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  1. Any comments forthcoming from biggie girl, silly willy, bluedove, nappyroots, CardinalBacker, or PamFam. Do any of you disagree with what he said? Strictly more fabricated nonsense from the evil left!!
  2. My opinion is that you have no earthly idea what you are talking about!!
  3. Dims like to talk out of both sides of their mouths!
  4. Probably not! That’s probably the one he signed without knowing what he was signing. Pretty sorry for a potus to make laws without knowing what he’s doing. He will stay potus until pelosi and kamala boot him out, or he can “clear” himself and his son on their criminal doings!!
  5. Anybody can see this. pelosi will have kamala put the 25th Amendment into motion before the year is up.
  6. Imagine that, they’re going to coddle the senile old codger. The left and everyone associated with them are truly pathetic!
  7. Do Dims really care for the American people? After almost a week in power, I say it is a resounding no! Maybe a lib poster can explain how they do care.
  8. He’s turning into a community agitator, kind of like what obama was!
  9. In the Oval Office screwing America and Americans, that’s something to root for!! Hell, he’s even signing orders without knowing what they are! That’s doing something good, wouldn’t you agree?
  10. biden about to impose some travel bans. Will he be called racist and xenophobic by the left? What is the difference in this and what Trump did? Nothing, just the idiot left will now consider it necessary. Bunch of two-faced blowhards!!
  11. They sure are being mum here, maybe they are just embarrassed they voted for this idiot.
  12. Do you think they realize the mistake they made by putting this bunch in charge?
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