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  1. Not surprising from the party of corruption. And this will corruption will be front and center this week with the McCarthy like impeachment witch hunt.
  2. Murder is murder, I don't care what a libtard written law says.
  3. You don't condemn murder, so you condone it? Right to choose is still murder if you choose that route.
  4. It is what it is? If you don't condone murder, separate yourself from these heathens.
  5. aggy proud to be riding the coat tails
  6. No doubt! I hope we get them and Ohio St. in the title game.
  7. There is one occasional poster here that will be butt hurt because the Democrats are called Godless. But, if you condone the killing of innocent babies, you are Godless in my book. If the shoe fits, wear it.
  8. When it comes out that this was a con job created by the Dims, hopefully the Republicans will do their own investigation and throw Schiff under the jail.
  9. Why would anybody fall for one word spewed by liberals?
  10. All Demoncrats must be descendents of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, because they are a Godless bunch.
  11. With "leaders" like this, it is no wonder the Dims are a mentally deranged bunch.
  12. There's about to be a whole new can of worms opened up about how corrupt the Dims are. It's coming, just wait for it. All the more reason, other than they know they can't beat him in 2020, to impeach him. Keep MAGA in 2020!! God bless our president, Donald Trump!!!
  13. Seems like Gerrit Cole may be an ass. He immediately removed his Astros cap after the game and replaced it with a Scott Boras, his agent, cap. He then tells a reporter that asked him a question, that he is not part of team. If all these are true, good riddance.
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