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  1. They could certainly schedule teams that are much weaker than their UIL schedule would have been. Point remains. It's crazy that that's an option.
  2. Perhaps he wanted his kids to graduate. I don’t know.
  3. Absolutely right. I think that every coach in the state should assess their school's individual situation each classification year. Better yet.. each season. If it's deemed by the staff based on strength of district competition or loss of players to graduation, they should let UIL know that they're just gonna play an outlaw season. As opposed to the regularly scheduled district that UIL came up with due to enrollment and geographic location. If they're not "in any danger of having to worry about playoffs anyhow", just make it easy on everyone else. That way, the remaining teams in each d
  4. I doubt they'll schedule anyone they don't think they can beat. Otherwise they would've played the schedule given to them. In my opinion.. I'm sure they'll be scheduling Burkeville, Sabine Pass, Colmesneil, High Island, etc.. Possibly twice if any of them will agree to it. Maybe some 3A jv teams.
  5. I have no doubt that it's going to get a lot of interest. Buna would probably be a really good job. Especially for this area.. I only mention Mark because I personally know what a great guy he is as well as good coach. If what I read is true about what Evadale is paying him, then they don't deserve to keep him. I hope he leaves and takes a bunch with him.
  6. Not gonna lie.. I hope Mark Williams throws his name in as the next replacement.
  7. Imagine a school not liking their UIL appointed district to the point of just not participating. Oh.. it's West Hardin. I'm sure kids will be lining up in droves to play knowing that even if they have a successful year there will no chance at even one playoff game. Great message.
  8. I'm hoping this is a good game. It would certainly make a huge splash for Crosby to bring one to the area.. especially off of the Aledo machine. However, I'm inclined to think Aledo gets another one. As much as I like Cinderella stories, you have a group of kids/coaches on one sideline that just seemingly doesn't know how to lose. Experience is huge in these situations. Having said that... give em hell, Crosby.
  9. Is Surratt out of fingers yet? It won’t be long and he’ll request state championship bracelets.. or necklaces.
  10. Not sure I'd hire a coordinator that could potentially replace you based on reputation alone. I know that every OC/DC is a potential head coach.. but hiring a name like that is a good way to get yourself pushed out. Plus, it's no secret that Briles likely wants to be a head coach.
  11. What an incredible experience for the kids he coached to have been coached by such a big name in the football business.
  12. Definitely more rural but you're familiar with how affluent the area is. It really is something. Celina, Pilot Point, Gunter, etc.. just nice neighborhoods and new businesses. Very, very, very few "slum" parts of town. If any. Of course, exceptions are and can be made in any situation but I really wish more people would familiarize themselves with the influences of money in high school sports.
  13. For sure. I just mean that they probably know how to rebound after an emotionally draining game. Canadian gets rings.. Coincidentally, have you ever been to Gunter? Or.. that area?
  14. This isn't the first time they've beaten their nemesis, Gunter, on their way to the state title game. In fact, it's a pretty common occurrence. As much as I like the defeating of teams that always win it.. I'm not betting against Canadian. Good luck, underdogs.
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