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  1. And, with the strictest gun laws of any city in America. The talking heads are just talking to incite their backers. There is nothing that can be done to stop shootings. Why don't they do something about the beer and liquor industry? Not sure of the numbers, but I would guess more people are killed by drunk drivers than mass shootings.
  2. As Lee Corso says, "Not so fast my friend." Redskins always play the cowpokes tough.
  3. With the US now exporting oil, the price here should stay steady, but the oil companies will use any excuse to raise prices.
  4. Well, the dimtards need to parade and berate Crazy Joe before Congress, without any shred of evidence. If you libtards still read these posts, you will remember what happened to Justice Kavanaugh. But, I'm sure that pelosi and schumer, along with those of their persuasion, will turn a blind eye.
  5. Maybe no Muslims should work at airports. That would be the safest thing for all American citizens.
  6. Not, who were they kidding. Not Burrow
  7. LSU struggling with "cramps"
  8. Bad roughing the passer call
  9. Pitch and catch for LSU. Smdh
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