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  1. You mean switch to slot T and burn some clock to avoid a blowout? I like it.
  2. I'm not arguing that. Perhaps you didn't read what you responded to thoroughly. Backbone of the community? Fine.. keep it. Can't field an 11 man team? Can't afford 6 man travel? Also fine.. but shut down the football program if that's the case. Why screw other schools by having a hole in their schedule that they CAN'T fill?..
  3. Thank goodness.. I was beginning to wonder who HD might beat this year. With Sabine Pass canceling the season and all.
  4. They should’ve flipped a coin before the game for the win. That’s kinda embarrassing.
  5. That's what I mean.. what reason would anyone have to put teams that do this on the schedule in the future? I sure wouldn't want to.
  6. Plenty of players? Or plenty of reasons not to field a team?
  7. I’m not arguing. I’m saying that if a school has so few players that they could find a reason not to field a team, then maybe they shouldn’t have football.
  8. What a shame to know that these tiny schools in the area could drop individual games or even possibly entire seasons for...whatever reason. I personally have always been a proponent of just shutting the doors to many of these schools..or at least cutting programs that can’t consistently compete. I’m actually surprised the state hasn’t done some forced consolidations due to money. I get it.. local schools provide work.. small town kids may get different experiences by getting to be more involved.. blah blah. But. Can’t field an 11 man team (guaranteed)? Can’t afford 6 man trav
  9. If the players are as much of "know-it-alls" as the posters/fans on this site.. or as sensitive.. then that would probably cause a mass exodus. Perhaps the coaches know that.
  10. I think Lumberton gets this one.. but not because of that 👆.
  11. Which part of my post wasn't true? The only bias shown towards anything I ever say in regards to the HD Bobcats is revolved around the astoundingly popular opinion that you die hard HD fans are the most fun to mess with. Due to your blindness to any truth that reflects the FACT that HD is no longer a good football program.
  12. Also.. you “passionate fans” act like HD is some kind of football mecca. Look, nobody is denying the rich successes the school has had IN THE PAST. We applaud it. Well done, sir. But... even the most passionate of passionate fans should recognize the fact that there isn’t a kid in that school that was even alive the last time HD won a football playoff game. Are you aware of that? Burkeville has won more football playoff games this century than HD has. Evadale has. Hardin has also. In fact... every school in the state that has won at least one football playoff game this century has won
  13. Suck it up? I couldn’t care less about what you say about how HD is coached. I will add... it’s funny how my comment about the miraculously short quarantine period was for the players that were “too sick” to play a week ago. By the way, passionate and delusional are vastly different.
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