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  1. Like I stated earlier.. Doesn't matter if you give up 7 but only score 6. And scoring 50 means nothing if you give up 51.
  2. Well... technically it is. By definition anyway.
  3. What's even more staggering to me is that there's only one state champion out of the 20 teams.
  4. It matters when the defense can convert turnovers to points.
  5. Upon further expection.. it's similarly successful to have a top defense as it is to have a top offense. Top 10 Offenses: Atascocita- 12-2 Round 4 San Augustine- 14-1 Round 5 Panhandle- 8-3 Round 1 Shiner- 12-1 Round 3 McKinney North- 10-2 Round 2 CC Miller- 12-1 Round 3 Midland Lee- 11-2 Round 3 Red Oak- 11-2 Round 3 San Saba- 13-1 Round 4 Highland Park- 11-2 Round 3 Top 10 Defenses: Diboll- 11-1 Round 2 San Saba- 13-1 Round 4 Cy-Fair- 11-1 Round 2 East Bernard- 14-1 Round 5 Austin LBJ- 8-3 Round 1 Ralls- 10-2 Round 2 Austin WL- 15-1 Round 6 SC Alto- 12-1 Round 3 Lindsay- 9-3 Round 2 Duncanville- 15-1 Round 6 Offense= 114-17 Collectively 31 rounds deep Defense= 118-15 Collectively 31 rounds deep
  6. Soooo.... does defense really win championships? Only one team on this list won the title. Also, the top 10 offenses seemingly won more playoff games than the top 10 defenses. Just sayin
  7. Derrick and I have talked quite a bit of ball.. y'all have a good one. I know he was a handful in college because of his work ethic. Not many freshmen start on that level. I have no doubt that you guys are getting the same effort with his coaching. I haven't been to a game but I think it's all he knows.
  8. Coach Daniels is a friend of mine from way back. He's been around a lot of winning basketball.
  9. I wasn’t implying it’s anybody’s fault.. I know that fans should be updating. It’s aggravating because I have other ways of finding scores but can’t even count on those for girls basketball.
  10. I really do. I actually have friends with ties (one way or another) with all of those schools.
  11. In my complete opinion, it seems that schools locally are so hindered by not only numbers but by players with completely different skill sets it seems to me that it would be a nightmare to come up with something that your specific group of girls can actually do (system) from year to year. It also seems that the reason so many girls teams in the area are so "pressure, steal, layup" oriented is because they may not have 5 kids capable of a conventional half-court basketball style of play. Not sure. Can your "shooters" create their own shots? Because I wouldn't put it past a lot of these area schools to junk defense your shooters. Do you do dribble drive stuff because you see a lot of man defense? I love dribble drive stuff but I rarely see high school girls teams capable of doing it. It's pretty much all what most NBA teams do nowadays. If so that's kind of great. That you see man AND you have the personnel necessary to run a dribble drive type of offense.
  12. Then HJ is most certainly doing it right. They are making all of the necessary deposits. That's what I used to tell my kids growing up.. If you need a withdrawal later, deposit the time/effort now.
  13. 10-4. And btw.. I can think of very few situations where girls can't access the gym during the summer. I know that a lot of schools have volleyball nets up but that doesn't effect shooting or ball handling work. They probably won't have access like being described at MM but it's there. And yeah.. I personally get tired of looking on this forum and can't even see scores posted. Not that I have a vested interest but I usually like to keep up with all sports to an extent.
  14. Martin's Mill?! No offense, Coach, but making a comparison to them isn't even applicable. You're talking about a school that A) doesn't have volleyball and B ) has kids with very supportive home situations. Ex: They play all year.. camps, AAU, privates, etc. Having a youth program "like their's" isn't going to happen. You make some fantastic points though and you're 100% correct about the need to get them playing earlier somehow (with other girls only). I'm not the expert on the subject but I can promise that even if they're taught everything needed it has to be worked rigorously all year long. That was my original point and what I'm sticking by. It takes purposeful practice and often.
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