pooper scooper?
  3. HEY HEY I only wear my pink tutu on Wednesday nights!!!
  4. Now that's a true game day experience. Now if they could only have a robot throw a beer bottle on the field.
  5. 40 on roster but some of those are JV. They all dressed tonight I believe/
  6. I played for EC in the 75 and 76 game. Never forget the game in 75. Twisted my ankle bad then I ran the wrong route on a pass and Ricky Luquette intercepted it and ran it back about 70 yds for a TD for Lumberton. I got so tired of hearing the band play The Raiders Go Rolling Along!!
  7. How are smaller schools without large press boxes going to accommodate all people needed? Looks like I may need to carry a TV tray and keep stats on my puter in the stands.
  8. ok here ya go, confirmed from casebook. First, the runner on 3rd did not attain home before the TIME OF THE PITCH. So it doesn't matter when the ball hit him. Since it was a legal pitch it is called what it is, in this case a strike which is strike 3 on the batter. Since this is the third out, no run is scored since this is not a timing play. It is a dead ball. If this had happened with less than 2 outs, all runners on base advance one base on a runner hit by a pitched ball. Then the run would have scored and the batter would still be out on the pitch.
  9. Week 1 WOS vs Carthage ??????? They are now both open.
  10. If multiple sports were to be played in the spring along with football, there will not be enough officials to cover the games. I know of very few officials that only call 1 sport. Most do at least two and some do three and one guy I know does 4. So far TASO is conducting business like there will be some sort of fall sports. A one month delay could be the answer. Looks like TAPPS has a good plan.
  11. With so many officials calling multiple sports, that could cause a problem with having enough officials. Hard to plan for not knowing what the future has in store.
  12. I see no reason why this would be illegal. Even if he dropped the ball ,unless it rolls past a foul line , it would not be a pitch. Pitchers in the windup may start with both hands in their glove, break their hands apart, then bring them back together before delivery of pitch. There is nothing in the rule that states the ball must stay in hand or glove only.
  13. He did sit out a year. He umpired with us that year. I think he is already drawing retirement from sitting out that year. Teachers do it all the time and double dip.
  14. Let the district committees vote on teams that throw their name in the hat that want to host. Would need more than one field in the beginning. Just cause you host doesn't mean you are home team.
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