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  1. All of this because 83M snowflakes didn’t like tweets. You voters should have really studied what these Dims are all about. Those of you that vote Dim because your parents and grandparents did, need to lose that mentality. Our country is going down the toilet thanks to your uninformed vote. God help us make it to the election cycle in 2022, maybe we can rid ourselves of a few of these demons. Then maybe we can unseat the head demon in 2023!!
  2. Getting eerily similar to the Mark of the Beast that is taught in the Bible. No one will be allowed to buy or sell unless you have the Mark. Is the government getting us conditioned for this?
  3. As have most black members of Congress. Shelia Jackson Lee is a prime example!!!
  4. Are biden or any other high ranking dims that made up the lies about the border patrol agents going to come out and eat crow? They now know that the claims of “strapping” immigrants and the worn out use of racism were completely false. biden, Maxine Waters, and any other Demoncrats that ran with these lies need to come forward and admit they were wrong.
  5. Those that voted for him must be so proud!!! But hey, no mean tweets!
  6. Not saying there was not any fraud, just that nothing is going to come of it. I guess most Americans got what they wanted. I bet hindsight is 20/20!
  7. Nothing more than a race baiting po💩
  8. Would be nice, but not going to happen. I don’t know what you expect to be said. Troll on
  9. biden and others in DC are jumping all over the “whipping” of migrants in Del Rio. After this nonsense has been proven false, biden outlaws the use of horses at the border. They are using this to try to move the narrative as to what is really happening. Others are using it to manufacture a race issue. Guess which ones are doing that. This was nothing more than a man making his horse do what he wanted it to do, nothing else. What a bunch of idiots, that are dividing the country more than it ever has been!!
  10. Well, McConnell and Graham need to start shouting about his returns. Guessing the rich needing to pay their fair share doesn’t apply here.
  11. From the US screwing Israel, to SS contributions. God bless Israel, which he always will!!
  12. C’mon big girl, I implore you to enlighten us as to the good biden has done. inTrumpweTrust, UTalum, please tell us.
  13. No, but a complete cover-up by the media to ensure biden was elected. Imagine if this were one of Trump’s kids.
  14. Not sure. Just saw it on the news.
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