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  1. Why bother with a "lockdown" when most businesses are still open? This just causes the crazies to go crazier.
  2. Absolutely political
  3. The UN/ League of Nations isn't/wasn't a good thing.
  4. Some should take long looks in the mirror, before calling others stupid!
  5. Shows how out of touch with reality that party is!
  6. Obama to buy controlling interest in Home Depot. If he runs that like he did America during his "presidency", they will not be around much longer.
  7. This goes to show how brain dead the Dims are. Imo, you are right about the Alzheimer's. The voters should be able to see this, but he still keeps winning. Could this be part of some sinister plan by the Dimwits?
  8. You're right. But they sure have been quite while their party is acting like jackasses in these rough times.
  9. Deplorable, to quote Hillary. They are the true definition of it!!
  10. Maybe they have finally realized how sorry their pathetic party has become and are embarrassed by them.
  11. They are quickly becoming, if not already, the sorriest bunch of people in America.
  12. Pelosi and Schumer are straight up jackasses. They are only worried about tacking some crap funding for their own gratification. It is a shame these idiots are doing their best to politicize this. Big girl, you must be so proud.
  13. Yep, along with Schiff, Feinstein, and Waters to name a few.
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