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  1. Nothing Godly about that bunch. They make their living from poking the racist fire!
  2. I think you confuse those that vote for Trump, as those that like him. A vote for Trump is a vote for the betterment of America!!
  3. You should listen to a lot of what Candace Owens has to say, no matter how inferior she may make you feel!
  4. Not by a long shot!!! That title is yours by unanimous decision!!! Will you go post something in the “what good has biden thread”? Been wanting to hear what you have to say on that topic for a while now. Carry on, champ!!
  5. You need to get out of your state of denial lady!!!! Your party is a total train wreck!!!!!
  6. The Dimwits will tell you solar and wind. But, they will never harness enough of that energy to supply every car, so they will revert to good old coal.
  7. Would really love to hear what big girl thinks of the actions of her party. With Waters being a black woman, I’m sure she is ok with. Waters definitely needs to be impeached, and it should be done in just a few days!!
  8. But they won’t utter a peep about it. The Demoncrats are a far worse bunch than Trump ever was.
  9. I could see that, and the let’s take God out of society crowd.
  10. Stupid arse can’t tell the difference. Guess they all look the same to her!🙄
  11. You’ll chime in on these “racism” topics, but won’t go to another thread and tell us what good biden and his cronies are doing. Why is that?
  12. Can you imagine the outrage from the media if Trump had wanted to do this? Those of you that don’t think that the Demoncrats are in search of a Socialist society, here you go. From this, to changing voting laws, they are after total control. They truly are a sorry bunch of people. Sen. Joe Manchin needs to switch parties. He is probably the only Dim that sees the danger his party is causing!
  13. The belt you speak of will now land you in trouble. That is a lot of what is wrong with society today. The young punks of today have no idea what a good old fashioned arse whooping is.
  14. Typical pieces of 💩!!! Trump was right!!! Funny how the Demoncrats love them some CNN. Birds of a feather............!
  15. The Bible talks of the Mark of The Beast in the end times, this would be what I hinted at.
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