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  1. A change being made? Wasn't the boy's basketball coach also the athletic director? https://careercenter.tasanet.org/job_listing.php?id=124674
  2. To each their own.. to me.. being ridiculed by unrealistic parents at the end of a working career doesn't offer the same satisfaction as you're describing. And that's exactly what it will be if they don't meet the mob's expectations. And a high school football team rarely does. So when that inevitably happens, whatever genius he may or not possess will be called into question. And that's fine if it's what he wants. Like I said.. to each their own.
  3. Wow. I guess some just keep going. Me, personally.. nothing excited me more than retirement.
  4. Awesome for him. Beyond respectable career for sure.
  5. Yeah it's a different time for sure. I tell people all the times that it's not kids that have changed. It's the expectations placed upon them by parents that have changed. As a result.. I think that intrinsic motivation is extremely rare. When I played there was truly a fire from within to want to improve and do what it took to improve. Also, nobody's parents questioned the coaching style. It was just understood that the coach was doing what was best. I still like to believe that there isn't a coach out there that prefers losing games over winning.
  6. I understand completely. It'd be nice if more parents understood the importance of intense coaching. And CONSISTENT coaching.. meaning longevity. It's too easy to just get mad about something and run them off. Blame game.
  7. Don't blame the school. Some places just like being bad.
  8. Them- Why does Aledo keep winning state championships? Me- Their punter is a better athlete than most teams' best athlete.
  9. There are probably many, many schools that have enjoyed the successes partly due to a transfer student for whatever reason. What.. all of those other transfers are ok because they aren't producing state titles? Like you elude to, seems hypocritical.
  10. There has to be a governing body. For as many things that can disliked about the way UIL does things, there are many more that are positive. Apartments and rental properties is just a loophole that makes it possible to manipulate the "must establish a permanent residency within the school district" law. There's no other way that I can think of or have even heard of that is fair. Gotta take the good with the bad.
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