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  1. If we want to act like the terrorist organization that is BLM, then absolutely, ever young black man is a murdering thug.
  2. What makes these pieces of 💩 believe somebody owes them something?
  3. We all better hope so, even PamFam!
  4. Shows the intellect of a lot of voters if that’s the primary reason for voting Dimtard in this election. They are pretty much saying to hell with America if these two are running the show.
  5. Wonder how many times she slept with him to get the nod?
  6. You’re right. The Dims are more worried making sure their pork gets in there.
  7. He’s just trying to do something they can’t seem to do, help Americans that are in need.
  8. I guess some people will never let things go. Downright stupid to change the name because of fear of offending someone. Needs to be a lot of name changing if this is the road we’re heading down.
  9. If you want to call this a church, and Wright a pastor. No wonder where obama learned how to divide. This is what has been “teaching” the youth of Chicago for years. No wonder it has become a hell hole!!
  10. Chicago was a cesspool before Floyd. Need to take a look at what’s running Chicago!!
  11. The black community feels it is an unjust burden to have to get an ID to vote. Also, makes it harder for the Dims to perpetrate voter fraud. If you notice, the Dims are the ones vehemently opposed to it.
  12. Murderers, all of them. If you vote Dim, then you stand with them. This should be the one thing keeping you from voting Dim, if you are truly opposed to abortions.
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