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  1. Briles vs Finney. It’s 27-21 half. I’m listening live at meridix.com. Just search Winnsboro if you’re interested.
  2. "They just can't recognize talent when they have it." - Disgruntled parent who's kid probably isn't good enough to play the amount of time or position that the experts at home think. I have no idea why schools waste money on coaching salaries with all of the experts in the stands.
  3. If the center got absolutely destroyed the previous play then a fumbled snap could be a result of the defense. I get your point but my point is that there are so many things that happen during live play competition that could most definitely cause something to happen that people often overlook.
  4. I'm probably going to pick EC (not that it means anything) but I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer than expected. Pretty good little rivalry game. Related note. I think it's hilarious when someone says that their team "hurt themselves" by turning it over or fumbling.. More times than people want to admit the defense of the other team CAUSED the turnover or fumble. Either directly or indirectly if your team is putting the ball on the ground it may be because of the defense.
  5. The comments made it seem as though kids came out that hadn’t previously. Looks like the same Kountze to me.
  6. Based on early comments you’d think Kountze was gonna be good this year.
  7. 21-7 Dayton 10:21 2nd the Football Friday app
  8. Weeellllll.. not to jump in because I’m enjoying the back and forth. But.. it is hard to argue the fact that HD has only won a couple of playoff games since their state title 40 years ago. None recently. That’s kind of the standard to how good you are.
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