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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. But these are “peaceful” protests!
  3. Maybe the Dems shouldn’t have thrown their little fit when Trump started banning travel from China.
  4. The same one Christine Balsey Ford,Pelosi,Nader,Schiff, and Schumer were under?
  5. Why the crickets from ut alum and big girl? Why will you not respond? You were quick to jump on the Russian collusion bull💩 the Dems stirred up involving Trump. Do the two of you think the FBI needs to start an investigation immediately? Maybe IF he wins, Schiff and Pelosi will start impeachment proceedings!
  6. What would the Dems have done to stop this virus? The results would be the same if they had the White House!
  7. The black community have been brainwashed into believing the Dems are the party for them. So, it doesn’t matter what Biden says about them.
  8. How do you know he was in California? Did you personally see him there?
  9. Hmmm! As senile as Joe is, maybe he knows Hunter is a piece of 💩!!
  10. What a total idiot? That’s your party leader big girl. You should be proud. Just for you, I should have typed “idoit”.
  11. I would say obama walking out of the UN when the PM of Israel was speaking was a bigger deal than this. Just proved his hatred of Israel, typical of a Muslim! I’m sure that was a non issue for you.
  12. You are so blind it’s a wonder you know where you are!
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