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  1. The next pandemic is here, it is called Dimocrats!!
  2. Wonder how he stuttered through that line of 💩 he fed that congregation?
  3. Just read where the pens that Pelosi had made to sign the Articles of Impeachment cost $15,0000. Trump signed a $2B trade deal with a $1.99 Sharpie. That's the difference between a businessman and a worthless politician.
  4. Hope Bill O'Brien was taking notes on how a real football coach has his team ready to run a fourth down play. McNair should have fired O'Brien and kept Vrabel.
  5. Amazing how quick these idiots forget what they have said in the past. The impeachment of Trump is a total farce. When you start talking impeachment before the man is inaugurated, the Dimwits have no credibility. But you have those, even a couple that post here, that fall for their crap hook, line, and sinker.
  6. I seem to get a lot of those from you
  7. Lmfao!! Giving credit to Mr. Shovel Ready jobs.
  8. Rewrite the Constituition and let's keep him in there. My retirement accounts are loving his Presidency, as I am to. We get a demoncrat in office again, I will see my accounts plunge. MAGA
  9. NY and California will never learn. It is also interesting to note, these two states are where the idiots are from pushing impeachment. Imagine that!
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