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  1. obama started us on that journey
  2. You are correct. They want to stay on the taxpayers teat as long as possible. Dims and Republicans alike!
  3. If we could get the lawmakers to pass term limit regulation, a lot of the corruptness would vanish.
  4. You should probably do some research on past posts, and quit burying your head in the sand when it comes to the Dims!!
  5. Bingo!!! The only way Trump loses. Big girl, UT Alum, nappyroots,PamFam10, and any other associates I may have missed, how would you feel about Republicans trying to pull some 💩 like this?
  6. obama’s administration without any hint of scandal is quickly becoming unraveled. It is quickly becoming more clear how much of a piece of 💩 he really is.
  7. Why is that? I don’t have stats, so I’ll ask this. Do young black males commit more of this type of crime?
  8. Do any of our lefty posters dare defend giving money to someone that is not an American citizen? Big girl, UTAlum, PamFam10? The Dims are strictly panning for votes.
  9. But obama would lead us to believe his was a squeaky clean administration. What a dirt bag, and throw Crazy Joe in there as well. Republicans need to after their asses, as the Dimwits do to the Republicans. Gotta get as nasty as they are!!
  10. I just wish some of our Dim posters could explain how this is not a problem. I know most want to give the Golden Boy a free pass on his misgivings.
  11. Schumer says Biden’s denial is sufficient enough for him that he didn’t do it. This shows again how pathetic and two-faced Dims are!
  12. I thought obama said there was not one hint of a scandal during his term as potus. Wonder what else him and Crazy Joe did behind America’s back? Two pos!!
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