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  1. Anything and everything. Syrup, rice, and the list goes on!!
  2. Maybe big girl is part of the 14%. She sure has been quiet as a church mouse. She can’t even attempt to try to these idiots she help put in office. Maybe her silence means she has seen the light about her party.
  3. Basically they will be brainwashed. I believe the parents are paying taxes that help fund these schools. Parents have every right to be involved in what is being taught.
  4. Dak giving credit to fans for throwing objects at refs. What a true PO💩! Know the rules.
  5. But the Dims and their head Dimwit, biden, were going to end the divisiveness. They have done nothing, along with the help of the media and big tech, but further divide. But hey PamFam and CardinalBacker, no mean tweets from the WH!
  6. While acknowledging the racism coming from this WH. Some people are fools. I’m sure you will say Trump is racist, because that what the liberal media told you. Keep believing the Dims are the party for you!!
  7. Well, it’s not the evil orange man saying this, it’s the one that doesn’t know the damn day of the week, so he and others of his ilk have no problem with it.
  8. Since you claim to have voted for Trump twice, I guess someone had to knock you away from Trump’s thighs before one could look up!
  9. But there’s no mean tweets! All is good to big girl. These snowflakes are ruining America!
  10. No progress, something I’ve said and believed all along. Make no mistake, wish Trump would have won. We would be far better off as a country!!
  11. Let’s hope America makes it all the way through!
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