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  1. Pretty funny. I've seen several different ones of this video.. all comical.
  2. Not every year but consistently over my time down here: Evadale, Nederaland, Silsbee, Barbers Hill, East Chambers.. Up for debate.
  3. I don't think it would be the case if the student already lived in the school's attendance zone.
  4. I agree 100 percent. If a kid changes school in high school, sit a year. Keep in mind, though, that I believe you're underplaying the number of times it actually happens for what is being considered legal reasons. Many, many kids will be affected. Not that it'll hurt anything, but it's gonna cost a lot of varsity participation.
  5. Well.. all of that sounds legal to me. It also seems like nobody was recruited and nobody moved anywhere for athletic purposes. Assuming everything you stated is accurate it falls directly in the guidelines of UIL policy. In which I agree with.
  6. I think there's a limit on the number that come in.. or the height of the students. Of course, I'm being sarcastic. My point is that I'm suspecting a slight bit of hypocrisy.
  7. You tell me what looks more suspicious on paper. Team A- 18/19 they go 23-4 (maxpreps) 19/20 (3 move ins) right now they're 23-3... Team B- 18/19 they go 3-22 (maxpreps) 19/20 (3 move ins) this year 25-12 I mean.. they're probably all legit on paper. Which is all that matters.
  8. That is up to the family of the student, current head coach/AD, and previous head coach/AD to write in on the form.. It's outlined on the PAPF. They are also required to put the current permanent address. If a student has their PAPF checked that it's not a move for athletic purposes, they proved documentation proving that they now live in the district, and the parent/guardian gives a legitimate reason for the move... what exactly else can be done? Other than a thorough investigation as you say.. but what if the investigation also proves that it's legitimate? This is why I've always said that it's almost impossible to govern. Even with all of these suggestions being made it comes down to this.. nobody can control where or why a parent lives where they live. "He didn't move for athletic purposes, I got a new job. There was a divorce. Evicted. We rely on school transportation. WHATEVER." A parent can up and move for whatever reason they want or need to and don't forget.. the older a kid gets and the closer to college they get the more thought goes into these reasons. Even in small towns there are very few k-12 kids anymore in a school system. I mean.. there aren't.. but there is ALWAYS a kid that didn't start with whatever school they graduated from.
  9. I understand what you're saying and hear you loud and clear.. there is no question in my mind that UIL does NOT investigate every "legal guardianship" across every city. There is no question. Are these kids with legal guardians or are they with their parents? I have no doubt that UIL relies on not only the district executive committees in a lot of cases but also the information submitted on that PAP form. Which has to be filled out for every varsity participant that plays in a different Texas public school from one year to another whether they change permanent address or not. BUT.. I would like to think that even though UIL does not investigate every single case, a case in a school that is a perennial state championship contender with three 6'8 move ins.. I would hope they investigate that. If that isn't cause for investigation then they might as well not investigate any of it. In which case... leads me to believe that SURELY this has been looked into and found that no laws were broken. Meaning that these kids actually did move into Yates' school district, with their legal guardians, had their PAP cleared by the DEC, and are now eligible to be playing varsity sports for Jack Yates High School. To be honest I really don't know anything about these three kids that are even in this discussion. Where are they from? Where did they play last year? I mean.. what do you want? If they presumably moved (changed address), with their parents, the PAP showed no red flags, if it was then actually investigated, and everything was shown to be legit,... I'm sorry but it's of my opinion that nothing else can be done. By the way.. it seems hypocritical to me that nobody is saying the exact same things about Hamshire. Didn't they also have 3 move ins this year? Last year their basketball team won 3 games... for the year. This year they won 25 including a win over Silsbee and a win over HJ. What.. it's different because it was competitive as opposed to a blowout? It's different because they won't win a state championship? It's different because the kids aren't 6'8? So what. When I was in college I played with/against several 6'10+ guys even a lot of 6'6-6'8 guards. The best player I ever played with was 6'1 and the best player I ever saw on the floor was 6'3. All irrelevant. My point is that IF everything was done according to the guidlines that UIL has laid out (which I think is the best way to go about it) then I have no problem with it. If not.. then proper punishment should be administered for cheating. The only suggestion I have which is one I've mentioned previously.. if a kid plays at a different high school one year than they did the previous then they should sit out. No matter the reason. Unfortunately, that would impact MANY more students but so be it. By the way.. I wholeheartedly disagree with ALL public school's take/definition of "homeless" students. I don't know exactly but I'm pretty sure that students can be considered homeless for a whole host of reasons that don't necessarily mean that they don't actually have a home to live in. I don't agree with that because funding is in play in regards to homelessness.
  10. They weren’t 6’8.. so it’s different. ”eyes rolled”
  11. It means that their LEGAL GUARDIAN has a permanent address (receive mail/bills, sleep most nights). Easily proven or disproven. It’s ignorant to just think a kid can move in with a friend/cousin and start playing varsity athletics. Also.. signing over legal guardianship is only accomplished through the court system. Sheesh.. I’ll admit that the UIL does plenty wrong but doing what’s implied in this thread is not just some easy “look the other way” type thing.
  12. Other than it showing where ANY student could live (with their legal guardian as a permanent address) and be legally eligible to play basketball for Yates high school. Yeah.. how would that be useful?
  13. I most certainly did not say there were no other options in that area.. what I said was that any high school student living within the boundaries of Yates’ attendance zone HAS to be provided an education by Jack Yates high school. And.. any student living there is legally eligible to play varsity athletics for Yates high school. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Just like any student living within the Hardin Jefferson attendance zone. The students living outside of the Yates attendance zone still live in a school’s attendance zone.. there aren’t any empty spaces. Yes.. it’s highly suspect that these kids happen to have moved into this attendance zone. One can speculate that their coach is recruiting or maybe the school itself is recruiting via namesake. Unfortunately, not UIL, you, nor anyone else can control where the legal guardian of a high school student decides to live. If I was from out of state and got a job at one of the refineries in SeTx, do you think where I decided to live would reflect where I’d rather my kids go to school?
  14. No.. but the point is that the kids living inside that boundary HAVE to be provided an education by Houston Yates and ARE eligible for UIL competition. Kids living outside of it ARE NOT able to just enroll in school at Houston Yates and start playing basketball. Those are transfer students and are ineligible for UIL competition for one calendar year from their enrollment date. The school does not have access to the whole city. NO SCHOOL can stop or deny who lives in their attendance zone.
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