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  1. I’d imagine the grass at those stadiums is maintained a lot better than high school stadiums to be fair
  2. I don’t care what anyone says… yalls RB doesn’t get hurt vs China Spring and y’all very well could’ve beat them.
  3. Yeah I liked watching him play. I’d imagine he only is gonna get better . He already was pretty decent IMO
  4. No he wasn’t a Senior. If he is still there then that’s who should be the starter.
  5. What happened to the one they had last year
  6. SOPH DL DJ Sanders Bellville Cousin to NFL WR Emanuel Sanders . Honorable mention All State as a freshman. Holds a early offer from Baylor.
  7. I’d imagine Cuero could be considered a favorite. I’m not putting them over Jasper, Silsbee, or WOS just yet though.
  8. I can’t wait anymore lol let’s get things rolling. We say goodbye to Carthage and China Spring and hello to Cuero . Also West Columbia joins the region. Lets discuss region favorites and sleepers. Crazy thing is the top 3 region favorites are in the same district. Hopefully we pull out the district championship this year because of not then your facing a uphill battle in bi district lol
  9. Franklin or Lorena obviously are the favorites. Diboll is up there. I’d start with them
  10. I know this is a 4A D2 thread but speaking of teams ranked… Lumberton comes in ranked 12th in 4A d1…LCM 15th
  11. My post was about Bellville. I’m assuming your talking about Silsbee though lol
  12. Pretty high for us to…. Losing Briggs and Reece is gonna hurt… We do have a couple good sophomore’s ready to step up, but Bellville will be back to more of a traditional ground and pound and defensive strategy to win ballgames. I will say we will be big on the O line and D line this year which is a plus. Sophomore DL DJ Sanders got a Baylor offer earlier this summer and I have a feeling it won’t be the last.
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